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For the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode, see "The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly".
"My name is Becky Sharpe, and I'm the luckiest woman alive. You've heard of meta-humans, right? Well, I'm one of them, which means me and Lady Luck are BFFs. And yes, my powers did used to hurt people, but not anymore. Not since I survived a little... Crisis."
Becky Sharpe

"The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky" is the sixth episode of the ninth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-seventy-seventh episode overall. It aired on March 15, 2023.



Barry and Iris are going on a vacation, so they’ll be out of the picture for the episode, so the story shifts focus to Cecile as she takes on a case to help a metahuman in trouble. We’ve met this one before–Becky “Hazard” Sharpe. Becky’s power is that she makes her own luck. This was previously at the expense of others’ luck, but now she’s just a lucky gal. It’s thanks to the Crisis, she explains. Only now, her luck has flipped and things are going very badly for her as she’s framed for murder. It’s all explained by a crystal that inverts dark matter and can short-circuit powers. The episode centers on Cecile’s worries about her divided life. With Joe and their daughter already living out in the country (boy, that was fast), Cecile is sleeping at her office and feeling like she’s failing as a mother, lawyer, and superhero, and it takes solving Becky’s case for Cecile to get her confidence back and realize that she has to make her own luck.



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  • This is the lowest rated episode of The Flash on IMDb.
  • Becky's new bad luck affects not only herself, but also anyone who is friendly and genuinely means her well. Seeing as Tony was exploiting/framing her, while Cecile and Allegra got jinxed trying to help.
  • Becky remembers her pre-Crisis life, thank to her luck, and is very happy she doesn't generate bad luck for others to compensate for her good fortune.
  • The episode title is a play on the 1966 film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
  • This episode features the return of Becky Sharpe since her death in "True Colors".
  • This episode proves all the Bus Metas are indeed alive; previously, Null was pictured in Cisco's Who's Who? Binder and Barry and Iris confirmed Fiddler 1.0 alive when Andrea Wozzeck took the mantle.
  • Chester's research confirms that Frost is a dark matter meta post-Crisis.
  • Khione is neither meta-human nor human due to lacking both dark matter and 54 out of 55 genetic markers.
  • The Frank Sinatra song "Luck Be A Lady" plays shortly after Cecile removes Becky's engagement ring from her finger. The song was previously played in Becky's debut episode of the same name.
  • This episode has several references to Season 4:
    • Becky Sharpe's return, being a bus meta and a recurring character in Season 4.
    • Jenna celebrates her fifth birthday in this episode. She was born on May 22, 2018, the day of the Enlightenment and airdate of the Season 4 finale "We Are The Flash", which means this episode takes place around May 22, 2023.
    • Team Flash throws a baby shower for Barry and Iris in the end of the episode, which they previously did for Joe and Cecile at the end of "Therefore She Is".
    • Mark and Chester's discovery by the end that Khione is neither a meta-human nor a human is very similar to what happened near the end of "Fury Rogue", when Caitlin and Iris noticed that Frost is still a part of Caitlin's DNA after they lost their mental connection due to a confrontation with DeVoe in the previous episode, "Lose Yourself".
    • Barry and Iris taking a trip to celebrate her pregnancy is similar to how they went on their honeymoon after their wedding in Crisis on Earth-X, which was interrupted in the deleted scene of "Don't Run" by Ralph Dibny accidentally triggering a S.T.A.R. Labs emergency alert.
    • Becky finding her fiancé bleeding on the floor of their apartment and being immediately arrested for his attempted murder mirrors the end of the mid-season finale "Don't Run" when Barry found DeVoe's body on the floor of his and Iris's apartment and got arrested by David Singh. Both were framed for their respective crimes, with Becky being framed by her fiancé's brother.
    • Cecile volunteering to be Becky's lawyer in the court of law in order to clear her name from attempted murder charges is similar to when she became Barry's lawyer to help clear his name for DeVoe's "murder" in the Season 4 mid-season premiere "The Trial of The Flash".
      • Season 8 of Arrow previously had references to the previous seasons in the first 7 episodes of that season.
  • When Khione works with Chester and Mark to test her abilities and tries to see if she has cryokinetic powers, she says, "Ice blast, activate!... Go ice, go!", which may be a reference to the 2002 Spider-Man film when Peter Parker is trying to figure out what makes his web-projection powers manifest.
    • Among other things Peter says in that scene are, "Up, up, and away, web!... Shazam!", discreetly referencing the DC heroes Superman and Captain Marvel, respectively.
  • Tony tells Becky that Dominic wasn't just a gambler; "He was The Gambler". This is a possible nod to her grandfather, Steve Sharpe, a.k.a. The Gambler, in the comics.


  • While in police custody, Becky is wearing ordinary handcuffs when she should have been wearing power-dampening cuffs, as the CCPD is aware that she's a meta-human.
  • Becky getting blamed for her fiancé's attempted murder should have been thrown out as a possibility by the police very quickly, bad luck aside. Becky's neighbor would have likely heard her complain about trying to get her door open, plus her scream shortly afterwards when discovering her fiancé bleeding on the floor. Also, the cops came to arrest her less than 20 seconds after her scream.
    • It's entirely possible that Tony had dirty cops in his pockets working for him since his plan to murder Dom and frame Becky for it was premeditated.