For Wally's suit in the post-Flashpoint timeline, see Kid Flash suit.
"I told you never to come back here. I make you a friction-proof suit so your clothes don't explode at mach 2, and you leave me out of your brother/sister war on crime."
—Cisco Ramon[src]

The Flash suit is a protective suit that Wally West wore in the Flashpoint timeline as the meta-human known as The Flash. The suit was designed by Ramon Industries's founder/CEO Cisco Ramon.


The top half of the suit is completely yellow with red gloves, while the bottom of the suit is also completely red. Like other Speedster suits there is a lightning emblem in the center of the chest, similar to the The Flash suit worn by Jay Garrick this Emblem only has two bolts instead of three.

To hide his identity Wally wears a mask that covers almost his entire head, but it leaves his eyes, mouth and hair exposed. There are also two red lines on each side of the mask that are directly above the com links, which unlike other speedster suits aren't in the shape of lightning bolts.


Cisco Ramon designed Wally West a friction-proof suit so it wouldn't explode at mach-2, he began using the suit shortly after.[1]

The suit was damaged when Wally was impaled in the stomach by The Rival using a metal pipe, it was later erased from the timeline after Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne created a new timeline similar to the original.

A similar suit was constructed for "Kid Flash" in the new timeline and was given to him as a Christmas present.


The Flash (Wally West)

Wally wearing the suit.

  • Identity concealment: Wally wore a mask similar to Barry Allen's Flash suit to hide his identity from his enemies like The Rival, unlike Barry's mask, the mask only covers Wally's face and back of head, leaving his hair uncovered. Like most other speedsters suits excluding Edward Clariss, Jesse Wells, and Hunter Zolomon's suits, it folded back like a hood.
  • Force resistance: Like other speedsters' suits, Wally's suit is designed to be resistant to extreme physical forces and protect the wearer from it created by Cisco Ramon, however it wasn't able to protect him when the Rival impaled him through his back and stomach with a metal pipe. 

Known users


The Flash

Season 3


  • The suit is similar to the Kid-Flash suit worn by Wally West in the comics.
  • This is the second time that a speedsters suit was primarily yellow, the first was the Reverse-Flash suit.
  • It is unknown how the suit in the new timeline is in exact detail as the one from the Flashpoint timeline, but it's possible Barry told Cisco every detail, or that Wally had described the suit to Cisco after having dreams about his life as The Flash in Flashpoint.
    • It's also possible Cisco vibed the Flashpoint timeline and saw The Flash's suit or that Cisco and his Flashpoint counterpart have the same taste in suits.


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