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"I can fight so many things but I don't know how to fight someone with belief. He's blinded by faith."
"Let me ask you, what makes somebody blind just because they believe?"
Kara Danvers and James Olsen about Thomas Coville

"The Faithful" is the fourth episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the forty-sixth episode overall. It aired on October 30, 2017.




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"The Faithful" begins with two gentlemen having a discussion in their flight. In the discussion, the plane beginnings hitting some disturbance and several engines catch on fire, resulting in the plane crashing in a river.

It's revealed that the plane was the one Kara saved back at the beginning of season 1.

2 Years later (aka the present), Samantha is watching Ruby at a soccer match when she's approached by a woman who knows both of their names. She hands Samantha a pamphlet and invites her to a religious congregation like social event.

At CatCo, Kara, Lena, and Samantha are discussing approaches to praise the merger when Kara sees the congregation pamphlet on Samantha's work desk, after Samantha explains how she got it, Kara asks if she can keep it, and Samantha says yes.

Later in the day, James and Winn approach Kara at CatCo and get some information about the pamphlet. Kara reveals that it has the Krypton image for Rao, a Kryptonian God, on the front and they have to explore it further.

Kara and her friends choose to go to the get-together to see what it's all about. When they arrive, they're approached by a girl who guides them to their seats. The older man from the earlier plane scene steps up to the podium and he refers to the people attending as "children of Rao."

He starts his sermon, expressing that they've all assembled on the grounds that Supergirl spared them.

The congregation chief proceeds with his message and picks Olivia — the young lady Kara and her friends met at the start of the meeting — out of the group. Olivia approaches the podium and discloses to her story — in an intoxicated trance, Olivia nearly tumbled to her death from a rooftop but was spared by Supergirl.

The gathering closes the administration by imploring Supergirl.

Back at the DEO, Winn's running record verifications on the congregation head — a man by the name of Thomas Coville — and they discover that the congregation is comprised of everybody saved by Supergirl.

Kara tells the gathering that Coville knows a lot about Rao and Krytponian folklore and requests them to research further.

Kara, Lena, Samantha, Alex, and Maggie are having their young ladies late evening commending the merger as they circumvent sharing stories. Kara is summoned in light of the fact that a building is on fire and when she arrives, she finds a man that needs to be saved.

When he's safe on the ground, he's approached by Olivia, who invites him to their congregation since he's been spared by Supergirl.

Maggie appears at the scene and Kara reveals to her that the man deliberately set the fire so that Supergirl would spare him and he could join Coville's congregation.

Ruby is at Samantha's office when another CatCo worker busts in. There's been an issue with the merger — Morgan Edge has recorded an enemy of trust grumbling.

Kara approaches Coville at the congregation to pose a couple of questions about the religion he lectures to his devotees. After a couple of more inquiries — Coville halts abruptly. He perceives Kara as Supergirl. Kara removes her glasses and requests Coville to quit having the gatherings and church social affairs.

After Kara leaves, Coville goes to the rear of his congregation where a bigger Krypton antiquity is being kept and with his arms outstretched, he says resoundingly that he will "save her."

Ruby has nodded off on the love seat in her mom's office, waiting for her to complete work. Lena strolls in and Samantha advises her that she's gotten the protest excused. Samantha then separates to Lena — she said she has an inclination that she's the most exceedingly awful mother since she believes she hasn't given Ruby enough of her time.

Kara's out on the balcony agonizing over National City when James moves toward her. The two discussion about Coville's confused lessons. Kara concedes that she doesn't have the foggiest idea how to stop Coville — she can't stop somebody's convictions.

Kara heads to the DEO and tells Winn to run a scan on the Betahedron — a power source for probes containing information about Krypton. Coville has taken it to a neighborhood field during a hockey game. He plans on detonating it so Supergirl comes to spare the people who can then be invited to join Coville's congregation.

Kara flies to the field trying to stop Coville while Alex speeds there on her bicycle. Kara approaches Coville about his activities and Coville discloses to her that he anticipates setting the Betahedron off in order to convert each of the 15,000 individuals in the arena to his religion.

Kara approaches the Betahedron and she falls — there's Kryptonite in it. Coville holds lecturing his supporters that Supergirl will spare them, yet Kara slices her hand to show them that she isn't a god.

Seeing her blood, Coville has a go at stopping the Betahedron and presses an inappropriate fastens and actuates it. Alex runs in and removes the Kryptonite from the Betahedron, however it's past the point of no return — it's going to detonate. Since Kara isn't strong enough to fly the Betahedron out of the arena, Kara utilizes her heat vision to make a hole in the floor and Alex, with the assistance of Coville, drive the Betahedron into the hole. The Betahedron explodes and no one is harmed.

Coville is seen arrested and Kara has dropped by. She ensures they're treating him well. She asks whether he's going to tell anybody her identity and he reveals to her he has overlooked the human name she let him know.

Coville clarifies that he currently knows Rao's motivation for him, to help Supergirl be less occupied.

Kara, Alex, Lena, and Samantha are at a talent show. A group of young girls dressed as Supergirl play out a move.

We see Ruby start singing 'Pure Imagination' from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and an enthusiastic Alex comes up short on the theater. Kara pursues and the two discuss Maggie's views about not having children. Alex reveals to her sister the amount she needs kids.

The scene closes with Kara looking at the hologram image of her mom as 'Glory be' by Jeff Buckley plays out of sight.

Samantha is preparing for the evening and when she shuts her medicine cupboard, she's surprised to discover writing all over her hands and face and a mysterious hooded figure behind her.

Ruby strolls in to discover her mom wailing on the floor. We at that point get a flashback to the scene at the hockey arena when the Betahedron is dropped through the floor. At the point when it detonates, it activates one of the pods in an underwater ship we saw earlier in the season and a hand presses against the glass.