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"Does it come in purple? I like purple."
Helena Bertinelli to Oliver Queen[src]

The Huntress suits were a series of suits designed to be utilized by Helena Bertinelli as the Huntress.


First suit[]

When Helena first began her crusade against her father and his associates, as the vigilante known as "the Huntress", the suit she wore was little more than a suit used by motorcyclists, along with a motorcycle helmet.

Second suit[]

When Helena briefly joined Team Arrow, Oliver gave her a new suit, a modified version of her motorcyclist suit. It is a black leather suit with purple details that includes: a jacket with two coattails reaching down to knee length, black pants, boots, gloves and a black mask, to hide her identity. However, once her identity as Huntress is uncovered, she continues to wear the mask.[1] Helena also wears a gold cross pendant around her neck.

It is unknown if the suit was designed by Oliver himself or by someone else Oliver is acquitted with, like Lodai.[2]

Currently, Helena's suit is no longer in her possession, as she is incarcerated.[3]


  • Identity concealment: Helena used a black mask to conceal her Identity and stay anonymous, despite her identity eventually being uncovered.
  • Crossbow: The suit had a Cobra 80lb Self Cocking crossbow, it was later taken from her after Helena was briefly arrested by Quentin Lance and McKenna Hall.
  • High-powered crossbow: A high-powered crossbow served as Helena's replacement crossbow after her customized crossbow was taken from her by Quentin and McKenna.

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