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"When I first saw him, all I could see was Eobard Thawne. But when I saw him, when I really saw Harry for who he was, I became his friend, and he became mine. Yeah, you got off to a bad start with Allegra, but it's not too late to build something good."
Cisco Ramon to Nash Wells

"The Exorcism of Nash Wells" is the fifteenth episode of the sixth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-twenty-ninth episode overall. It aired on March 17, 2020.



Eva addresses Mirror Iris and a newly-created Mirror Kamilla. She assures them that the genuine Kamilla is "longer a problem". Eva entrusts the duo with the recovery of a gadget called the prismatic refractor, which converts light into energy and she requires for her "long-term plans". It was sold to Mercury Labs and Eva needs it brought to her.

Joe meets with Singh and uncovers that he thinks there is a mole within CCPD for Carver's organization. In the pipeline, Nash discloses to them that he's been seeing Wellses, including Harry. Caitlin finds that there are numerous cerebrum waves impacting everything meaning Nash is essentially the entirety of the Wellses simultaneously in his mind. Nash uncovers that he has a neural splicer that they can endeavor to dispose of Thawne yet things being what they are, the splicer was a ploy for Thawne to get away. Barry gets him, however about slaughters him. Cisco stops Thawne.

Caitlin shows Barry out of their endeavors to support Nash. Cecile shows up with a great deal of insane supplies for the "expulsion". She can feel the negative sentiments from Thawne in Nash. She's the Thawne locator to tell them when Nash is back. It winds up sending us to a flashback to Earth-719 years before where Nash runs over a young lady named Maya who has kind of broken into his experience camp. She causes him find an important fortune. Turns out the child has no guardians any longer. He casually embraces her.

Blaze to the present. Nash goes up against Thawne in the mindscape where Thawne draws his capacity from Nash's enthusiastic torment. In Nash's brain, Thawne attempts to get him to re-experience a genuinely negative memory: Maya's demise. It begins to give Thawne powers, however Cisco can stop him long enough for Cecile to take him out.

Daylight shows up when they attempt to ship the refractor. She brings everybody down, except Barry appears at help as himself, not as The Flash. By encompassing her in obscurity, it stops her forces and they take her out. Singh proposes that Sunshine could be the mole.

Cecile makes sense of that Nash is trapped in a circle of sorrow and regret and agony over the loss of Maya. Nash must be the one to show Thawne out and they choose to go into Nash's brain to constrain Thawne out. Inside, Cisco goes to Nash's guide while Barry disrupts the general flow of Thawne. Thawne can't insult Barry over his despondency for his little girl Nora and Cisco assists Nash with confronting Maya's passing on Earth-13 per year back where she loses her balance and tumbles to her demise in the wake of recovering a memory cell.

Confronting the agony of that misfortune, Nash accuses himself still however it's a type of power over his own torment. It's sufficient to annihilate Thawne, sending red lighting into the environment as Nash awakens and returns however he is in profound enthusiastic torment about Maya.

Thawne is still out there, just without a body now. Nash remains being the entirety of the Wellses immediately - a Crisis of Infinite Wells.

Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamilla can get the refractor to Eva who intends to utilize it as a major aspect of her getaway

Barry utilizes Velocity X to expand his speed, yet his body rejects it

Barry concludes that they will base their artificial Speed Force off of data in Nora's diary



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  • This episode features the storyline of a villainous speedster, Eobard Thawne, being reduced to energy that lives on by possessing an ally of The Flash, Nash Wells. This is exactly what Jay Garrick's Reverse Flash, Edward Clariss/The Rival, did in the comics, only he possessed the body of zen speedster Max Mercury.
  • Cisco quips that Thawne has "Linda Blair'd" Nash, referencing the actor's role as the possessed child Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist films.
  • This is the first episode of The Flash where Iris doesn't appear. However, Candice Patton still plays the Mirrorverse counterpart of the character.
  • Cisco relates multiple psyches in a single brain as "Tyler Durden times 1,000", referencing the split personality of the protagonist of Fight Club and its film adaptation. Nash overhears and goes to quote Fight Club but is cut off.
  • Cisco likens Thawne's formlessness to Voldemort from the Harry Potter franchise.
  • Sunshine killing the police officers except Joe West and David Singh is quite similar to what Zoom did in the Season 2 episode "Rupture", in which he killed all of the police officers and a news cameraman except for Joe and Singh at CC Jitters for the sake of his affections for Caitlin Snow.
  • Sunshine mentions that Black Hole is aware of Frost surviving Dr. Light's attack, which occurred in "Marathon".
  • Thawne disappearing out of Nash's mind is quite similar to other instances where he's been erased from existence, in which during each he disappeared in different colors of light. Firstly in "Fast Enough" he disappeared into blue light, and then later in the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Aruba" he vanished into orange light; this is different to this episode, where he disappeared into red negative tachyons.
  • Due to Danielle Panabaker's pregnancy during the shooting of this episode, all scenes were shot above her waistline and the most scenes of Frost fighting were done by a stunt double.
  • Yonaka's song "Punch Bag" was played as Sunshine tried to obtain the prismatic refractor.
  • One of the Wells doppelgängers referred to by Nash is "New York City Wells". Sterling Gates, one of the writers of the episode, confirmed this was Sonny Wells.[1] of Earth-24.
  • Thawne mentions missing his "Little Runner"; the only positive trait he shows.
  • Cisco states that Eobard was impersonating Nash the whole time in the pipeline, but Nash/Eobard's demeanor changes part-way through the scene and Caitlin and Barry look at each other skeptically, making it unclear whether Eobard took over Nash's body in the middle of the scene or was in control all along. However, Sterling Gates, one of the writers of the episode, confirmed it was in fact Eobard the whole time.[2]