The Flash: The Legends of Forever

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The Flash: The Legends of Forever is a novel written by Barry Lyga. It was released on March 23, 2021 by Amulet Books.[1]


The Flash and his friends have defeated Anti-Matter Man, but the race to save the multiverse is far from over. As the sinister schemer behind Anti-Matter Man’'s release looms large at the end of Time itself, Barry seeks help from time experts, the Legends of Tomorrow. Meanwhile, Cisco has been taken by a mysterious figure—and Owlman's plans for Madame Xanadu come to a thrilling head. Picking right up where The Flash: Supergirl's Sacrifice left off, this action-packed adventure brings the Crossover Crisis to a dramatic conclusion.[1]


  • When Barry briefs Superman on the concept of "TV World" (the world of the TV shows), he seems to establish that it wasn't just Earth-1 that was affected by him not causing Flashpoint, instead creating an entirely new Multiverse. As such, all of the novels take place in the Earth-1A continuity.
    • This is elaborated on further throughout the novel, such as when the shadowy figure who tortures Cisco makes it clear that he is aware of "multiverses", plural. Referring to both halves as part of a Megaverse.
  • While the present-day events of the Crossover Crisis novels take place in 2018, the Time Trapper learns through Cisco's vibing abilities that the TV World's Crisis on Infinite Earths was in effect during the events of the novel. Given that they were present at the end of time for both multiverses, it is unknown if the TV World's Crisis eventually had an effect on this continuity, if at all.


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