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"The Great British Fake Off" is the ninth episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventy-seventh episode overall. It aired on April 28, 2020.




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Charlie tells the Legends the story of how in ancient Egypt, she entrusted the final piece of the Loom of Fate to her friend, The Enchantress. A spell is cast by the Enchantress to hide the ring as Charlie insists that the spell must never be told to anyone, not even Charlie herself. Nate points out that Charlie could have told them the final piece was impossible to find before Atropos boarded the Waverider and killed Behrad and they begin to argue, before Zari suggests that Constantine use his magic to find a spell to locate the ring. While Constantine maintains that it would take years to locate something that is hidden by someone as powerful as the Enchantress, Zari reminds him that Behrad cannot be resurrected without constructing the Loom of Fate and urges him to find a quick solution.

In the galley, Nate checks in on Zari, who claims that she feels no need to mourn since they will resurrect Behrad. She tells Nate of her totem quest and that she met her alternate timeline counterpart. Nate asks if the other Zari left a message for him, and while Zari tells him she did not, it is clear that the other Zari cares very much about Nate. Constantine interrupts to tell them he has found a potential way to find the final piece. In Constantine's house, Sara begins to feel disoriented as Charlie checks on her. Charlie points out that Sara was attacked with the full power of Atropos, and while she survived, there may be repercussion. Sara maintains that she is fine, and they head to Constantine's meeting where he plans to perform a summoning spell, amplified by borrowing the magical auras of the Legends. During the spell, Sara begins to feel disoriented again and collapses. As the other Legends attend to her, Constantine warns them to focus on the spell as the ring begins to appear. He and Zari attempt to grab the piece, but instead fall through a portal. Constantine tells her that when everyone lost focus on the spell, the spell failed and transported them to where the ring was in the past, instead of bringing the ring to them. The two of them are still in Constantine's house but in the past, where it is an inn. Constantine books a room with Zari pretending to be his fiancé, as the landlady is traditional, and a mysterious doctor checks in behind them. Constantine asks if Zari can wield the Air Totem like Behrad but she informs him that she cannot. Offended that he implies she is useless, she asks what he can do and he lists off his magical accomplishments, prompting Zari to tell him to use his skills to find the ring so they can leave instead of wasting time. Constantine performs a spell that suggests the ring is in the doctor's room, and he asks Zari to distract him while he searches the room. The doctor is suspicious that Zari has no engagement ring and no luggage. He begins to act strangely, complimenting Zari's skin and suggesting she follow him into his room. Disturbed, Zari leaves hurriedly but is unknowingly pursued by the doctor with a scalpel. Zari attempts to look for Constantine, but he is nowhere to be found as the doctor sinisterly asks if Zari would like to complete her magical examination.

The doctor advances towards Zari when Constantine strangles him from behind with his tie and kills him. Zari is shocked, until Constantine tells her that the doctor is Jack the Ripper. Jack still comes to and attacks Constantine before being knocked out, confirming he is an Encore. They proceed to tie him up. In the Waverider, Gideon informs Ava that Sara is experiencing unusual activity in the part of her brain that processes time. Ava tells Charlie that one encounter with Atropos led to Behrad's death and Sara in a coma, meaning the Legends are unlikely to survive their next encounter with her. Charlie tells her that if it were up to her, the Legends would never had to meet Atropos. Gideon informs them that Nate and Gary have an announcement as the Prognosticator is showing unusual Encore activity. Nate tells them that the Encores are travelling in time to a specific location. Ava asks if the Prognosticator can pinpoint where they are going, but it crashes as Gideon informs them that the Prognosticator is not equipped to trace time travelling Encores to Ava's frustration. Ava suggests that if they cannot trace the Encores, they should stop them by going after their master: Astra. She tells them she doesn't plan to give Astra a choice and brandishes the hell sword. In the past, Constantine has tied up Jack the Ripper. He assumes that Astra must have sent him to stop them. Zari suggests that he is not here for them, but he maintains that this would be too big of a coincidence. The two of them begin to argue about not being able to find the ring and decide to split up to find the ring. They then hear people in the lobby, and to their horror discover more Encores have arrived. On the Waverider, Ava asks Nate and Charlie to try to fix the Prognosticator, even though they maintain that they know nothing about technology. Nate asks if she trusts Gary to safely bring her to hell but Ava maintains that Gary is the only magic practitioner at the moment and that she plans to bring Mick with her, with Mick stating his daughter ironically told him to go to hell when he tried to bond with her. Gary explains that the spell will transport them to hell for 4 hours before bringing them back to the Waverider. Gary performs the spell and they are successfully transported to hell as Nate and Charlie decide to get a beer. In hell, Gary wonders how they could find Astra when Mick threatens a random demon who tells them where Astra is.

