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"Thank you, everyone here, for making my day about a floating bowling alley."
Ava Sharpe

"The Final Frame" is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the ninety-third episode overall. It aired on August 8, 2021.



The Legends discover that they are in space

The Legends discover that they are in space

In Kansas City 2021, Sara Lance, Mick Rory, Spooner and Astra are attempting to locate the final pod that is lost in the timestream. On the Waverider, John Constantine walks in on Behrad Tarazi attempting to make cannabis brownies and performs a spell to help him, but his magic instead causes the brownies to explode. Behrad notes that Constantine seems energized, and he replies that he feels astounding, as unknown to anyone he has been partaking in a special potion. Meanwhile, Nate Heywood and Zari Tomaz have decided to spend their last day before she returns to the totem on a camping trip. To their horror, their campsite is also occupied by another couple who are heavily relying on technology rather than traditional camping equipment. In Kansas City, the team has found the pod which contains nothing aside from a strange cube. As Mick, Spooner and Astra fight with each other over examining the cube, Sara sighs and tells Ava Sharpe that this mission will take a while, not realizing that Ava is trying on her wedding dress. After Sara touches the cube as well, the four of them are suddenly transported into a bowling alley and are wearing bowling shirts. Spooner informs them that despite the normal appearance of their surroundings, she can sense major alien presence. Deciding they should leave immediately they proceed to an exit, only to find that there is nothing outside the bowling alley but the vastness of space.


Buddy explains the situation to Sara

With their time courier and communicator not working, Spooner decides to ask one of the alley's patrons for help returning home while Sara decides to approach the bowling alley's manager. The manager introduces himself as Buddy, and explains that the four of them must have opened an invitation, which Sara realizes was the mysterious cube. Learning that the four are from Earth, Buddy excitedly tells Sara he believes they must be incredible bowlers, since bowling was invented on Earth, and offers to show her around. Meanwhile, Spooner asks an obnoxious alien for help returning to Earth. The alien agrees, but insists that the four of them win a game against his team first, goading Spooner to agree to play a game of "Cosmic Bowling". As Spooner agrees to the game, a mysterious bowling ball magically appears in the alien's bowling bag. On their camping trip, Nate and Zari are enjoying their date but learn that they have taken Spooner's camping bag instead and are disturbed by the noise from their camping neighbors. The two decide to spend their last date somewhere else, but they are unable to contact Gideon or use their time couriers. At the bowling alley, Buddy explains that he had created the bowling alley out of his love for bowling, but the invitations are from the "Pin Killers", the group of aliens that Spooner met earlier. Buddy tells Sara the Pin Killers have ruined the bowling paradise he had planned, and he needs the Legends to beat them, but warns not to challenge them until the Legends are ready as they only have one chance to compete. Just then, Spooner tells them to their horror that she has already challenged the Pin Killers. Meanwhile, Nate and Zari improvise a radio and hear that it is night everywhere on Earth, with mysterious chasms appearing all over the Earth, including their current location.

Mike the Strike

Mike the Strike

Nate and Zari asks their camping Neighbors, Jeff and Jamie, to borrow their truck so they can head back to town. Jeff agrees and also decides that the four of them should go together, but the car battery dies as Jeff and Jamie's campsite has drained it. Nate and Zari decide to hike to town, but to their chagrin they are followed by Jeff and Jamie. On the Waverider, Constantine is overenergized and suggests that he and Behrad help the Legends in the field, which Behrad agrees. Gideon informs them however, that she is unable to travel to Earth. Gary walks in and is horrified at their situation, but Constantine and Behrad assure him that he just needs to keep Ava occupied while the two of them find a solution. At the bowling alley, Astra tells Sara that she doesn't know how to bowl. Sara tells Astra that she doesn't know either, but proves herself to be a natural bowler and scores a strike on her first try. Mick attempts to bowl as well, but his refusal to remove his gloves cause the ball to instead be thrown into a different lane. Spooner then expertly analyzes the lane before adopting a strange stance and bowling a strike. She explains that she has been bowling since she was 13, with her stance and footwork helping her concentrate. Astra tells Sara that she refuses to touch the bowling balls or wear the bowling shoes, and Sara allows her to just watch the 3 of them bowl. On the Waverider, Ava has decided on a dress but begins to become indecisive once Gary plays to her wedding anxieties in an attempt to distract her. On the bridge, Gideon informs Behrad that Earth itself appears to be missing, as Constantine decides to cast a spell to compel the Waverider to Earth. Behrad wonders if Constantine can perform such a powerful spell, but is assured by Constantine that he is able to, leading Behrad to assume that Constantine's magical powers have increased due to the Fountain of Imperium, not realizing that Constantine is relying on the red potion he had previously obtained. At the bowling alley, the Pin Killers play their last frame against another group of aliens and win. Their prize is a red bowling ball, as the other aliens plead for "Mike the Strike", the alien Spooner met, to show mercy. Mike ignores their pleas and places the ball on his trophy shelf, as the losing aliens are transported into the bowling ball.

