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"The Gauntlet" is the thirteenth episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-nineteenth episode overall. It aired on September 28, 2021.



Supergirl and Brainy battle to sort out anything about the symbols and are hindered by Lena getting back to the Tower. They let her know regarding what they're looking with Nyxly. Supergirl and Lena head to the Fortress of Solitude to get data about the emblems however a Kryptonian witch - Veda - is the data that they pull up. Vita cautions them to keep away from the symbols however gives them the guidelines. There's a request to them, they've been disguised as antiquities, they must be enacted before they can be utilized, and to completely control them, they need to go through a trial of character and furthermore that the emblems impacted the civic establishments that grew up around them.

At the National City historical center, a scientist is informed that her subsidizing has been cut off. Her accomplice took her arrangements and along these lines, demolished her work. Her associate urges her to get the plans back. Mitch strolls through packaging the new show and afterward reports back to Nyxly regarding how she will get the emblem. At home, Kelly and Alex talk concerning how Kelly has been handling things and it is by all accounts working out in a good way. Alex gets a text that Kara has a lead on the emblems. Kelly needs to will work with Orlando as she guaranteed him Guardian would assist with the lodging circumstance. At CatCo, Andrea hollers at William about his work as it gives off an impression of being slipping particularly in following the Super Friends, yet it appears William is battling with PTSD.

At the Tower, the Super Friends attempt to limit what the Totem of Courage is nevertheless it's a great deal. Be that as it may, they luck out with a match to a slingshot at the historical center. Smart texts Nia about it, and she gives William a tip regarding where he may track down the Super Friends. At the gallery, Nyxly goes to take the emblem however the Super Friends appear. She enacts the emblem utilizing the word however Supergirl hits her with laser vision, breaking the symbol down the middle.

At the Tower, they attempt to figure out what's happening and Vita has Brainy. The messed up emblem is regurgitating energy and presently any individual who was nearby is getting an increase in fortitude. The best way to stop it is to oversee half of the symbol they have. It will then, at that point, draw in the other half, however Supergirl needs to pass her gauntlet before Nyxly passes hers - and if Supergirl comes up short, it very well may be tragic. Lena separates Vita from Brainy. Supergirl goes to go through the test of endurance.

Supergirl initiates the gauntlet and needs to confront the second she needed genuine fortitude. It returns her to the night she became Supergirl, the night the plane Alex was on almost smashed in National City. In any case, as she takes off, she hears somebody call for help. At the time she didn't go in light of the fact that she was apprehensive she would be seen. She goes this time and reacts, however that wasn't the right reply. She fizzles and each and every individual who was close by gets an unexpected flood of fortitude. Nyxly likewise actuates her gauntlet and faces her own past. Her sibling is commended for attempting to begin an upset yet Nyxly is captured. This time, in the gauntlet, Nyxly acts and kills her dad however it is likewise a disappointment, causing another flood. Disarray begins to break out at the historical center and the Super Friends are currently pompous also. Which turns out poorly. Supergirl at last gets J'onn to quiet everybody down.

At the Tower, Supergirl attempts to get them to see how terrible the present circumstance is. Nia is likewise affected, she's in a profound dream state and can't be stirred. Somewhere else, Nyxly fail to see why she fizzled. Mitch recommends that she killed some unacceptable individual, causing her to understand that killing her sibling may have been the genuine test. At the Tower, Lena chats with Kara, and Kara attempts the gauntlet once more, however bombs again causing one more flood of fortitude. It prompts the analyst to attempt her lightning gadget foolishly, messing genuinely up.

Lena investigates Vita who proposes that Lena needs to acknowledge her forces and tackle them as that may be sufficiently amazing to stop Nyxly. A tempest begins to compromise the city and they understand it's an aftereffect of the fortitude spike. Somewhere else, Nyxly attempts her gauntlet again and faces her sibling. She doesn't kill him, however she defies him, separating and letting him know how his disloyalty obliterated her. It's what lets her pass the gauntlet.

The Super Friends lock down the piece of the emblem that they have and center around the tempest, yet with everybody affected by the symbol - save for Lena - managing things is a tremendous test. Supergirl closes down the analyst's machine however the tempest seethes on. Supergirl advises Lena to deliver the symbol to stop the tempest as she needs her group utilitarian. Nyxly gets the emblem. Everybody gets back to business as usual and they can manage the tempest. Sentinel's Hand of the Soldier can do what is expected to turn around things, Guardian appears at back Sentinel up and the Super Friends will work. They stop the tempest. In any case, Supergirl abruptly drops as the emblem structures. Supergirl says she could feel Nyxly's feelings and not really settled than any time in recent memory to get different emblems. She and Nyxly might have a mystic bond now. At CatCo, William trusts in Nia about his PTSD and how he's functioning through it. He likewise plans to inquire as to whether he can be implanted in the Super Friends. At home, Kelly lets Alex know that they are accomplices as saints too. Lena trusts in Kara about her mom being a witch and her own conceivable enchantment. Kara decides to remain associated with Nyxly as it very well may be a benefit. Kara then, at that point, understands that Nyxly is furious in the interim Nyxly fail to really see why Kara isn't languishing. Mitch says possibly this is on the grounds that Kara fizzled and torment is a cost of force.



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  • When Lena says "have portal will travel", she references the Have Gun – Will Travel TV series.
  • Several subtle references to The Wizard of Oz are shown in this episode. Dr. Lahr's surname is a nod to actor Bert Lahr, who portrayed the Cowardly Lion in the film adaptation of the book; his character notably sought courage from the Wizard. Brainy, for much of the episode, isn't wearing his image inducer, showing his true green complexion.. When he is possessed by Vita's essence, his screechy, cackling performance recalls the Wicked Witch of the West, portrayed by Margaret Hamilton in emerald-colored face makeup.


  • While the Totem of Courage—which is disguised as the slingshot that was allegedly used by David to kill Goliath—is shown to be a forked stick, which, if in use, would've had the ends of a cord fixed to each side of the fork, it's generally believed that a slingshot used in that time period would've been what's often referred to nowadays simply as a 'sling' (a pouch fastened between two cords; wielded by whirling it in the air, launching a projectile inside it by releasing hold on one cord), rather than the traditional, more modern slingshot that is shown.
  • Vita's hologram has white hair like her Earth-TUD17 doppelgänger; it should be black, Vita's original hair color, not the real one's white.
  • When Nyxly mentions her "Mxy-powered Crystal Ball", she mispronouces it "Myxly".