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"Stein? You chose him over me? That's who I'm supposed to be! I deserve the Firestorm Matrix!"
Henry Hewitt to Firestorm

"The Fury of Firestorm" is the fourth episode of the second season of The Flash, and the twenty-seventh episode overall. It aired on October 27, 2015.




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The episode starts with Jax celebrating his school team's football victory with his teammates and coach 2 years ago. His coach compliments him on his game-winning touchdown, and says his future looks bright. The Particle Accelerator then explodes. Jax yells "EVERYBODY RUN!". Jax then helps his disabled friend and takes him into the school. His disabled friend makes it inside, and when Jax is closing the doors, he is hit by the dark matter and is thrown back into a wall. His eyes glow white and he soon has the Firestorm Matrix inside him.

Back to present day, Martin Stein is still suffering the adverse effects from not merging for such a prolonged period of time. Cisco then stabilizes him with a device saying that he got it from Eobard Thawne's wheelchair but it won't last very long. Caitlin then explains that due to Stein not merging for such a long time he will become more unstable. She then suggests to find another match and says she found two potential candidates who were affected just like Martin Stein. She finds Jefferson "Jax" Jackson and Dr. Henry Hewitt who were both affected by the Particle Accelerator and have the same blood type as Ronnie and Professor Stein. Barry then races off, getting blood samples from Hewitt and Jackson. Cisco notices it was fast, even for Barry. With the latter explaining: 'I may have skipped the asking for permission part.

At the West home, Iris is looking at old pictures of her and her mother, Francine, while Joe prepares for work. Joe mentions that after Iris had ice cream for the first time, for the next month Iris would say 'mint chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip'. Joe tells Iris that she doesn't have to see Francine again after so many years, but Iris says she wants to see here again and she will be fine. Joe leaves for work, while Iris goes back to looking at the pictures.

At the police department, Patty reports to Barry that she found shark teeth and an eyewitness said he saw a shark walking on land. A 'man-shark'. Barry agrees to run tests on it and Joe comes and asks Patty about her 'man-shark case'. Joe believes Barry was flirting with Patty and they start a discussion about Iris' situation but is interrupted when Barry is told to go to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Professor Stein admits he did not expect to have a 'third leg' (the power cane) but if it keeps him mobile he will gratefully oblige. Caitlin says hopefully he won't need it for any longer as the cross matching was negative for both candidates and that the dark matter had mutated both Hewitt and Jackson's genes similarly to Stein's. Barry questions who they should go for and Caitlin says her first choice is Henry Hewitt as he graduated Summa Cum Laude from Hudson University with a double major in applied physics and biological engineering and Stein says he likes him already. Barry thinks they should go to Jefferson Jackson as he was a high school quarterback and has the physical attributes and more of his alleles match with Stein's and that he should be more compatible. Caitlin says "on paper yes, Jackson is more compatible, but Hewitt is a scientist and is making something of his life and that he wouldn't reject this opportunity." Barry says they should meet with both of them before they make a decision. Stein says it is an excellent idea and that him and Barry will meet Jefferson, while Caitlin tries to bring Hewitt in. Cisco says he will try to find something to keep Stein stable. As Cisco walks away, Earth-2 Harrison Wells walks and watches Cisco go.

Barry and Stein arrive at the mechanic store where Jefferson works with Stein questioning if it is the right place. Stein notices that Jefferson is prone to allergies and says it is a negative along with his taste of music. Jefferson then shows up saying he has the Titanic Soundtrack at the back. They greet with Jefferson saying that people call him 'Jax', with Martin saying that it's catchy. They then explain that they are compiling data for those who were affected by the Particle Accelerator, but Jax is having none of it, saying he lost enough from the explosion. He then goes on to explain that he had a busted leg and torn ACL. The look on his mother's face had said it all, and he knew any dreams of playing football were over. He then says he needs to get back to work and Barry leaves the S.T.A.R. Labs number if he wants to get in touch with them. Stein and Barry then walk off, as Jax reads the number.

