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"At least we got a road trip, at least it was with you guys. You know, maybe that's what "family" is: the people you don't mind being annoyed by."
Sara Lance

"The Getaway" is the tenth episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the sixty-first episode overall. It aired on April 8, 2019.




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The scene starts with footage of President Richard Nixon not having the ability to lie, causing numerous issues all through history. Ray asks Sara if they should still continue doing missions after the events of the previous episode, to which Sara tells him that her breakup with Ava does not mean they cannot resume business as usual. Ray tells her he was referring to the Time Bureau now likely hunting them as Charlie also mentions that they need to find a permanent solution for Mona, who is hiding from the Time Bureau on the Wave Rider. Sara tells them they should continue doing what they do best as they proceed to capture the magical creature responsible for the Nixon footage.

At the Time Bureau, Nate and Zari are Time Bureau agents and see Hank Heywood has assumed Ava's responsibilities as director while she takes a leave of absence to "get her priorities straight". For their first mission, Hank wants them to help in arresting the Legends, something that Nate and Zari pretend to agree to while also pretending to be in a relationship. With Ava absent, the pair decide to ask Gary for help as they don't know who to trust. They ask Gary to help go through the data cloned from Hank's phone.

Back at the Wave Rider, Mona is in the bathroom reliving the events of Konane's death from the previous episode and her transformation into a Kope. Mick checks on her and she tells him she was just confused by the bathroom's futuristic functions. Knowing what Mona is going through, Mick tells her to "give it time, it gets easier." Sara arrives and tells Mona that she needs to stay on the ship since she is now a fugitive, also revealing that everyone believes that it was Konane who killed the Time Bureau agent. Sara tells Mick that he and Constantine need to stay on the ship while the others deal with Nixon.

Posing as doctors, Ray and Sara meet Nixon who insists that he is feeling fine as his escort points out that Nixon is completely unable to lie, something that needs to be fixed before addressing the American Press Corps the next day. They give Nixon a sedative and ask Charlie to shapeshift into him while they bring Nixon to the Wave Rider to discover what is happening to him. Zari and Nate arrive at the Wave Rider to warn the Legends of a Time Bureau raid. The Legends regroup and manage to escape the agents chasing them and escape in a RV called "The Getaway". Hank attempts to use the Wave Rider to locate the Legends but its engines shutdown instead. Zari suggests that the Legends must have damaged the engine as she covertly closes a panel revealing the circuits that she sabotaged. Hank orders a dragnet to be placed along possible escape routes and rest areas and for all police scanners to be monitored, confident that the Legends will be caught is they so much as slip up a little, something that will happen in due time which Nate acknowledges as true.

Meanwhile the Legends attempt to form a plan in the RV. Sara announces that they are not going to allow anything to stop them from completing their mission. She tells John to attempt to discover what is happening to Nixon, Mick to check if anyone is following and for Mona to find a change of clothes for them. As she gives them orders, she and Ray realize that Charlie has been left behind in Nixon's room, who attempts to keep up her impersonation of Nixon. Meanwhile, Nixon's sedative wears off and Constantine performs a spell which causes Nixon to spit out a roach. The roach as Constantine explains, is an agent of Ma' at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth. The roach feeds off of lies until nothing remains, which Sara notes must mean that Nixon was a feast. Sara gives the roach in a jar to Mona to take care of, which disturbs her to due to her secret.

Meanwhile Gary attempts to piece together the information from Hank's phone but acknowledges that he is out of his league. Gary goes to see Nora Darkh next, believing she is able to help him uncover the conspiracy, something which he points out would involve her since she could be a target of Hank's as well. Back at the RV, Mona attempts to pierce air holes in the jar for the roach but accidentally drops it, causing it to accidentally roll under the brakes pedal. The RV begins to swerve uncontrollably and they are pulled over by a police officer. The roach accidentally escapes through the hole that Mona caused and enters Ray, who tells the officer the truth of them being Time Travelers who have kidnapped Nixon. Thinking Ray must be under the influence of drugs, the officer reports them on his radio which alerts their position to the Time Bureau. The Legends then flee the scene before Hank and Nate arrive. Hank commandeers the officer's police vehicle to pursue the Legends, but Constantine creates an illusion of their RV to follow instead.

Zari manages to hijack the radio frequency to covertly tell the Legends to keep a low profile. In order to keep the roach under control, Sara tells everyone to keep honest. Meanwhile, Nora and Gary manage to find a way to access Hank's email but require a password. Gary suggests using a security question instead, so Zari tells Nate to get the answer to the security questions from Hank while keeping him off the radio. As Nate asks about Hank's childhood instead, he also bonds with Hank instead while attempting to stop him from turning on the radio. Nate suggests that the two of them stop their pursuit of the Legends momentarily and instead get some ice-cream as Hank did with his mother as a child which Hank agrees to. Zari gives the answer to Gary and Nora who discover that Hank has been seemingly using Time Travel for personal gain but are forced to hide as Neron/Desmond enters the office which causes Nora to react strangely. Nora tells Gary to bring the information to Zari and warns him to stop digging. Neron/Desmond calls Hank and tells him that someone has managed to access his email, causing Hank to realize that Nate has been helping the Legends.

