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For the eponymous organization, see Justice Society of America.
"Well, I gotta admit, watching your team work like a well-oiled machine kinda makes me feel like I'm doing this whole hero thing all wrong."
Ray Palmer to Amaya Jiwe

"The Justice Society of America" is the second episode of the second season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the eighteenth episode overall. It aired on October 20, 2016.




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The Justice Society of America gets right to work, with the JSA going up against the Legends. Nate approaches Commander Steel, who is obviously his granddad, and gets punched out for his difficulty. Jax endeavors to play with Stargirl and Stein endeavors to clarify the crucial, both come up short and the JSA moves to capture them. There is a battle, yet the Legends are immediately vanquished by the JSA's progressively sorted out and facilitated endeavors.

The Legends are secured a cell in the JSA home office. Nate, of course, knows a considerable amount about them. The JSA watch from a screen, joined by Rex Tyler. Rex doesn't remember them, disregarding their cases to know him. The JSA examines tossing the Legends in either jail or a psychological emergency clinic.

At the point when the JSA go to converse with the Legends, Commander Steel blames Nate for being a Nazi government operative. Nate reacts by running through the number on Commander Steel's pooch labels, which he wears himself, giving their time travel story some believability.

In Paris, likewise in 1942, The Reverse Flash meets with a Nazi, Baron Kraiger. The Reverse Flash has a serum that can give customary people super powers, and needs to exchange it for the Askaran Amulet, a ground-breaking relic in Hitler's assortment. He hands over a little example of the serum as an indication of sincere trust.

The JSA brings the Legends into a meeting room. Rex accept Stein is their pioneer, despite the fact that Sara attempted to converse with him. The JSA are astounded that the group has a criminal (Mick) and professional killer (Sara) among them. The Legends attempt to clarify about the notice future Rex gave them.

Flashback to 2016, when the Legends met Rex Tyler. Rex cautioned them to never come to 1942, on the grounds that they would all bite the dust. At that point he disappeared.

Rex doesn't accept their story, however they are hindered by a call from President Roosevelt. Nate exploits the respite in the cross examination to converse with Commander Steel, however his granddad isn't keen on manufacturing a bond with the child of the kid he has not fathered at this point.

Rex clarifies that the President's call was about Krieger, who is in Paris. Ray offers the Legend's assistance. They are turned down, and the JSA plans to go to Paris, with Vixen proceeding to scout. The Legends are sent away.

On the Waverider, the Legends talk about the requirement for a pioneer, and Stein vaingloriously contends it ought to be him. Sara concurs before anybody can quarrel over it.

Sara discovers Nate taking a gander at pictures of Commander Steel in the library. His granddad isn't at all who Nate anticipated. Sara begins to clarify that they are going to take Nate home, however to his vexation, yet they stop when they understand the dog tags that Nate has worn since youth are absent. Sara hypothesizes that history changed, and the tags have in this way disappeared. The JSA are largely going to kick the bucket. Tomorrow.

Nate shows the group what Krieger resembles. Stein concocts an arrangement to penetrate a supper club where he will be. Stein obviously appears to be like Max Lorenz, Hitler's preferred vocalist, with the goal that will be his camouflage.

Jax stands up to Stein about guaranteeing authority, bringing up that the more established man probably won't be the best one to lead them into war. Stein contends and leaves.

Sara goes to converse with Nate and sees that he has an awful wound, which Nate says is from when Commander Steel punched him. She offers him a pill that will decipher for him, yet he confesses to being familiar with six dialects and not requiring it. He does, be that as it may, need a firearm.

At the supper club, Stein effectively makes himself look like Lorenz, with a large portion of the group as his visitors. (But Mick, who is a server.)

Ray sees Vixen hitting the dance floor with a man, and cuts in. She is troubled to see him there. Ray fills her in and carries her to the group, when they are out of nowhere gone up against by a Nazi General who doesn't trust Stein is Lorenz, since he is excessively short. The General demands that Lorenz sing. He additionally offers a bigot remark to Jax, who must be controlled before he can throw an uppercut.

Stein makes that big appearance, and sings Edelweiss from The Sound of Music. The group is intrigued with his voice. So is the General, who is moved to tears.