At Jitters, Francine and Joe are waiting for Iris and she arrives. Joe introduces her to Francine and they greet. Francine says she can't get over what a beautiful woman she has become and a journalist. Iris then asks why she is here and why now after two decades. Francine says she wants to make it right with Iris. Iris says she should start by apologizing for walking out on Joe and her. Francine says she is very sorry and there is so much she doesn't know. Iris is sure she has been through such a great deal and appreciates Francine thinking that it is the right time to come and want her in her life, but doesn't mean it is for her. Joe is looking concerned but Iris says it is okay and she didn't want it to look like he was the bad guy. Iris says she doesn't hate Francine, and that she does wish her well, but they had lived separate lives for 20 years, and that they should keep it that way.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Henry Hewitt is looking at the Flash suit and that he thought his destiny was for greater things and people and Caitlin says when it is all done, flying will be the least impressive thing of his new abilities. Barry walks in with Stein wondering what is going on. Caitlin introduces him to Henry Hewitt, who shakes hands with Martin Stein but ignores Barry. Hewitt says he is has read all about Stein's books especially on Transmutation and says it is fascinating and that Stein is a legend. Caitlin says 'Isn't he great?' and Cisco says he has an ego the size of Texas but he is alright. Caitlin asks where Jax is and Barry says they need more time but Cisco says they don't because he couldn't find another power source for Stein and the power cain will go out. Caitlin says Hewitt and Stein should merge now as Hewitt is willing. Barry asks if they told him the details of the Firestorm Matrix. Caitlin says absolutely as becoming Firestorm is a huge life changer and that he needs to know what he is getting into. They recite something and Cisco says it's two Professor Stein's. Barry reluctantly agrees. Cisco explains to Hewitt that when he puts the splicer on his chest he will feel a little rush. Hewitt will then be able to make physical contact with Stein and then they will be able to merge. They then attempt to merge but it fails with a little spark being made. They try again but it doesn't work. Hewitt is frustrated and leaves. As he leaves his hand is covered in a red aura.

At Mercury Labs, Dr. Tina McGee is leading a few people when someone has broken in. He escapes but Tina identifies him as Harrison Wells. Joe and Patty are then called over where Tina reveals she had seen the intruder but was Harrison Wells walking. Joe and Patty say they will investigate and Joe tells Patty not to tell Barry, but Patty says she is a bad liar, but Joe tells her to do it anyway.

At the Police station Francine waits for Joe and explains that she is dying and that she has something called MacGregor's Syndrome. She said it is supposedly common in ex-addicts such as herself and that she may not live to next year. Joe asks if that's why she came back and she responds that she just wants her daughter to know her and leaves.

Jax looks around and thought S.T.A.R. Labs had to shut down and Barry explains it is under new management. Jax sees the treadmill and wonders what kind of treadmill it is. Cisco says it's 'cosmic'. Eager, Jax wants to get started, wondering if there is some sort of technology that will fix his knee. Barry says it isn't about fixing his knee. Jax is confused until Stein explains that the dark matter had collided with him. Caitlin then adds it didn't only hurt his knee and Stein adds that it changed his molecular structure. Jax asks if he is one of those metahumans he hears on the radio with Stein responding yes. He then asks Jax to call him 'Professor'. Barry says they believe he has potential capabilities. Jax asks what capabilities he has and Caitlin says "the same as Stein". Cisco says he can then turn excess energy into nuclear blasts and that he can fly. Jax asks if he can do all this and Stein responds that only at time of conversations with a willing partner. Jax says this is crazy and starts to walk out. Barry says it is his chance to right the wrongs that has happened to him, but Jax says they have the wrong guy and that he doesn't want anything to do with this. Caitlin says that this is his chance to become a superhero and that he is going to say no that quickly. Jax responds saying yes as it is not his kind of thing. Stein begins saying that if the man doesn't want to merge but Caitlin cuts him off asking why he didn't go college despite having the grades needed to go there. She then asks if he is the type of guy who has one setback and then he folds and finishes saying that maybe he isn't the right guy for them anyways and Jax responds saying maybe he is not and leaves. Caitlin furiously asks why Jax doesn't want to be a superhero but Barry explains he has to sacrifice everything to be a superhero and that decision cannot be made instantly. Caitlin says that she is going to try and bring Hewitt in again to try again.

