The Golden Booty is a strip club located in Central City.


Ralph Dibny was a frequent patron of The Golden Booty, eventually being designated as the "#1 Customer".

In late 2017, Ralph brought Harry Wells, Joe West, Cisco Ramon, and Barry Allen to The Golden Booty for the latter's bachelor party. After Ralph started a brawl with a man who broke his "#1 Customer" portrait, many of the patrons were arrested, though Harry soon bailed Joe, Cisco, Barry, and Ralph out.

Joanie got a job as a stripper at the club under the name "Jasmine" for research on a book she was writing on the female experience regarding condemnation of the male gaze. After a talk with Joe, she decided to quit.[1]

Known employees

Current employees

  • Unnamed bouncer
  • "Jade" (dancer)
  • "Charity" (dancer)

Former employees

  • Joanie (dancer under the alias "Jasmine"; quit)


The Flash

Season 4

Season 5


  • All-you-can-eat steak and chicken is available for $4.99.[1]
  • One of the club's policies is that patrons are not allowed to get physical with or film/take pictures of the dancers.[1]
  • According to "Charity", dancers at The Golden Booty apparently make more in a month than the average teacher.[1]


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