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"This is crazy. The Flash was just a man."
"Well, not to these people. Especially the younger ones? He's a hero."
Barry Allen and Warren Garfield[src]

The Flash is a television series based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The series ran for one season of twenty-two episodes from September 20, 1990, until May 18, 1991.

John Wesley Shipp later reprised the role of Barry Allen/The Flash during Elseworlds and ​​​Crisis on Infinite Earths, bringing the series into the same continuity as the Arrowverse.


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  1. Marshall appeared in the pilot as a co-star, though she was written out of the series as of the second episode.



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On December 12, 2018, Marc Guggenheim confirmed their version of Barry Allen follows the same continuity as CBS's The Flash.[1]


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