Galaxy Lanes

Ava sees the bowling alley in space

Meanwhile, Nate and Zari are still hiking to town with Jeff and Jamie, when Jamie offends Zari by suggesting that her long distance relationship with Nate is a sign that the two are not meant to be together. At the bowling alley, the Legends begin to compete against the Pin Killers. While the Pin Killers, Sara and Spooner are doing well, Mick is struggling as his refusal to remove his gloves prevent him from holding the bowling ball properly. On the Waverider, Gary continues to make extravagant and ridiculous additions to Ava's wedding dress to distract her as Constantine casts a powerful spell that transports the Waverider to the bowling alley. The spell shakes the ship and Ava learns of their current situation. Constantine tells them the spell definitely brought them to Earth, but the Legends don't see anything, until Ava spots the bowling alley. Ava uses the time courier to transport herself to the bowling alley, but is unable to get through the doors. Buddy explains to Ava and Sara that the Pin Killers have taken control of the doors as well, with the only way in being through an invitation. Ava explains how Constantine casted a spell to bring the Waverider to Earth, which confuses Sara as it would mean that Earth is inside the bowling alley. To her horror, she realizes that the mysterious ball the Pin Killers had in their bowling bag is Earth itself, which Mike the Spike uses as an actual bowling ball. Meanwhile, Nate and Zari discover a huge chasm, which is revealed to be a bowling hole.

Earth as a bowling ball

Earth as a bowling ball

Overwhelmed and thinking that it is the end of the world, Jeff confesses to Jamie that he had a vasectomy even though they were trying to get pregnant, causing Jamie to storm off upset with Jeff following. At the bowling alley, Mike explains that the game of Cosmic Bowling that Spooner agreed to involves the invited species competing for their planet's survival in a bowling match. Astra marvels that the Pin Killers must be Gods, as Mike insists that he is "just an average Joe who loves to bowl. And destroy countless worlds." Buddy tells Sara that he is unable to help, as the Pin Killers to his disgust now run the bowling alley as accordance the bowling alley's rules. As the match continues, Mick is still unable to bowl properly as he refuses to remove his gloves. Mick calls bowling stupid and an annoyed Spooner argues with him while attempting to retrieve her ball, causing an incoming ball on the ball return to jam her fingers. Meanwhile, Nate and Zari return to their campsite as Zari decides that the two of them should break up as their relationship appears to be doomed to fail. Nate assures her that in spite of their chances, the two of them cannot bear to spend any time apart and they kiss. Zari then brandishes a large energy rifle that she retrieved from Spooner's bag. At the bowling alley. Sara confides in Buddy that the Legends are now unlikely to win and as such the Earth is doomed. Buddy tells Sara that bowling is about friendship, and the best bowling happens when the players are having fun. Inspired, Sara turns on music as Buddy provides refreshments for the Legends. Sara turns off the scoreboard and explains that the Legends need to relax instead of being stressed by the scoreboard. Mick helps Spooner to remove a beer cap, and confides in her that he refuses to removes his gloves as they hide his burns, and he wants to keep his past hidden. Sara convinces Astra to bowl as well and the match continues. Understanding why Mick refuses to remove his gloves, Spooner instead cuts holes in his gloves so his fingers can enter the bowling holes and Mick immediately scores a strike while Astra is struggling as she has never bowled before. On the Waverider, Gary tells Ava that by his calculations the Legends need a miracle to win the bowling match when Zari fires the rifle, set to "the middle finger" setting, at the sky and burns Mike which causes him to drop the bowling ball into the gutter. The backdraft from the blast begins to rain on Nate and Zari but they manage to use the time courier to escape in time. Gary informs the Legends that it is possible for them to win the bowling match, but only if Astra can score a strike.

A photo of the Legends

The Legends group photo

Sara advices a nervous Astra to gently roll the ball down the lane, or "Granny Style" as Astra puts it, which allows her to successfully score a strike and make the Legends the new champions. Mike nervously asks for a rematch but Sara refuses and instead bowls the Earth ball out of the bowling alley and back to its original location. The Legends being champions restores power of the alley to Buddy, who decides to open the alley for everyone, allowing the other Legends to enter the bowling alley. As Constantine enters, Buddy tells him that he can sense Constantine has mighty and abundant powers, which pleases Constantine. Out of earshot, Buddy also notes that these powers will be Constantine's undoing. Mick apologizes to Spooner for insulting bowling, and Spooner explains that bowling means a lot to her as her foster father brought her to league bowling as a child, which helped her feel like she belonged somewhere. Mike tells her that the Legends are where she belongs to now and the Legends take a group bowling photo.



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  • Sara saying "I got a bad feeling about this" and "I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" after being teleported to the bowling alley are references to the well-known phrase from the Star Wars franchise and Dorothy's line from The Wizard of Oz, respectively.
    • They had also literally been in Kansas before winding up in the bowling alley.
  • The character of Mike the Strike is similar in name to the Season 4 character of Mike the Spike.
  • The episode aired six days before National Bowling Day and one day before Jes Macallan's 39th birthday.
  • Despite Earth being shrunk down and shaped into a bowling ball, this apocalyptic event is never acknowledged again in other Arrowverse media following this episode. Due to the supernatural means of how the event unfolded, and the overall comedic nature of the episode, it can be assumed the event was wiped from the minds of everyone on Earth as soon as it returned to normal.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Adam Tsekhman's name was misspelt as "Adam Tsekham".