The Hold Up is a gay bar once owned and run by Kate Kane for Gotham Pride Real Estate. It is located in Gotham City, across the street from Alessandro's. Upon Kate's disappearance, ownership went to Mary Hamilton.


The bar was opened by Kate Kane and Mary Hamilton in the former site of Gotham City Bank. It was Wayne Enterprises's first purchase after Kate started up Gotham Pride Real Estate for the company.

Kate had drinks with Beth Kane from another Earth at The Hold Up while catching up. Later, Mary and Luke Fox held a birthday party for Kate and Beth.[1]

In February 2020, The Hold Up officially opened with a massive night event in an attempt to lure Nocturna here. The Crows sent Sophie here under the same premise. Meanwhile, Luke used facial recognition software as each person entered. [2]

Mary Hamilton thanks Kate for not telling their father that she has a secret clinic; Mary tries to get Kate to reveal that she is Batwoman, but Kate stays silent.[3]

Kate brought the unconscious August Cartwright to The Hold Up and ultimately killed him here.[4]

Alice comes here promising Kate that if she helps her to find Mouse, she will leave Gotham; Kate agrees, but stipulates that Alice cannot kill.[5]

While Sophie is in the bar sobbing for Kate, Julia arrives and tells her that Kate left a note for Sophie in case Kate did not return from National City.[6]

After Ryan Wilder took up the mantle of Batwoman sometime after Kate's disappearance, Mary hired her as the new manager of The Hold Up so Ryan can have a civilian cover while operating as Batwoman and to get Ryan's parole officer, Susan Stevens satisfied with Ryan finding employment.[7]

When Mary became the new owner of The Hold Up, she moved into Kate's apartment above the restaurant. She later invited Ryan to live there as well after learning that the latter was living in a van. Angelique Martin went to The Hold Up to meet with Ryan about Batwoman catching the Candy Lady.[8]

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  • On February 21st, 2020, the official Twitter account for the Batwoman writers released a promotional flyer for the bar.[9]
    • The address of the bar is 432 Robinson Street, a nod to the late Golden Age Batman illustrator and Joker and Robin co-creator Jerry Robinson.


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