"I wear a mask to protect the people I love, who might get hurt for what I do."
Barry Allen to Megan Lockhart[src]

The Flash suit is a protective suit that Barry Allen wore as a speedster on Earth-90 under the alias of The Flash.[1][2][3][4]


Pre-vigilantism suit

Barry originally wore a red Soviet prototype deep-sea suit in order to test his speed limit with Tina.

First suit

Barry later brought suggestions to Tina to upgrade the suit in order to intimidate the Pike gang and to hide his identity. Adding on a red cowl with golden wings to the suit. Along with a white symbol and a lightning bolt laid across the suit.[5]
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  • Identity concealment: The Flash suit conceals Barry's identity when he patrols Central City as the Flash. Barry also came up with the idea to not leave fingerprints using gloves in order to further keep his identity a secret.
  • Intense temperature and abrasion resistance: Barry's suit was initially made for Barry to test his speed and not burn his clothes. He continued using it for this purpose afterwards, however it seems to have suffered from wear and tear eventually when travelling through time.

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