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"The Great British Fake Off" is the ninth episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventy-seventh episode overall. It aired on April 28, 2020.




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The scene opens in Ancient Egypt, where Charlie reviews a quarrel among herself and an Enchantress who favors of Clotho/Charlie's robbery of the Loom of Fate. The Enchantress discloses to her that she will currently need to discover what an importance is without the Loom, and acknowledges obligation regarding one piece.

On the Waverider, they understand that the Enchantress would have made her segment of the Loom difficult to track down. Zari shouts at Constantine to discover it to spare Behrad.

In the cafeteria, Zari 2.0 discloses to Nate that she had seen Zari 1.0 inside the Totem, and that she can inform she truly minds concerning him. Before they can truly interface, John shows up to propose an arrangement to discover the Enchantress.

At Constantine's home in the UK, Sara's hand starts to automatically shake. She begins seeing things, yet is gotten by Charlie and comes out of it. She guarantees Charlie she's fine despite the fact that she isn't.

In another room, John accumulates a few of the Legends in a round room where he needs to utilize them as mysterious batteries to help track down the Enchantress. During the custom, Sara breakdown, and when Ava goes to her guide, it breaks the circle. At the point when a picture of the ring shows up in midair, both Constantine and Zari go after it and at that point fall through the floor together. They wind up still in the house, yet before in 1910 England, when it was a motel as opposed to John's own place. The ring is blurring all through presence on a table. As they book a room, a man named Dr. White shows up behind them. At the point when John utilizes enchantment to follow the ring to the specialist's room, Zari baits him down to the living room on the affectation that she has a cold, yet when he crawls her out, she claims to have mysteriously improved and flees. He follows her discreetly, waving a sharp edge, and compromises her with it when he discovers her in his room minutes after the fact.

John spares her by choking the man, whom it turns out is an Encore form of Jack the Ripper. While Sara lies in a trance like state, it seems like various Encores are merging on John and Charlie - in spite of the fact that they need to go to Astra to cut them off at the source, since they can't discover John and Zari themselves.

After a quarrel, John and Zari are going to isolate, but they see there are a bunch of Encores entering the structure.

On the Waverider, Ava takes Mick and Gary to accompany her to Hell so she can drive Astra to support them. The three show up in Hell and approach an evil presence for bearings to discover Astra; he reveals to them she's at her club.

At the Manor, Constantine and Zari choose to share supper time with the Encores at the motel. John gets the plan to camouflage himself as Dr. White (Jack the Ripper). At the table, the Encores are all there for the ring that is a piece of the Loom. At the point when they understand that they are all in rivalry, they end up in a stalemate, every one of them pointing a Hell weapon at the next. At the point when things begin to look hazardous for Constantine, Zari shows up in the room, professing to be Cleopatra. She recommends that they all work together to discover the ring, saying that they can call Hell out as opposed to rivaling one another.

In Hell, Astra brings Ava and Gary into her office with the goal that she can demonstrate that she didn't send the Encores after John. She understands that Lachesis had taken her entire existence coins by imitating her and getting her collaborator to open her vault. Constantine's spirit coin has additionally been taken off her neck and supplanted with Vandal Savage's.

While John and Zari begin searching for the Loom and Bonnie (of Bonnie and Clyde notoriety) shoots Brutus in the back with a hellfire firearm, Ava attempts to associate with Astra in Hell just to be sold out by her and secured up her office with Gary and Mick. Mick discloses to Gary he needs to make sense of an approach to enchantment them back to the Waverider in an ideal opportunity for his little girl's soccer coordinate.

At the motel, John makes sense of that Enchantress had done magic on the ring that implies it must be found by somebody who isn't searching for it. John proposes that he and Zari get sufficiently alcoholic to overlook what they're doing and discover it.

In Hell, Astra stands up to Lachesis and Atropos. Lachesis reveals to her that the spirit coins were turning into an interruption, and that she took the coins to drive her to think greater. She uncovers what their identity is, and welcomes her to go along with them as the third Fate, supplanting Charlie. Astra is as yet stressed over her mom's destiny, yet the Fates reveal to her that she's reasoning excessively little and that as a destiny she can administer over something other than Hell. Astra says she will go along with them, yet that she needs Constantine's coin, as he is hers to play with.

At the Boarding House, Bonnie and Clyde consent to murder the remainder of the visitors so as to diminish rivalry so they don't lose the Loom. They are throwing the sheets in John's room when they hear the genuine Jack the Ripper in the storeroom and find that John is the kind of person he is. Ground floor, John is drinking while Zari uncovers to him that she is tormenting herself in light of the fact that Behrad kicked the bucket attempting to spare her. As they begin to draw near, however, Bonnie, Clyde, and Jack the Ripper desire him. He helps Zari escape out the back and gets himself up close and personal with the Hellions.

Back in Hell, Astra discharges the Legends and advises them to support John. At the point when she uncovers that she's working with the Fates, Ava persuades her to assume responsibility for her life and accompany them to spare her mom without anyone else.

Back at the Boarding House, Zari attempts her Cleopatra thing once more, but it bombs when Jack the Ripper uncovers to Bonnie and Clyde that she's with John. Zari utilizes the emblem to scatter the group, at that point utilizes the Hell weapons herself to execute the baddies. At last she and John share a sentimental second and, occupied by that, unexpectedly the ring is noticeable to John. He recovers it similarly as Ava and Nate show up, at that point they arrive to the Waverider, where John discovers that Astra is there to administer development of the Loom... but not before John thanks the lady who runs the lodging - who ends up having been the Enchantress in camouflage the entire time.


Preparation ran from October 24 until November 1, 2019. Shooting ran from November 4 until November 15, 2019, with a break on November 11 for Remembrance Day.[1]




  • The title is a play on the baking competition series The Great British Bake Off.
  • The events of "Here I Go Again" are referenced by Charlie when she asks Nate whether Amaya channeled any animals while they had sex.
  • Dr. White was considered to be one of many people as Jack the Ripper.


  • Charlie uses the loom by herself to try and bring Behrad back, but she states in "Freaks and Greeks" that three weavers as powerful as gods are needed to use it.
  • Henry VIII calls himself the ruler of the British Empire. The Great Britain wasn't formed until 1707, 160 years after his death, and the term British empire was only retroactively used. Henry would more likely refer to himself as the king of England.