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The Flash: Johnny Quick is a novel written by Barry Lyga. It was released on April 3, 2018 by Amulet Books.


Based on the hit CW TV show, this second title in The Flash middle-grade series follows Barry Allen as he continues his mission to protect Central City from the sinister Hocus Pocus—but this time, a new evil lurks beneath the city streets . . .[1]


  • This book establishes that this story and its predecessor (The Flash: Hocus Pocus) take place on Earth-1 in a multiverse that splintered from the main when the Barry Allen of Earth-1 created Flashpoint. In this multiverse, dubbed the "Barryverse" by writer Barry Lyga, the Flashpoint event never happened.[2] The main Earth was later dubbed "Earth 1A" by Cisco Ramon of Earth-1.
    • Earth 1A Cisco accidentally vibed himself meeting Cisco from the show's continuity. He learned that in the main timeline, Barry had created Flashpoint, which never happened in their timeline. As a result, everything was very different when Barry didn't run back in time to save his mother. These changes include:
  • When Barry is running through the multiverse, he briefly sees a man with "a glowing green ring on his hand" and a "rabbit with a cape". These are references to Green Lantern and Captain Carrot, respectively.
  • A mysterious character is referred to as "The Stranger", which is an allusion to Phantom Stranger.
  • When Barry meets Ralph Dibny from Earth-27 for the first time, Ralph says, "I like to stretch myself", which is an allusion to the Elongated Man.
    • Alternatively, the Ralph Dibny from Earth-1, who was introduced in season 4 in the post-Flashpoint timeline, becomes Elongated Man.
  • Whilst attempting to travel to Earth-2, Barry sees a "boy screaming down lightning from the sky", which is an allusion to Captain Marvel/Shazam.

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