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The Flash: The Tornado Twins is a novel written by Barry Lyga. It was released on October 2, 2018 by Amulet Books.


Catch up with the super adventures of Barry Allen, also known as the Flash, in the third book of this middle-grade series. Featuring adventures not seen on TV, Barry continues his mission to protect Central City from sinister plots. The book builds upon the world of the popular TV show in a new medium by author Barry Lyga. Fans won't want to miss the exciting conclusion to the series![1]


  • In this book, Barry finds out about an "alternate timeline", which is The Flash's continuity, and learns that if he changed the timeline with Flashpoint, it would have lead him fighting a future version of himself called Savitar.
    • Later while fighting Abra Kadabra, the latter asks Barry if he has figured out who's Savitar, which makes Barry wonder if he is in the alternate timeline's future.
  • This is the first of the three novels where the main antagonist's name/alias is not in the title.
  • The novel introduces the Tornado Twins, Don and Dawn, who in the comics are the children of Barry and Iris.
    • When Barry meets Don and Dawn, they politely refuse to disclose their family name, hinting to the possibility that the twins are descendants of Barry.
    • Despite their moniker being in the title, the Tornado Twins don't play important role since their history isn't part of the main story.
    • In the Arrowverse, Barry's daughter is named Nora West-Allen. In the episode "What's Past is Prologue", Eobard Thawne assumes that Nora's name is "Dawn" and implies this was her name in the original timeline before he killed her grandmother.
  • A character who goes by the name of Charles "Chuck" Taine is introduced. In the DC comics, Charles is the real name of Bouncing Boy, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • Another character named Roxxas is introduced as a pirate who attacked Earth. In the DC comics, Roxxas is an alien space pirate in the 30th Century and an enemy to the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • When Barry arrives at Don and Dawn's hideout, he sees multiple newspapers of events in alternate timelines. Their headline are:
  • This book revealed Abra Kadabra's real name to be Abhararakadhararbarakh and Hocus Pocus' real name to be Hobicubispobicubis. However, that was retconned in "Central City Strong", which revealed that Abra Kadabra's real name is Phillipe.

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