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"I see Jay...Excuse me, Hunter...Stole your color scheme too."
"He took a lot of things that were mine, except for that. That's, um...That's all him.
Joe West and Jay Garrick[src]

The Flash suit was a protective suit formerly worn by Jay Garrick in his former superhero alter-ego known as the Flash of Earth-3.


Jay wore the suit during his heroics as The Flash of Earth-3. Jay's bright color scheme of the suit consisted a top half that's light red with blue at the waist and blue pants, and has red boots and a belt with a buckle similar to Barry Allen's Earth-1 suits. When Jay was captured, Hunter Zolomon made a similar suit while "borrowing" Jay's identity as the Flash for Earth-2 albeit darker.


After being saved by Team Flash, Jay re-donned his suit as he prepared to travel between Earths 1 and 2 before finding a way back to his home. This time, Jay added Zolomon's helmet to his costume at the advice of Harry Wells. Despite the truth of its wearer's identity, the helmet was a symbol of hope for the people of Earth-2, a sentiment Jay decided to continue as well as getting revenge against Hunter for taking his identity and suit style by taking Hunter's helmet.[1]

In December 2019, the suit was presumably destroyed by antimatter, along with the rest of Earth-3.[2] Jay subsequently used a new Flash suit on Earth-Prime.



  • Intense temperature and abrasion resistance/Extreme Force resistance: Since Jay can run at superhuman speeds, the suit was designed to be extremely heat resistant to make sure it never caught fire from the friction.

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