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For the eponymous location, see The Fixed Point Bar.
"Fixed point. Noun. An occurrence so pivotal to history that no time travel is allowed on or near it."
Gary Green

"The Fixed Point" is the tenth episode of the seventh season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the one-hundred-seventh episode overall. It aired on January 26, 2022.



After hearing Gideon's plan to save Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Legends are confused. Gideon then reveals that the assassination is what is called a Fixed Point, a certain pivotal and defining point in the time line that are to be kept as they are lest any temporal distortion could cause irreparable ripple-effect damage towards the future - thus why time travelers are strictly prohibited from visiting such, and there are several Fixed Points throughout history. She explains that even Evil Gideon doesn't know much about fixed points, and if they stop history's events from happening, the Evil Waverider will have no choice but to travel to the Fixed Point to set history on its course. While the robots leave the ship and fix history, the real Legends can sneak onto the Waverider and return home. Sara then gives a motivational speech and the Legends begin planning.

Nate, the historian, gives Sara, Gideon, and Gary a rundown of the events of the assassination, although his drawings are a bit hard to read. He explains the happenings of the day, although his drawing confuses Sara and Gary, and they have their foolproof plan.

The Legends arrive in Sarajevo, 1914, at the Ćosić Tavern. Before Sara can poison the eventual assassins' drinks, a man stops them, insisting that they come with him. Nate and Sara give contradicting excuses, but the man laughs, saying most time travellers give away their identities even quicker. He walks into what seems like a mirror and enters into a futuristic looking bar, filled with people. He then reveals that he has created this bar for time travellers who try to fix the fixed point. Gideon is confused by this, not knowing about the existence of the Fixed Point Bar. The Legends chat for a while before they witness a time traveller's attempt at stopping the assassination, leading to his eventual death by being blown up by the assassin's bomb. The owner of the fixed point then sorts out the bets of people wagering money on the outcome of the attempts. He hands out tickets to all the Legends, telling them that if a person tries to change time, time will kill them.

Back at John's manor, Ava and Gwyn are planning out the best way to save Alun from his death. Gary drops off the Waverider, which has been turned into a tape and tells them about the Fixed Point Bar. He then realises that if Alun is saved, time travel may never exist, thus Alun will never be saved by the time-travelling Gwyn. Overwhelmed, Gary leaves. Ava tries to think of a way to make sure Gwyn goes on to invent time travel, but Gwyn, already having accepted this outcome, tells her that he needs to save Alun but also to live his life alone, with the past version of him never knowing Alun was saved.

At the Fixed Point Bar, Gideon is overwhelmed with the discovery that time is killing people. She goes to the bar, trying to deal with this newfound knowledge the human way. Astra and Behrad check out the betting tables, leaving Zari and Spooner by themselves. They attempt to have a conversation, but fail, thinking they have nothing in common. Meanwhile, Sara and Nate are planning to stop the assassination and reveal that they are the Legends of Tomorrow to a group of nearby time travellers. At first, they believe that they are being hailed as heroes, but soon find out that they have become somewhat of a joke, with the young time travellers mocking them. After they leave, Sara explains her plan to Nate, only for the current person attempting to stop the fixed point to have the exact same plan, ending in their death. Sara's number is called, and she goes in without a plan, freezing up and being hit by a ladder. She is then mocked again, and goes to get a drink.

Ava is unsatisfied with the fact that Gwyn will never know Alun is alive, but Gwyn tells her that it is what he deserves because of his love for Alun, saying that it is his divine punishment to live without Alun.

At the bar, Zari and Spooner bond over the fact that they both cannot stand people who think they are better than others, and that they could talk about people they hate for hours. They also realise that they were both kidnapped by the Legends. Wondering why it was so difficult to talk to each other before, Zari reveals that she thought Spooner didn't like her and was also very intimidated by Spooner, to which Spooner replies that she thought Zari thought she was better than her.

Nate apologises to Sara, due to the Legends not having Sara's back. He comforts her, telling her that freezing in tough situations is normal, but she is still disappointed, pointing out the situation at hand. Nate calls the rest of the Legends over, and realises that since they are so experienced at failing, they are the perfect people to change a fixed point. The Legends decide that since Sara is the only invincible one on the team, she will use all of their tickets to figure out the best way to solve the problem while the rest of the Legends watch and support. Spooner and Zari volunteer to watch from the tavern, and the rest of the Legends watch from the streets of Sarajevo. Sara makes many attempts that all end in failure, including being blown up, hit by a car, shot by police, poisoning herself, inhaling a dart, and being hit by a ricocheting bullet.

In the tavern, Spooner and Zari play smash, marry, kill. After asking Spooner to choose between Nate, Gwyn, and Gary, Spooner says she's not interested in any of them. Zari then asks Spooner to choose between Sara, Ava, and Astra. Spooner gives the same response, saying that maybe she's messed up due to aliens, but Zari tells her it's perfectly normal, saying that Spooner may be asexual. Spooner then comes out to Zari, sharing a laugh. She then asks Zari if she'd be interested in the man with the top hat, but when Zari turns around, the man is not there. They rush into the bar to tell the others. The Legends then realise that the man in the top hat only appears in one frame of the film, just before Sara is about to change time. To become immune to the man's time stopping abilities, the Legends must take apart Gwyn's time machine; Ava gives a moving speech, quoting Lin-Manuel Miranda and telling Gwyn that he deserves to be loved. They hug and Gwyn brings Sara the piece of equipment needed and warns her that there is only enough power for one time. Before she can make her last attempt, she realises that she is out of tickets. The group of young time travellers then offer her their tickets, along with a set of comms. She exits onto the streets of Sarajevo, and the people in the bar chant 'take a chance on Sara Lance'

Once time is stopped, she and the man in the top hat are the only ones who are still able to move. She realises that the man is Eobard Thawne, and they fight. She notices he has lost his super speed, and holds him in a head lock, threatening him. Agreeing to talk about things instead of fighting more, they have a drink at the tavern. Thawne explains that he has now been tasked with protecting this fixed point, coming to the job after the Time Wraiths pulled him from nothingness, setting him on a path to realise that time should not be changed. Sara then explains her situation, and he tells her that he can buy her 40 minutes of time, but if he is killed, she must swear to take his position as the fixer of the fixed point. She agrees, and time is started, with the Archduke safely driving through the streets of Sarajevo. The people in the bar celebrate, and Gary and Gideon share a kiss. The Legends then run outside and see the Evil Waverider landing.



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  • This is the first episode to feature Matt Letscher as Eobard Thawne since "Aruba", which aired almost five years prior.
    • This is the second episode in which the Legends realize an individual who has been causing problems for them is Eobard Thawne, the first being "The Legion of Doom".
    • According to Matt Letscher, Eobard Thawne's appearance in this episode was originally supposed to be a surprise, but it was instead revealed online before the episode aired.[1]
  • Gwyn Davies's time machine was transformed into a tape of ELO's "Time", which is a reference to the 1981 album of the same name by the band Electric Light Orchestra.
  • Sara and Behrad say "Live Die Repeat", which references the 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow.
  • When Astra sees one of the assassins throw a knife, she says, "You call that a knife?" and pulls out a machete, to which Behrad follows up with "Now that's a knife". This is a reference to the 1986 film Crocodile Dundee, which features the quote.
  • Eobard explains that the Time Wraiths put him in charge of protecting the fixed point from any time travelers who attempted to prevent Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination, even though it was previously implied that Time Wraiths are only concerned with protecting the timeline from speedsters and not other time travelers.
  • Spooner comes out as asexual, making her the first onscreen asexual character in the Arrowverse.