The Freeland Resistance is a group of citizens that bands together to fight back against the A.S.A. and their oppression in Freeland. They later fought against the Markovians during the War for Freeland. They became inactive after the A.S.A. was disbanded.[1]


Latavious Johnson gets together with Devonte Jones as they keep on taking from the A.S.A. so they can offer weapons to the Resistance. They are additionally attempting to affirm Tobias Whale's area too.[2]

During the War for Freeland, the Resistance initially took two positions; one group led civilians in Freeland to safety, while the other protected the meta-humans of Markovia at the Pitt. Bill Henderson with Two-Bits led the first group when a squadron of Markovians attacked them. Bill and Two-Bits shot at the squad but they would have been overwhelmed if Lala and Devonte Jones had not led a team of gun-wielding thugs to assist. Without saying a word, Bill thanked Lala for the assistance with mutual head nods.

Bill then traveled to the Pitt to help the Resistance fighters stationed around the Pitt. When Gravedigger arrived, Peter Gambi told Bill not to engage him, but to wait for the arrival of Black Lightning and Lightning who were in route. Meanwhile, Gravedigger approached the Pitt so the fighters led by Gardner Grayle began shooting at him; Gravedigger's magnetic force-field easily deflected the gunfire. Erica Moran then powered-up and led a frontal assault against the foe, but, before they could touch him, Gravedigger ordered them to "sleep", causing each member of the Resistance to faint, except for Bill.

Bill stayed in the woods out of earshot of Gravedigger's powers and watched Gravedigger's troops. When Black Lightning and Lightning arrived, they saw the unconscious Resistance fighters, but not the armed troopers aiming at them. Bill started shooting to save the duo; however, he himself was killed in battle.[1]

Ishmael, having researched the past, captured Kyrie and threatened to kill members of the Resistance for the whereabouts of Blackbird.[3]

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