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"The Hoods' attacks have strictly been limited to people in the financial sector trying to redistribute wealth in The Glades at gunpoint."
Adam Donner[src]

The Hoods were a group of vigilantes who began terrorizing Starling City some months following the Undertaking. They took their name from the Hood and considered themselves followers of the vigilante, though their ideologies and methods were far more violent and dangerous than his.


After the Undertaking, Aglin, Jeff Deveau, Baker, and Colton became vigilantes and formed a group known as the Hoods. Having lost people close to them during the earthquake, they sought revenge for the Undertaking and began targeting Starling City's one-percenters and anyone else they deemed responsible for the destruction of the Glades.

In October 2013, the Hoods assassinated Mayor Altman at the Starling Earthquake Relief Fund. The group then set their sights on Oliver Queen, whom they viewed as a paragon of the city's elite and their corruption due to his mother Moira Queen's involvement in the Undertaking. In short, scapegoating him for what was truly Malcolm Merlyn's fault. They initially attempted to kill Oliver during a board meeting at Queen Consolidated, but failed.

That night, the group stormed Verdant and threatened the patrons, demanding Oliver surrender himself. They eventually fled from Verdant after kidnapping Oliver's younger sister, Thea Queen, despite the best efforts of her boyfriend, Roy Harper. The Hoods held Thea hostage in an abandoned church in the Glades, where they argued on what to do with her. The Arrow showed up, saving Thea and defeating the Hoods. As part of his new, nonviolent approach to vigilantism, the Arrow tied the Hoods to Officer Quentin Lance's car, leaving them to be arrested.[1]

It was later revealed that the Hoods were a tool of the Church of Blood and purposefully set up the assassination of Altman in order to allow Sebastian Blood to run for the vacant mayorship.[2]

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  • The Hoods share similarities with the wannabe Batmen in Christopher Nolan's film The Dark Knight, in which they try to "help" the vigilante they admire, but are more reckless and violent. Also, both groups use guns while their "role model" hates them.