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"I think... part of being a hero is being able to see the good in people. So yeah, maybe someday in the future... even Thawne could change. Besides, if we don't believe in people, who will?"
Barry Allen to Nora West-Allen

"The Flash & The Furious" is the tenth and midseason premiere episode of the fifth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-second episode overall. It aired on January 15, 2019.



"The Flash and The Furious" begins with a scene in 2049 — Nora is conversing with Thawne, enraged that he executed her grandma. She won't work with him any more.

In the current day, Team Flash has collected in STAR Labs, talking about how to manage Cicada. Nora speeds back in, reminding the gathering that it's Cecile's first day back in court and Barry, Iris, and Nora choose to visit her preliminary, where she's indicting Weather Witch. Barry's an observer for the situation.

As Cecile starts her initial proclamation, her forces fire misbehaving and it shows up Cecile has a difference in heart. Rather than surrendering, Cecile still suggests the appointed authority passing on the greatest sentence.

Caitlin takes out the rest of the knife shards from Cisco's hand, trusting they recuperate with the goal that he keep utilizing his forces. Somewhere else in Central City, a well off specialist has been pulled over for a DUI and a secretive lady — Silver Ghost — sneaks into the agent's Lamborghini and dashes away, driving cops on a vehicle pursue.

Barry's telephone begins going off in the court, and he's made aware of the police pursue. He and Nora hurry off to attempt captured the vehicle criminal. Barry arrives at the vehicle and attempts to stage through, yet Silver Ghost has utilized metatech to put a type of power field around the vehicle.

Barry is overwhelmed and when he gets back up, he can't quit vibrating. Nora speeds her dad back to STAR Labs, where Cisco suggests they put him in the holding cells, which would latent his forces. After he's in the cell, Nora offers to have her spot on the testimony box to introduce scientific proof.

In court, Cecile uncovers to Iris that she will be seeking after a lighter sentence against Weather Witch as she's been getting vibes of regret. After Cecile cuts her doubting of Nora short, Nora gets irritated during questioning. Subsequent to seeing Nora upset, Joss stands up and concedes full blame.

Cisco is inspecting the shards Caitlin extracted from his hands and he understands that they were removing his powers, not dampening them. Cisco at that point has a revelation — they ought to have the option to figure out the properties of the shards and think of a fix that would expel the forces from metahumans. He and Caitlin contend about the fix with Caitlin conceding that not all metahumans would need their forces removed.

Climate Witch is being shipped to jail when the heavily clad vehicle is halted by Silver Ghost. The last breaks Weather Witch out of holding.

At STAR Labs, the group runs the observation video from the heavily clad truck and cross check it with databases. It's uncovered that Silver Ghost is Raya Van Zandt, a previous individual from the military that was shamefully released.

Silver Ghost and Weather Witch are at some stockroom with the previous attempting to get the last to partake in a heist with her. Joss cannot and discloses to Raya that she needs to turn herself back in.

Sherloque is dining with Barry and starts examining the speedster regarding the language Barry was talking in the wake of rising up out of the Speed Force prior in the year.

The caution begins going off, demonstrating that a typhoon is going to expend Central City. Nora dashes off to the source and it's uncovered Weather Witch had the option to control the doppler to caution Team Flash. Joss discloses to Nora that she needs to turn herself back in, communicating regret for the violations she submitted before. Nora speeds her off to the CCPD.

Cisco is taking a shot at the fix and as he's running tests, Killer Frost strolls in and freezes the examples, destroying Cisco's odds at a fix from this cluster of shards.

Iris does some burrowing around on Van Zandt and acknowledges she was disgracefully released after the Department of Defense attempted to cover their own tails and nailed the fault to her for something. Nora, befuddled, converses with her father whether he figures awful individuals can change.

Joss is back in prison when Raya strolls in and breaks her out. After Joss and Nora battled before, Joss consents to assist. The two break into a distribution center and take a vehicle model worth over $24 million. Nora dashes off to pursue them, yet we before long discover the vehicle was worked in weapons. Nora takes a stab at overcoming the Joss however the two keep dashing endlessly.

We later discover that Joss utilized her staff to put ice in the city to spare Nora from getting run over. The two end the scene still on the run.

Back at STAR Labs, they're ready to fix Barry with the goal that he's ready to leave the holding cell.

Caitlin takes a stab at making up with Cisco by taking him to her dad's lab. She reminds Cisco that her father was taking a shot at something comparable. She is sorry to him and consents to help him gave theye 100% sure they'll never constrain the fix onto anybody.

In 2049, Nora comes back to Thawne. They offer some kind of reparation and she keeps on getting him out once more.

Sherloque goes into Thawne's old room at STAR Labs. He approaches Gideon for the entirety of the documents on Nora West-Allen, however Gideon uncovers that Nora erased all records of herself.



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  • The episode's title is a reference to the film franchise The Fast and the Furious.
  • This was previously meant to be the eleventh episode of the season, with an episode titled "Spin Out" taking its place. However, due to unknown circumstances, The Flash and the Furious was moved closer, and the 11th episode ended up being "Seeing Red".
  • At Weather Witch's trial, Cecile mentions the dates November 20th and the 27th a reference to when the episodes  "The Icicle Cometh" and "O Come, All Ye Thankful", the latter featuring Weather Witch came out.
  • According to Danielle Panabaker, Grant Gustin had little screen-time due to his commitment to the Elseworlds crossover at the time filming for this episode was still happening.[1]
  • Nora references the fact that Barry wore the Green Arrow suit during Elseworlds. However, she wasn't in the crossover to see him wearing it.
  • Caitlin quotes a famous line from the film, The Breakfast Club and states that it is one of the few films she and Frost agree on.
  • Cisco quips that he faces villains as Vibe "once a week", a joke how The Flash airs every Tuesday.
  • The prototype car built by Wayne Enterprises is a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS.
  • Silver Ghost is the ninth case of gender-bending on the show, the eight others were, Brie Larvan/Bug-Eyed Bandit, Linda Park/Dr. Light, Rosa Dillon/Top, Mina Chaytan/Black Bison, Izzy Bowin/The Fiddler, Janet Petty/Null and Spencer Young/Spin, and Joss Jackam/Weather Witch.
  • Silver Ghost's hideout has a sign on the wall for 'King Samson's Auto Works.' King Samson was a henchman of the original Silver Ghost.
  • When Cisco says "Holy Buckaroo Banzai" he is referencing the 1984 movie "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension".
  • Gideon may not know or differentiate between doppelgängers as she refers to Sherloque as Dr. Wells despite him being a detective. This is further supported by the fact that when Harry Wells activated her in "Null and Annoyed", Gideon tells him that it has been 1,078 days since "they" last spoke. From the date that the aforementioned episode first aired, that day is April 28, 2015 (the premiere date of "The Trap"), which would mean that in that instance, she was referring to Thawne disguised as Harrison Wells.
  • The time the clock is ticking down at the Iron Heights Prison in 2049 where Eobard Thawne is kept shows to be from 52 minutes, which is a reference to the New 52.


  • On Netflix, the synopsis formerly read "As Nora struggles with a troubling revelation, Team Flash takes on a daunting duo. Also, Caitlin and Carlos discuss a possible meta-human cure.", stating "Carlos" instead of Cisco in the synopsis. This was later corrected.
  • Caitlin describes Raya van Zandt as a "former Air Force ace pilot" but the screen shows her rank as an Airman First Class. This is an enlisted rank and all Air Force pilots are officers.
  • Despite it being "cold where we're going" when Caitlin and Cisco breach into her dad's old lab (at the north pole) their breath makes no visible vapor trails.