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This is crazy. The Flash was just a man.Well, not to these people. Especially the younger ones? He's a hero.

The Flash is a television series based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The series ran for one season of twenty-two episodes from September 20, 1990, until May 18, 1991.

John Wesley Shipp later reprised the role of Barry Allen/The Flash during Elseworlds and ​​​Crisis on Infinite Earths, bringing the series into the same continuity as the Arrowverse.


Main cast

Recurring cast


  1. Marshall appeared in the pilot as a co-star, though she was written out of the series as of the second episode.


# Episode name Directed by Story by Teleplay by Original airdate
1 "Pilot" Robert Iscove Danny Bilson & Paul De Meo September 20, 1990
Police chemist Barry Allen's life radically changes one night when his lightning strikes his lab—and the combination of chemicals and incredible electrical power transform him into the fastest human on earth, The Flash.
2 "Out of Control" Mario Azzopardi Gail Morgan Hickman September 27, 1990
Someone is performing horrible, deathly experiments on the homeless people in skid row. The police won't help—but The Flash will.
3 "Watching the Detectives" Gus Trikonis Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore October 18, 1990
A woman detective has been hired to discover the true identity of The Flash.
4 "Honor Among Thieves" Aaron Lipstadt Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore Milo Bachmann, Danny Bilson & Paul De Meo October 25, 1990
A gang of thieves is determined to steal a valuable art treasure—and The Flash is determined to stop them.
5 "Double Vision" Gus Trikonis Jim Trombetta November 1, 1990
An evil genius working for a Guatemalan death squad is able to gain control of The Flash's mind and force him to be his accomplice.
6 "Sins of the Father" Jonathan Sanger Stephen Hattman November 8, 1990
The life of ex-policeman Henry Allen, is in danger when a bank robber he arrested 20 years ago escapes from prison seeking revenge.
7 "Child's Play" Danny Bilson Stephen Hattman & Gail Morgan Hickman Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore November 15, 1990
The Flash helps a street kid who steals a computer disc that could unravel the plans of a chemist/criminal who's developed a new hallucinogenic drug.
8 "Shroud of Death" Mario Azzopardi Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore Michael Reaves November 29, 1990
Barry tangles with a vengeful killer, who's claimed two victims, a judge and a lawyer, and who is now aiming for Barry's boss, Lt. Garfield.
9 "Ghost In The Machine" Bruce Bilson John Francis Moore & Howard Chaykin December 13, 1990
A demented electronics genius, who once tried to blackmail the city, reappears after 35 years only to face the masked crime fighter who defeated him in 1955 and a new crime fighter—the Flash.
10 "Sight Unseen" Christopher Leitch John Vorhaus Gail Morgan Hickman & John Vorhaus January 10, 1991
An invisible man steals a poison toxin from Star Labs, contaminating the building and trapping Tina inside until the Flash can find the man—and the antidote.
11 "Beat the Clock" Mario Azzopardi Jim Trombetta January 31, 1991
The Flash sets out to prove the innocence of Julio's close friend, a musician convicted of killing his songstress wife, but less than an hour remains before his execution.
12 "The Trickster" Danny Bilson Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore February 7, 1991
A crazed killer, who fancies himself a sort of evil magician called the Trickster, vows to defeat the Flash so he can have the Flash's/Barry's new girlfriend.
13 "Tina, is That You?" William A. Fraker David L. Newman Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes & David L. Newman February 14, 1991
An accident with a biofeedback machine splits Tina's personality and turns her into a criminal who wants to defeat the Flash.
14 "Be My Baby" Bruce Bilson Jule Selbo February 21, 1991
Barry helps a young mother keep her infant daughter from the hands of the father, a suave criminal who's determined to get his child back no matter what.
15 "Fast Forward" Gus Trikonis Gail Morgan Hickman February 27, 1991
Blasted ten years into the future by the killer of his brother, the Flash must return to the present to prevent Central City from being taken over by criminals.
16 "Deadly Nightshade" Bruce Bilson John Francis Moore & Howard Chaykin March 30, 1991
Barry "The Flash" Allen teams up with Dr. Desmond "Nightshade" Powell, combining their super powers to defeat an insane vigilante known only as "Deadly Nightshade".
17 "Captain Cold" Gilbert Shilton Paul De Meo & Gail Morgan Hickman Gail Morgan Hickman April 6, 1991
Barry "The Flash" Allen is nearly frozen to death when he battles an insane criminal mercenary known as "Captain Cold."
18 "Twin Streaks" James A. Contner Stephen Hattman April 13, 1991
When a scientist clones Barry , the clone is an perfect match—physically—but emotionally it is still a child.
19 "Done with Mirrors" Danny Bilson Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore April 27, 1991
Barry "The Flash" Allen confronts two industrial thieves: Stasia Masters, his old high school girlfriend, and her partner, Samuel Scudder, whose secret weapon is an array of micro-projection hologram discs.
20 "Good Night, Central City" Mario Azzopardi Jim Trombetta May 4, 1991
Harry Milgrim uses an ultra-frequency transmitter to put everyone asleep so he can loot Central City, but it's up to "The Flash" to find the device before the entire population dies from a sleep-induced coma.
21 "Alpha" Bruce Bilson Gail Morgan Hickman & Denise Skinner Gail Morgan Hickman May 11, 1991
The Flash uses his powers to protect a beautiful android who wants to be free. Meanwhile, her owners, the U.S. government, attempt to capture her in order to reprogram her to be an assassin.
22 "The Trial of the Trickster" Danny Bilson Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore May 18, 1991
While awaiting trial for murder, a man known as the Trickster is rescued by a beautiful sociopath. Determined to get revenge on the Flash who helped apprehend him, the Trickster kidnaps the Flash and tries to brainwash him into subservience.

Shared universe

On December 12, 2018, Marc Guggenheim confirmed their version of Barry Allen follows the same continuity as CBS's The Flash.[1]



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