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"Thank you, everyone here, for making my day about a floating bowling alley."
Ava Sharpe

"The Final Frame" is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the ninety-third episode overall. It aired on August 8, 2021.



Sara, Mick, Astra, and Spooner discover a riddle box inside the last outsider case in 2021 Kansas City, Kansas which transports them to Galaxy Lanes, a bowling alley in space. The heroes, The Pin Killers, scale down Earth into a bowling ball, abandoning Nate and Zari, who were exploring nature in Alaska. The proprietor, Buddy, clarifies that if the Legends rout the Pin Killers, Earth will be reestablished. In the event that they lose, Earth will stay that way and the Legends will crumble. While looking for help, Zari contemplates whether her relationship with Nate merits having in the event that they can bear being separated. In the mean time, Gary attempts to divert Ava by assisting her with tracking down the ideal wedding dress as Constantine utilizes a spell to carry the Waverider to Galaxy Lanes. Sara battles to get her group to coordinate, however she stays hopeful and helps them join together. On Earth, Zari takes shots at Mike the Strike's finger, disturbing a roll, permitting Sara's group to overcome the Pin Killers. Subsequently, Nate consoles Zari of his longing to be with her, Sara reestablishes Earth, and the Legends rejoin at the bowling alley. At the point when Buddy sees Constantine, he stresses that his force could be the demise of him.



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  • Sara saying "I got a bad feeling about this" and "I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" after being teleported to the bowling alley are references to the well-known phrase from the Star Wars franchise and Dorothy's line from The Wizard of Oz, respectively.
    • They had literally been in Kansas before winding up in the bowling alley.
  • The character of Mike the Strike is similar in name to the season 4 character of Mike the Spike.
  • The episode aired six days before National Bowling Day and one day before Jes Macallan's 39th birthday.
  • Despite Earth being shrunk down and shaped into a bowling ball, this apocalyptic event is never acknowledged again in other Arrowverse media following this episode. Due to the supernatural means of how the event unfolded, and the overall comedic nature of the episode, it can be assumed the event was wiped from the minds of everyone on Earth as soon as it returned to normal.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Adam Tsekhman's name was misspelt as "Adam Tsekham".