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"Oh, I'm back. Oh, you've got to be kidding me."
"I'm back! Hello, Legends. Did you miss me? By the time you see this recording, I expect John will be dead. The Fountain will also be dead, and my Zaguron friends should be on their way to destroy you. I hope I've got that right. Otherwise possible egg on my face, ooh. And because I can literally think Sara's thoughts, about now is the time that Sara Lance has figured out my plan for us to live together forever after everyone else has died as the new Adam and Eve. Sara, your mind must be racing, realizing that the only one who can save the Fountain is me. And, spoiler alert, I'm not gonna."
Gideon and Bishop

"The Fungus Amongus" is the fifteenth and final episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the ninety-seventh episode overall. It aired on September 5, 2021.



The scene gets right the last known point of interest and it turns out Mick endure the impact and the Legends figured out how to save all of the eggs. They soon find that Bishop debilitated the Waverider as well as took Kayla's ship. Zari and Astra return to the Waverider and tell the group that Constantine is dead, telling them everything they’ve learnt about the Fountain of Imperium and Bishop's arrangement. All that is left of Constantine is a mushroom. Sara and co go to see Spooner whose seemingly incurable sick. An alien scout crash lands outside which Nate, Sara and Ava stop but not before the other one sends a signal.

Kayla attempts to fix the Waverider and Mick spends time with her, assisting with the eggs. He discloses to Kayla that after not being around for Lita, he won't make the same mistake with these kids. Kayla realises someone is coming and chooses to take the transport and escape, but tells Mick that he can accompany her and the children. She gets Gideon online, and discover Bishop has left a video message.

The Fountain isn't dead, however it is dying. The Legends need to sort out some way to recuperate the Fountain, both saving Earth and young Spooner thus saving grown-up Spooner as well. Sara realises that Bishop's plan is to make Sara watch everybody she adores pass on so they are then at last left alone on Earth (his message affirms it). Behrad understands that Constantine isn't in reality dead, he's presently a mushroom however Zari would not like to hear it.

Nate concocts getting a more youthful Bishop to assist them with turning around engineer a cure for the toxic substance and it's something that disrupts the entirety of Sara's guidelines, which makes it a practically ideal arrangement since Bishop won't ever see it coming. Ava and Nate go to pay Bishop later on (his past) where he's attempting to get his Ava clone program working. They take him back to the Waverider to will work. Behrad rushes in to affirm that Constantine is alive in the mushroom. He needs to converse with them, yet they need to eat the mushroom for that to occur.

Sara believes it's a truly ill-conceived notion to eat the mushroom and sends everybody off. In any case, Sara begins to hear Constantine's voice advising her to eat the mushroom so she does and is before long shipped to where he is - he depicts it as being "available". He reveals to her that regardless of whether they mend the actual side of the Fountain, the profound side will stay debilitated. Constantine additionally can't leave since it's the solitary thing keeping the Fountain and Spooner alive. He discloses to Sara that adoring and being cherished is the point. He additionally reveals to her the key to all life.

Kayla gets the Waverider working and attempts to leave, yet Mick stops her. Youthful Bishop makes the antitoxin, however Sara surges in with the mystery of life and it's something madly basic so she sounds somewhat insane: "all of us are associated." They give Spooner the cure and she's reestablished, yet it doesn't stop the attack. Outsiders start showing up right outside.

Spooner affirms that the Fountain would not like to help humankind any longer after what occurred with Constantine. While the Legends attempt to sort out how they will stop the outsiders, Sara concludes that she and Ava need to get hitched at that moment, simply in the event that the world finishes. As everybody plans for the wedding, Spooner discloses to her mom to leave since she can't endure for her mom to be killed by the outsiders on the off chance that it ends up like that. Ava requests that Gary walk her down the path. Nate administers. Notwithstanding, similarly as the function is finishing, Bishop appears in Kayla's boat.

The outsiders begin to rise up out of their cases and everybody gets ready to battle, including Kayla, who chooses to stay close by too. Notwithstanding, there are such countless outsiders that everybody full withdraws into Spooner's mother's home and attempts to support the entryways and windows. Behrad is harmed and the toxin is spreading rapidly. Sara needs to remove his arm, however Spooner gets baffled and her wizardry shows, recuperating him. The Fountain is awakening. Spooner begins going around fueling her companions so they can battle.

With the chances not in support of themselves, Kayla goes full strange to keep things down so Sara and Ava can finish their promises. At the point when they kiss, energy encompasses them and afterward impacts out from them, taking out the outsiders. The Fountain concluded people are great all things considered and saved them due to cherish. Minister appears as yet reluctant to surrender, however Mick and Kayla's children begin to incubate and assault Bishop, devouring him. Mick bonds with one of his children, telling the little outsider he adores it.

With the world saved, youthful Bishop is sent back to his time, his memory of the experience cleaned. Zari goes to visit the Fountain and experiences Constantine. Constantine's spirit presently has a place with one more devil in Hell so he's liberated from the Fountain and he needs to leave the Legends now, yet he gives Zari a key before he proceeds to reveal to her she'll discover what it's for.

Mick and Sara consider their undertakings and Mick chooses to pass in the group to go have his family with Kayla. The excess Legends head back to the Waverider hopeful with regards to things turning out well for them when another Waverider shows up all of a sudden and obliterates the timeship.



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  • In the official press release for the episode, Adam Tsekhman's name was misspelt as "Adam Tsekham".