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"The Ex-Factor" is the third episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the eighty-fifth episode overall. It aired on May 16, 2021.



Knoxicrillion in the suit


Lord Knoxicrillion lands on Earth 2045 and kills DJ S'More Money because the alien believes that S'More Money is the leader of the planet; Knoxicrillion saw a picture of the celebrity on "Da Throne" and misinterpreted.

Zari Tarazi, as she is listening to music with John Constantine who wants more from their relationship, is told the news; as she tells the Legends, Gideon informs them that the alien changed the timeline. Nate Heywood and Behrad Tarazi stop the televised assassination. Ava Sharpe tricks Knoxicrillion into boarding the Waverider where she learns that the alien has a legion of ships awaiting his command to invade the planet unless he deems Earth strong enough to resist them; if he loses game show competition fairly, he will not invade and he will help in the search for Sara Lance.

Meanwhile, Mick Rory feels that Ava is not a good leader; Esperanza Cruz learns that Mick and Sara are the last of the team's founding members.

S'More Money

S'More Money

To promote her brand, since she is home, Zari decides to compete on "Da Throne". When Nasreen Tarazi visits, Zari belittles her relationship with Constantine, not knowing that he is listening and is hurt. In an interview where Constantine is introduced to the world as Zari's boyfriend, he breaks up with her. S'More Money wants to humiliate his ex-girlfriend further and begins a plot by giving her an original song that he had written to perform.

Sara and Gary Green find themselves surrounded with Sara too sick to fight the foes. Gary transforms into his true form and eats his opponents to protect his friend.

Knoxicrillion, in his interview, orders his invasion force to surround the planet, causing ships appear. S'More Money gives the alien the same song he gave Zari earlier, but tells Knoxicrillion to sing his first; Zari will be viewed as a copier and will lose for lack of originality. Behrad, Nate, and Constantine discover the deception. Behrad knocks S'More Money out and Nate wears his costume and replaces him onstage.

Knoxicrillion performs the song and Zari is stunned with fear of losing. Constantine, after dismissing the advances of Les-lay, confronts Zari about their "casual hook-ups". Zari sings her heart, repeating the music that she heard when she was alone with her lover in John Constantine's house. Constantine plays the guitar to support her. The audience votes Zari the winner.


Knoxicrillion unarmored

Sara thinks she is having a fever dream and begins to follow "Ava". At the same time, Gary removes the helmet of one of the attackers and learns that they all resemble Ava Sharpe. Sara fights the clone when it tries to lead her into a trap. A mysterious man welcomes Sara when she enters his abode.

Knoxicrillion boards the Waverider to keep his promise. When he removes his armor, Knoxicrillion's true form is only ankle-high. Mick Rory enters excited to announce that he has a lead on the whereabouts of Sara from his own investigations and steps on the diminutive alien, squishing him.



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  • The episode's title is a parody of the TV series The X Factor. Additionally, Ex could stand for the fact S'More Money was Zari's former lover.
  • Gary is revealed to go into an animalistic side if he fights all-out in his true form; he meekly defends himself saying "you know what its like when you haven't had bone marrow for a while", suggesting that his species need to eat live beings to keep themselves either in good health or properly stated; the latter being more likely as he said that an AVA clone tasted delicious.
  • It's revealed that Dwayne Johnson is president in 2045 at the age of either 72 or 73. Keeping the wrestler motif, Nate wonders if John Cena is the chief of staff. Cena went on to be in the DC movie The Suicide Squad as Peacemaker which was released in the summer. In addition, the Rock went on to star in Black Adam as the titular character in 2022.
    • In Young Rock, a television series based upon the life of professional wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson, commonly more known as "The Rock", tells a fictional storyline where Johnson is running as a candidate in the fictional 2032 United States presidential election.
  • Nate refers to Knoxicrillion as "Iron Giant". This is a reference to the title character from 'The Iron Giant'. Ironically, the film itself made notable references to Superman.
  • Behrad asks Knoxicrillion if he gets a ride home with a "space cabbie". In the DC comics, Space Cabbie is an intergalactic driver-for-hire in the 22nd century.
  • The song playing at the beginning in Constantine's house is Ever Fallen in Love by Pete Shelley and the Buzzcocks. Foreshadowing near the end when Zari sings it on Da Throne.
  • There are multiple references to real life singing competitions in this episode.
    • The singing competition Da Throne is a parody of the TV series The Voice.
    • The Golden Buzzer is an homage to America's Got Talent's Golden Buzzer.
    • The "Wild Card" contestant pays homage to several of the singing show competitions, but more particlularly The Masked Singer where a contestant keeps their identity a secret until it is time for them to unmask.
  • Knoxicrillion believing Earth is ruled by a singular king is common sci-fi joke about aliens asking to be "taken to [humans'] leader", typically the president of the United States in most movies.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Adam Tsekhman's name was misspelt as 'Adam Tsekham'.
  • Knoxicrillion's list of 500,000 Earth singers is actually just a looped list of around only 60 different names.