The Huntress suits were a series of suits designed to be utilized by Helena Bertinelli as the Huntress.


First suit

When Helena first began her crusade against her father and his associates, as the vigilante known as "the Huntress", the suit she wore was little more than a suit used by motorcyclists, along with a motorcycle helmet.

Second suit

When Helena briefly joined Team Arrow, Oliver gave her a new suit, a modified version of her motorcyclist suit. It is a black leather suit with purple details that includes: a jacket with two coattails reaching down to knee length, black pants, boots, gloves and a black mask, to hide her identity. However, once her identity as Huntress is uncovered, she continues to wear the mask.[1] Helena also wears a gold cross pendant around her neck.

It is unknown if the suit was designed by Oliver himself or by someone else Oliver is acquitted with, like Lodai.[2]

Currently, Helena's suit is no longer in her possession, as she is incarcerated.[3]


  • Identity concealment: Helena used a black mask to conceal her Identity and stay anonymous, despite her identity eventually being uncovered.
  • Crossbow: The suit had a Cobra 80lb Self Cocking crossbow, it was later taken from her after Helena was briefly arrested by Quentin Lance and McKenna Hall.
  • High-powered crossbow: A high-powered crossbow served as Helena's replacement crossbow after her customized crossbow was taken from her by Quentin and McKenna.

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