In the past, Constantine wonders why Astra would send so many Encores to kill him and Zari suggests that they are instead here for the final piece of the Loom of Fate. Constantine tells her that it is possible, but he never explicitly told Astra that he was after the Loom of Fate. The bell for supper rings and Constantine tells Zari to stay in the room while he go meets the Encores despite her protests, threatening to tie her up for her own safety if needed. In the lobby, the Encores compare their experiences in hell and introduce themselves to each other as Bonnie and Clyde, Henry the VII, Black Caesar and Brutus as the landlady invites them to the table for supper. In hell, Gary tells Astra that Constantine is waiting outside her club with what he promised. Astra threatens to have the demons beat Gary like a human piñata if he wastes her time and follows him, but is met by Ava who holds the hell sword to her throat. Ava confronts Astra on the Encores she sent after Constantine but she insists that she hasn't sent a single Encore to Earth since Constantine promised to bring her mother back. Mick suggests that Ava kill Astra anyway, but Gary suggests that she could be telling the truth. Astra invites them to follow her so she can prove that she is not lying. In the past, Constantine pretends to be Jack the Ripper and joins the Encores for supper. He confirms that they were all presented the same deal, to secure the final piece in exchange for free reign on Earth. Henry the VII notes that they are in direct competition and Clyde agrees, using his hell rifle to kill him. They have a standoff with one another, with Constantine pointing out they all have hell weapons to kill each other. Bonnie suggests that Constantine as Jack the Ripper is their biggest competition and they turn on him, before being interrupted by Zari who claims to be Cleopatra.

Constantine plays along and asks if "Cleopatra" remembers Brutus and she claims to. Brutus said he assumed Cleopatra would be vengeful after he killed Caesar, and Clyde agrees that she should kill Brutus. "Cleopatra" maintains that she prefers to focus on strategy, and suggests they all work together. Black Caesar points out that once one of them finds the ring the others will return to hell, but "Cleopatra" maintains that as long as they have the ring, they have the power to march into hell and demand freedom. The Encores appear to agree to her proposal and a truce emerges. In hell, Astra attempts to show them all her soul tokens are in her safe, but it is empty. Astra asks an underling where the soul tokens are, and the underling tells her that Astra ordered him to withdraw all the soul tokens. Astra realizes he was tricked by a shapeshifter and kills him in anger to Ava and Gary's shock. Astra tells them the demon will be fully healed in a few hours. Astra also realizes that she no longer has Constantine's soul token, as it was swapped with Vandal Savage's token. Astra realizes that Lachesis betrayed her, but tells them she is too powerful for her to face. Ava offers to help Astra and she accepts, but maintains that Mick and Gary stay behind for the purposes of being stealthy. In the past, Constantine asks if Zari genuinely believes the truce will last and suggests they instead use the few minutes before the Encores betray each other to find the ring. At that moment, Bonnie kills Brutus to eliminate the competition. In hell, Astra tells Ava that Lachesis was her mentor before betraying her. Ava tells Astra that she relates to her situation, as she was similarly betrayed by her mentor, who fabricated Ava's memories so that she would be a good Time Bureau agent. Ava suggests that she take control of her life and make her own choices instead of letting everyone decide what is best for her. Astra's demon followers then appear and take Ava prisoner as Astra smugly thanks her for the therapy session. She maintains that what she told Ava was true and tells them to take Ava away. In the past, Constantine and Zari sees Black Caesar use a special hell compass that appears to be able to help them locate the ring. As they attempt to retrieve it, Black Caesar is killed by Clyde, leaving the compass behind. In hell, Ava is prisoned next to Gary and Mick. Ava takes comfort that the spell should transport them back to the Waverider soon, but Gary reveals that the spell only transports the spell castor and anyone who is touching him. Mick reveals that he plans to attend Lita's soccer match, and has no intention of dying without getting to know his daughter. In the past, Constantine uses the compass but it keeps leading them in a circle. Zari wonders how the ring has not been found in the house with so many Encores looking for it, and Constantine is inspired by what the landlady offhandedly said earlier about finding things when you are not looking for them, realizing that the spell the Enchantress casts is such that anyone who wants to find the ring will never be able to find it. Zari asks how they can just forget about the ring and Constantine suggests they have a drink.

