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"Crime in the Glades is rising. The cancer is spreading."
"We just need to... take some more time."
"Did Rebecca get more time? Did the man who raped Frank's daughter give her any quarter? Everyone in this room has lost something or someone to the Glades. And we have committed ourselves to fixing it. But what have we truly accomplished? Nothing. Maybe it's because the Glades can't be fixed.
Malcolm Merlyn and Robert Queen[src]

The Glades is a dangerous, crime-ridden area of Starling City that appears to predominantly be inhabited by the city's lower-class citizens.


In May 15, 2013, the East sector of the Glades was destroyed by the second Markov Device in an event known as the Undertaking. While a second Markov Device was disabled by Quentin Lance and Felicity Smoak before it could be activated, a total of 503 people were killed in the disaster and a majority of the neighborhood was left in ruins.[1][2]

When the Arrow disappeared from Star City following his defeat at the hands of Ra's al Ghul, the mobster Danny Brickwell attempted a takeover of the Glades.[3] He kidnapped three aldermen, and blackmailed Mayor Celia Castle into withdrawing all police and city units from the area.[4] However, Team Arrow eventually overthrew Brick and his forces' control of the Glades with help from its residents. Brick was almost killed by Malcolm Merlyn, but a newly-returned Arrow convinced him to let Brick go to prison.[5]

What the Undertaking did not destroy, the sabotage of Tevat Noah did; The earthquake caused due to a destruction of the underground H.I.V.E. facility created a sinkhole under what was left of the Glades.[6]

Erased future

Sometime before 2040, the Glades was rebuilt as a city, but due to previous events with the rest of Star City, the people in the Glades built a wall, such that no one from the aforementioned city was allowed to enter. However, Felicity managed to create a holographic map of the Glades, including underground passages that connected the rest of the city to the area.

Rene Ramirez became the Mayor at some point before 2040.

In 2040, the holographic map was discovered by William Clayton and Roy Harper in a hidden compartment in Smoak Technologies.

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  • Tempest's logo is an outline of the subway lines that run beneath the Glades.
  • The area code of the Glades is 503. Ironically, this is the same number of people killed in the Undertaking, which had been a plan to lay waste to that same section of Star City (then known as Starling City).