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"There are eight firemen in this picture. You called yourselves The Fireflies."
Laurel Lance to fire chief Raynes.[src]

The Fireflies were a firemen unit of the Starling City Fire Department.


The Fireflies was a firemen unit who had distinguished themselves by tattooing a picture of firefly on the back of their right hands.[1]

In 2009, a member of the crew, Garfield Lynns, seemingly died in a fire at the Nodell Towers. After the station house was shut down sometime after 2009, members of the unit went to different stations.[1]

In early 2013, it was revealed that Garfield Lynns survived and he went on a killing and arson spree, murdering three ex-members of the group, including Danny de la Vega. Lynns later tried to kill a handful of firemen at a fundraiser in Oliver Queen's club, mainly targeting another ex-Firefly, Raynes, now a fire chief. The latter was saved by The Hood, who confronted Lynns. Lynns rejected the vigilante's offer to help him and committed suicide by walking into the fire he started.[1]

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