In hell, Astra confronts Lachesis about stealing her soul tokens. Lachesis introduces Astra to Atropos and claims that she stole the soul tokens for Astra's own good, as they were distracting her from thinking grander. Lachesis reveals to Astra that she and Atropos are Fates and now that the Loom of Fate is within reach, they want Astra to become the Third Fate. Astra asks about her mother but Lachesis insists that she needs to move past "petty human desires" since she will have the power to rule over the universe. Astra appears to agree, but first demands Constantine's soul token, which Lachesis gives to her. In the past, Bonnie and Clyde still have not found the ring and decides to instead kill the others. They discover the real Jack the Ripper who tells them that Constantine has been impersonating him. Zari asks if Constantine has given up, and he replies that he is accepting reality as he knows he will never forget about the Loom of Fate when it offers him a chance to save Astra. Zari comments how she is usually able to forget the painful moments in her life by focusing on something else, but Behrad dying to protect her is something she will never forget. She tells Constantine that she was wearing the totem when Behrad died, and wonders that if he would have survived if he had the totem. She asks him what will happen if she fails to bring him back to life, but before he answers, the remaining Encores come looking for him. Constantine shows her a passage to the outside and offers to distract them while she escapes. He assures her that he is confident Behrad can be resurrected but only if she manages to live and urges her to escape. As she leaves, the Encores break into the room and hold Constantine at gunpoint.

In hell, Astra enters the room where Ava, Gary and Mick are prisoners while holding the hell sword. To their surprise, she uses it to free them and informs them that she expects them to help Constantine find the Loom of Fate, and even if he fails Lachesis will find it. Surprised that she knows who Lachesis is, Ava suggests that Astra follow them back to Earth. With 10 seconds left before the spell brings them to Earth, Ava convinces Astra to take control of her life and save her mother herself. The four of them are transported back to the Waverider with Nate and Charlie surprised that Astra is with them. In the past, the Encores attempt to torture him for the location of the Final piece when Zari interrupts them in her Cleopatra disguise. Jack the Ripper tell them that she is with Constantine and the Encores decide to threaten Zari instead. Constantine maintains that he doesn't know where the ring is and they decide to kill them both, when Zari is able to use the Air Totem to knock Clyde into Jack's hell scalpel. Constantine manages to free himself and the two of them manage to kill Bonnie and Jack. The two of them are about to kiss when Constantine sees the final piece, as they had forgetten about the Loom. Just then, Nate and Ava arrive to find them with the final piece and numerous hell weapons lying around. Ava suggests they collect the hell weapons and leave as the landlady arrives to ask if they will be staying as guests. Ava tells her they were leaving and the Legends depart. Before leaving, Constantine tells the landlady he thought she wasn't suppose to meddle in human affairs as the landlady claims to not know what he means. After they leave, the landlady is revealed to actually be The Enchantress herself. On the Waverider, Nate congratulates Zari on being able to use the Air Totem and tells her Behrad would be proud. Constantine asks how they were found if the Prognosticator was broken as Astra greets him with a smile and says they have a Loom to build.


Preparation ran from October 24 until November 1, 2019. Shooting ran from November 4 until November 15, 2019, with a break on November 11 for Remembrance Day.[1]




  • The title is a play on the baking competition series The Great British Bake Off.
  • The events of "Here I Go Again" are referenced by Charlie when she asks Nate whether Amaya channeled any animals while they had sex.
  • Dr. White was considered to be one of many people as Jack the Ripper.
  • This episode has a wikipedia page. Its available here, [1]
  • This is the final episode of the series to introduce a new DC character until Knocked Down, Knocked Up two and a half seasons later.


  • Charlie uses the loom by herself to try and bring Behrad back, but she states in "Freaks and Greeks" that three weavers as powerful as gods are needed to use it.
  • Henry VIII calls himself the ruler of the British Empire. The Great Britain wasn't formed until 1707, 160 years after his death, and the term British empire was only retroactively used. Henry would more likely refer to himself as the king of England.