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"Dad! Please, I know you're in there. Don't do this."
"Do you think Thomas can hear you, Caity? Thomas hasn't been able to hear anything for a very long time."
Caitlin Snow and Icicle

"The Icicle Cometh" is the sixth episode of the fifth season of The Flash, and the ninety-eighth episode overall. It aired on November 20, 2018.



"The Icicle Cometh" begins with Cicada having an espresso at Jitters. He sees his knife begin shining in his page, implying that a meta-human is close by. Cicada follows the woman outside and the two have a brutal fight before he at last slaughters her.

Cisco illuminates Caitlin that he utilized their newly discovered satellites to find potential areas of Caitlin's father and if she's alright with it, they'd prefer to go look at his last known area. Cisco vibes the pair with Barry to a blanketed area, where they discover Caitlin's father stowing away in an underground shelter.

Caitlin's father uncovers he confined himself from every other person since he was explored different avenues regarding himself to have a go at finding a fix to ALS.

Ralph and Cecile collaborate to address laborers at a nearby FEMA cover about a possible name for the Cicada. The laborers there decline to give them data except if they return with a warrant.

Cisco vibes the gathering — Caitlin's father included — back to STAR Labs, where Caitlin demands they run a few tests on the whole, the two go out for a walk. At the point when they leave, Cisco admits to Barry that Caitlin's father's story is brimming with openings and he doesn't really confide in him.

Sherloque, Iris, and Nora show up at the building site they think Cicada worked at and start conversing with the laborers.

On their walk, Caitlin's father starts writhing and he falls. Caitlin gets his arm, discovering it's transformed into ice. She returns him to STAR Labs where he in the end awakens. When he comes to, he clarifies that the fix he took a shot at for ALS gave him a harmful transformation that is transforming his cell into ice. Caitlin comes to an obvious conclusion and understands her father likewise gave her the fix, giving her the Killer Frost powers.

Iris, Nora, and Sherloque don't get any leads at the building site and head to the waterfront for a break. While there, they understand a fair was going the evening of The Enlightenment and it could have been something that Cicada took his girl to.

Cisco vibes once again into Caitlin's father's shelters and has dreams of his investigations from an earlier time. Cisco returns to STAR Labs and makes a stunning case — that man isn't Caitlin's dad. Cisco clarifies that he had a dream of the change sense of self of Caitlin's dad making skin charts with the goal that he could depict being human. Caitlin's irate at Cisco and hollers at him to leave.

Cecile and Ralph come back to the FEMA asylum and begin scrutinizing the laborer on a portion of the ongoing buys he's made. They reveal that he's been stashing government cash and in return for invulnerability, the specialist gives the pair a case of records.

Cicada gets back not so good from the battle he had before. His vision begins going foggy and he drops.

Barry pulls Caitlin aside and converses with her about the circumstance. Barry concedes that her dad's story isn't including and goes to Cisco's safeguard. After their discussion, Caitlin acknowledges they're correct, the man they found isn't generally her dad - rather, it's his alternate self.

The trio goes to move toward him yet he utilizes his ice breath to take them hard and fast and getaway from STAR Labs.

They find the trouble maker back in his dugout attempting to utilize Caitlin's serum to dispose of her father for good. The metas on Team Flash surge out to have a go at halting him, however he begins chilling the entire shelter off so that Barry, Nora, Cisco, and Ralph start sticking to death. Caitlin's resistant to the cold so she transforms into Killer Frost and starts battling her dad's split personality. Her father in the end subdues her and takes off.

Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin understands that there's gotta be in any event a part of her dad still alive in any case his adjust inner self — who they're calling Icicle — wouldn't be setting off to the lengths he is.

Sherloque, Nora, and Iris come back to Star Labs with the smashed satellite and understand that a piece of metal has been removed of it the equivalent precise state of Cicada's knife.



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