At Barry's lab Barry shows Patty that the DNA from the teeth is not from a man shark. Patty is about to leave before Barry asks what she is going to do now. She says she is going to work on another case. Barry asks if he can help but Patty says Detective West said no. Barry asks if everything is okay and Patty says sure and asks why. Barry says she is acting differently. Patty says she isn't and that she is the same 'Peace' Spivot and leaves. Joe walks in and they both have a conversation about all the girls Barry has liked as it has gone from Iris to Patty. Joe says that his feelings for Iris will never be the same but it shouldn't stop him from exploring others.

At Henry Hewitt's workplace, he is watching Flash day from his laptop. His boss comes in and tells him that his tardiness will not be accepted and that if it continues he's done. Hewitt then starts getting angry and starts to be covered in the red aura just like his hand at S.T.A.R. Labs.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Team Flash are watching the news and Caitlin realizes his abilities must of activated when they attempted the merge. Stein says that he needs something to keep him stable or he will pop his top. Cisco then reveals he has a long history of violence and Caitlin says she didn't find anything about that. Cisco reveals he hacked the police database and found all of this. Stein starts feeling dodgy and Cisco takes him to lie down.

At the West household, Joe explains to Iris that her mother is dying and that she has only a few months left. Joe says that they need to crystal clear that if she wants to start a relationship with Francine that's fine with him.

Caitlin visits Jax's workplace and apologizes for what she said at S.T.A.R. Labs. She then explains her husband Ronnie Raymond was Professor Stein's other half. Jax recognizes him as the one who flew into the singularity. Caitlin says that this is his opportunity to show what he is made of. Jax says all he wanted to do was go to college, but couldn't afford it and that football was his way in until that got taken from him. Caitlin says that the Particle Accelerator may have taken something from him but it gave him something in return. She says she believes he was meant to be a hero. Hewitt then appears, saying he has been looking for Caitlin and Jax is about to ask if he needs anything until he is blasted away by Hewitt. He starts absorbing energy and says that Caitlin did this to him and that it isn't what she promised and he is about to kill her until Jax throws something at him knocking him unconscious. They escape and Hewitt is back on his feet absorbing energy again. Jax and Caitlin make it to S.T.A.R. Labs, where they see Barry and Cisco standing worryingly over Professor Stein. The power cane had run out 30 minutes ago and Stein's temperature is 142 degrees and rising and Caitlin says they need to find a cooler but Cisco says it's too late. Jax says he will merge with Stein as Caitlin said it is his chance to part of something bigger in life. Cisco gives him the splicer while Barry and Caitlin help him up. Stein is happy that Jax came back. Jax says as his coach says He puts something into the team. Cisco explains what they need to do and they successfully merge. There is an alert and it is revealed that Hewitt is absorbing energy from Central City High School Football Stadium. Barry gears up and with the new Firestorm go to the stadium. Cisco cuts the power so that Hewitt can't absorb energy. Hewitt sees that Stein merged with Jax and is angry and blasts them away. Stein tells Jax to relax and use his natural athleticism to his advantage. Caitlin then tells Barry to make Hewitt angrier so that he blows his fuse. Barry teases him and eventually, Firestorm knocks him out. Hewitt is then locked into the pipeline.

The Team meets up and Stein tells Cisco to tell everyone about his new abilities. Jax and Stein merge and go to Pittsburgh to learn more about their abilities. The team splits and Barry races around monologuing until he is grabbed by a Man-Shark. Patty notices and tells it to put the Flash down. The Man-Shark is then knocked out by a type of gun. Barry chases the figure and it is revealed to be Harrison Wells.


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