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"You know how old I was the first time cops put cuffs on me? Seven. I was seven years old. My family and I were taking a vacation. We were staying at this nice hotel and, uh, my cousins and I, we decided to go out on the grounds, and play hide-and-go-seek. One minute, I'm trying my damnedest not to be found, and in the next, I'm shielding my eyes from police lights. And these four huge cops, they came and they pulled us out of our hiding places. And the whole time we're saying, "Wait, what are you doing? We're staying here." But none of them believed that we were supposed to be there. None of them believed that we belonged. So my oldest cousin must have been about 11, and I was the smallest. But they slapped cuffs on all of us anyway, and my arms were so little they had to put them around my forearms. And then they marched us into the hotel lobby like a bunch of criminals. And my mom was there. And then they believed us. She kept yelling, "Get those cuffs off my boys." Those cuffs."
James Olsen to Lena Luthor the reason why he can't reveal himself as Guardian.

"The Fanatical" is the nineteenth episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the sixty-first episode overall. It aired on May 21, 2018.




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"The Fanatical" starts with Reign undermining Supergirl and the remainder of the gathering from inside her holding cell in Lena's sanctuary. It's uncovered that Lena has made new innovation that doesn't permit Reign to see out of her holding cell and Kara gets irritated, blaming Lena for making another weapon that can hurt Kryptonians.

At CatCo, Kara goes up against James about Lena's ongoing activities. They're talking with one of Thomas Coville's supporters, Tanya, busts in with Coville's own diary. She advises James to offer it to Supergirl in light of the fact that she believes Coville's follows are building a bomb. Kara takes the diary from the lady and says she'll get it to Supergirl.

Ruby's presently remaining at Alex's place. Alex is attempting to brighten Ruby up, who's still angry with discovering her mom is Reign. Ruby reveals to Alex that she wants to be left alone.

Kara and Mon-El suit up and go to a known area of Coville's faction. At the point when they show up, they discover a heap of debris, which they discover is a human. They notice a shadow on the divider, an impact of a nuke blast, which demonstrates Tanya's hypothesis of Coville's cult making a nuke.

Shooters surge CatCo and abduct Tanya; James follows in interest. James shows up at a distribution center and starts battling with the Coville devotees yet cops storm the structure. They all take out their firearms on James and let the Coville individuals escape.

Tanya and James are released and the two talk about the racial profiling by the police power.

At the DEO, J'onn sees Alex has been perusing parenting books. J'onn offers her some consolation on managing Ruby.

Kara - as Supergirl - converses with Lena about the pressure between the two. Kara communicates her desire that the two become genuine with one another again and Lena reveals that she doesn't consider them to be friends.

Supergirl flies to CatCo to chat with James and Tanya after their showdown with Olivia and the other Coville supporters. Tanya uncovers to Supergirl that she realizes that James is Guardian. Supergirl enlightens Tanya regarding the heap of debris of Coville's safehouse.

Tanya realizes that a piece of jewelry found at the debris pile belonged to one of her friends. James gets a warning on his telephone: it's Coville's adherents. They threaten to expose James' identity unless they hand over Tanya and the diary.

J'onn and Alex take M'yrnn and Ruby to a neighborhood arcade. While there, Alex tries to offer Ruby support, however Ruby simply wants to go home. Myrnn hears shooting sounds from an arcade mission and thinks someone is shooting at him, causing him to break an arcade machine. The group leaves.

Winn is examining the Coville diary when he sees some Kryptonian images. Kara understands that the Coville bunch isn't attempting to make an atomic weapon. Or maybe, they're attempting to make another Worldkiller. Lena understands that in the event that they can utilize Coville's data right, they can do some figuring out and think of a remedy for Sam.

Lena and James are discussing the police profiling prior and we discover that James had been racially profiled as young as seven years of age. James understands that he needs to open up to the world that he is Guardian and the two kiss. Tanya intrudes on, needing to talk with James secretly.

Tanya tells James that she wants to give herself up so that James doesn't have to give up his identity as Guardian. James offers his support.

M'yrnn has quieted down and is conversing with Ruby. He discloses to her that he's from Mars and Ruby's mood livens up. M'yrnn goes over a speedy history of the war between the Martians and discloses how he got the opportunity to Earth. Ruby and M'yrnn choose to play foosball with one another. Alex and J'onn notice how energized Ruby is and they grin.

Tanya takes the diary and turns herself over to the Coville supporters. She enters a van where Olivia takes the diary. Mon-El, dressed as a regular person, additionally enters the van, pretending he thinks it's his Lyft driver.

Back at the DEO, Winn uncovers that correspondence with Mon-El and Tanya has been cut off.

The individuals in the van get to their new base, where Olivia and Tanya start performing a ritual. Mon-El sneaks off and gets ready, where he uses his powers to escape break out of handcuffs and incapacitates a guard. He tries to stop the ritual by stealing a crystal.

Mon-El can utilize a shrill recurrence to flag Supergirl to his area and she speeds to the area to help Mon-El, yet it's past the point of no return. Olivia has clearly figured out how to change herself into a Worldkiller.

A battle breaks out between Olivia, Kara, Mon-El, and Olivia's devotees when James appears. Kara attempts to remove Olivia's emblem yet is at first ineffective. After much talk and influence, Kara convinces Olivia to drop the stone yet it's past the point of no return, the stone has clearly begun consuming itself into Olivia's skin.

Mon-El can't rip the stone off, so Kara is compelled to utilize her laser vision to consume the stone off Olivia's hand.

James apologizes to Kara for placing her in an odd situation with Lena prior. He uncovers to Kara that he anticipates uncovering his personality to people in general individually.

Back at her condo, Alex assists Ruby with biting the dust her hair blue. Ruby apologizes to Alex for being frantic at her prior and she gets some information about M'yrnn's state. Ruby uncovers that she's anxious about the possibility that that whatever happened to her mother will happen to her. Alex makes reference to that she needs to guarantee that it won't occur to Ruby, however needing to be as honest as could be expected under the circumstances, Alex doesn't make that guarantee.

Supergirl and Mon-El come back to Lena's den where Lena and Winn clarify they've discovered a meteor in space that contains the vital material to help fix Sam/Reign. Mon-El offers to take J'onn's transport with Kara to pursue the meteor in space.

The scene closes with Coville himself coming back to the refer to of the ritual and communicating his pleasure with how it turned out.




  • This is the second episode of Supergirl where Kara has no direct interaction with Alex, after "Worlds Finest".
  • In the beginning of the episode, Lena mentions the ability to override genes in crops through a Biolistic delivery system by coating particles of heavy metal in DNA and delivering them into the crop cells' interiors. This exists in real life and is also known as a gene gun.
  • The getaway car that the cult members use to kidnap Tanya has a license plate reading "590 WUG". Tanya is a linguistics professor, so this is likely a reference to wugs, small cartoonish birds used in a famous linguistics experiment on child language acquisition that are popularly used as a symbol for the field of linguistics.
  • When James considers revealing his identity as Guardian at a live press conference to throw off the cult's plan, Winn likens it to the 1996 film Ransom, in which the main character turns the tables on his son's kidnappers by using the ransom money to place a bounty on their heads on live television.
  • When Mon-El infiltrates the cult's headquarters, he jokingly asks one of the acolytes, "You guys have no cell phones in cults?" A stereotypical aspect of most cults is the brainwashing of members into cutting off contact with friends and family, including the prohibition of personal communication devices like cell phones.


  • The arcade that J'onn, Alex, Ruby, and M'yrnn go to is called Fun Centre. The Canadian spelling is a giveaway to the fact that the show is filmed in Vancouver, Canada.