Meanwhile in the RV, the Legends draw the roach into themselves after telling each other white lies and inadvertently tell each other their secrets. As the roach enters Sara, she tells Mona the truth about how she blames Mona for her recent losses of the Wave Rider and Ava. Hurt, Mona rides away on a bicycle that was attached to the RV. Sara tells the others to get Nixon to the press conference as she goes to look for Mona, with Constantine following.

Meanwhile, Hank tricks Nate into telling the Legends to take a specific route and tells all agents to cut them off. After arresting the Legends, Nixon's lies cause the roach to re enter him, before entering Nate when he lies about wanting the Legends to be arrested. Under the influence of the roach, Nate confesses to working against Hank, but also tells him he loves him, but he is upset that the two of them are not on the same side, wishing that Hank would tell him everything. Hank tells him that everything he has done, has been for Nate and that while he cannot tell Nate everything, he wants to make things right. Nate tells Hank to let the Legends go, which Hank agrees to, insisting that the two of them work together from now on.

Overhearing the Time Bureau agents at the bar she was hiding in refer to Konane as "that Wolf bastard", causing her to transform into a Kope as Sara and Constantine arrive. Constantine is unable to restrain Mona, and Sara attempts to talk to her. Sara apologizes for blaming Mona, and she transforms back to normal. Sara promises to be there for Mona in future should she need her. The trio rejoin the Legends as Hank tells them they are free to go, as long as the Wave Rider is fixed. Zari arrives with the Wave Rider and Nate, still under the influence of the roach, admits that Zari was helping the Legends the entire time as well and that he wouldn't mind if she really became his girlfriend. The Legends erase Nixon's memories of past events so that he will not change his behavior. Sara comments that family might just be "people you don't mind being annoyed by", telling Mona that she is now one of them. As she reflects how Mona wouldn't be the first magical creature to be a Legend, she and Ray realize they have forgotten about Charlie again.

Zari meets with Nate and shows that Nora and Gary have uncovered that Hank has been embezzling funds to create a black site where he is performing tests on magical creatures, something that Zari says reminds her of how A.R.G.U.S. in her time was doing the same to create super soldiers. Nate tells her that while Hank told him he is doing this for him, Nate wants nothing to do with it or him as he travels to the Time Bureau. Hank meets with Neron/Desmond to end their partnership, so that nothing will come between him and Nate. Neron/Desmond proceeds to kill Hank which Nora senses and attempts to stop by breaking out of her cell, but arrives too late. Nate walks in on Nora over Hank's corpse and agents arrive to arrest her for Hank's murder. Unable to explain the situation to Nate, Nora apologizes to Nate and escapes.


  • The title of the episode refers to the RV the Legends travel in.
  • This is the first episode of the series not to feature Jes Macallan (Ava Sharpe) after being promoted to a series regular.
  • The episode features multiple references to Alan J. Pakula's film All the President's Men; without Nixon's exposure, the film was never released, which resulted in Robert Redford's career floundering.
    • As Mick points out, the domino effect of Redford not having a successful career is "no Sundance, no indie film, no artful nudity".
  • Hank serving as the interim Time Bureau director may be a parallel to the Sirens of Space-Time timeline from "Legends of To-Meow-Meow".
  • With Mona officially joining the Legends this episode, this marks the first time the team has had a female majority (3 male, 4 female) unless one counts Gideon as a member or includes Ava's visits in the first half of the season.
  • Constantine's spell for removing Ma'at's truth roach, "Vi veri universum vivus vici", is Latin for "By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe". This phrase was also seen in the DC Comics film, V for Vendetta.
  • Hank mistakenly addresses Gideon as "Siri" and "Alexa" (the virtual assistants developed by Apple and Amazon respectively) when trying to operate the Waverider.
  • Constantine saying "Let's put Dick in a box" as he puts Richard Nixon in the closet may be a reference to SNLs debut single by the same name.
  • Under the influence of the truth roach, Ray expresses his belief that Han didn't shoot first in the 1977 film Star Wars: A New Hope.
  • The author name for Body of Proof which is Rebecca Silver was also the name of the heroine of the cartoon Bat Pat, which aired years before this episode.
  • It's possible that female Kaupe naturally have long hair, as Mona's hair grew out during her transformation.
  • Constantine continues to hold to his determination not to wear disguises and to maintain his own uniform/costume, and thus is the only member of the team in the RV not to wear the reunion T-shirt.


  • The police car that pulls over the RV in 1973 was a 1978 Plymouth Fury.
  • After the RV fades away, both Hank and Nate are wearing 'smoky' hats and patrol jackets. The officer they took the car from was alone, and thus would not have had two hats and jackets in the car.


Preparation ran from October 10 until October 18, 2018. Shooting ran from October 19 until October 31, 2018.[1]