Nate spots Krieger, and hears him mastermind the exchange for the talisman. In the interim the General and all the Nazis around them salute Hitler, and the General notification that Ray doesn't. The General requests Ray to sault, yet Ray can't carry himself to and punches the General rather, causing a mass bar brawl. The battle closes when the remainder of the JSA appear and make all the difference.

The JSA are brought onto the Waverider, and the circumstance is clarified. Counting the way such Nate's reality is likewise to be decided, if Commander Steel is executed over 10 years before his child is conceived, Nate will never exist. The JSA (and Legends) vote to cooperate.

In the library Rex, Vixen, Sara, and Stein begin to explore the Askaran Amulet. Stein proposes a wary arrangement while Rex and Sara vote in favor of activity.

Sara discovers Nate, whose arm is seeping from an injury he got in the bar brawl. He attempts to disregard it, however she understands that he is a hemophiliac, his blood doesn't clot. One injury that wouldn't be fatal to a non-haemophiliac could kill him. Nate contends that his parents basically locked him in the house his entire adolescence for that very explanation yet it is his choice whether to confront peril. Sara contends, needing to secure him.

Lady sees Ray chipping away at his suit and converses with him about it. Since he has no forces, just what the suit can do, she doesn't accept he is a legend. This damages Ray.

They discover the guard with the Askaran Amulet in a backwoods, and most of the two groups go to stop them. Mick stops the guard with some very much positioned fire and the battle is on. Krieger runs, and both Vixen and Ray give pursue. Stein, Jax, and Nate watch from the boat, and Stein orders them back to the escort, thinking that the talisman is a higher priority than Krieger. Pretty much everybody contends with him, yet Stein continues demanding. In the mean time, Krieger takes a portion of the Reverse Flash's serum and transforms into an enormous Hulk-like animal. Out of nowhere, Ray and Vixen are quiet.

The JSA and Legends recoup the ornament, however they are assaulted by Krieger. Stein is too bothered to even think about thinking, so Sara provides the request to withdraw. In any case, they are driven away from Ray and Vixen behind, and they are caught by Nazis.

Krieger, back to typical size, examines his arrangements with Ray and Vixen. He needs to imitate the serum to make a multitude of super troopers. At the point when he compromises Vixen, Ray offers to enable both to improve the serum and imitate it to spare her life.

Stein has no clue about what to do straightaway, and Jax stands up to him once more. This time Stein concurs, he is overpowered and realizes he isn't the correct pioneer for their central goal.

Nate discovers Commander Steel, who concedes that he is reluctant to draw near to his grandson. He believes that individuals who respect him will in general play the legend and get themselves murdered. Nate confesses to having been overprotected as long as he can remember, when all he at any point needed was to be a warrior like his Grandfather. Officer Steel urges him to act naturally. What's more, advises him that you don't need to be a trooper to be a legend.

Sara and Rex attempt to frame an arrangement to bomb the Nazi fortification while Stein tunes in. Rex is more than ready to forfeit Ray and Vixen for everyone's benefit. Sara realizes Ray has an arrangement and needs to assist them with getting away from first. Rex attempts to overlook her, yet Stein shouts out and ignores administration to Sara.

Ray deals with the serum, and Krieger undermines Vixen to support him. She spits on him, and Krieger leaves two gatekeepers to watch them while he tidies up. Ray takes one gatekeeper out with the magnifying lens he was utilizing while Vixen takes out the other. The Nazi's have her special necklace, however she is as yet a talented contender. Furthermore, Ray clutches the portion of serum he was taking a shot at.

The salvages plan is on as Firestorm, Heatwave, and White Canary enter the fortress. White Canary discovers Vixen's talisman and they rapidly make up for lost time to Ray and Vixen.

Krieger has taken another portion of serum and assaults the JSA individuals battling outside. He pursues Commander Steel, who runs however isn't sufficiently quick. Until Nate appears on a cruiser with a sidecar. Commander Steel bounces in and they race to escape Krieger and escape the shoot zone from the forthcoming bombs. The bombs fall, executing Krieger and obliterating the fortress. Be that as it may, one grounds excessively near the cruiser, and both Nate and Commander Steel are harmed.

Nate is in the drug cove, however the Waverider can't recuperate him because of his hemophilia. He's perishing from inside draining that won't coagulation. Ray out of nowhere recollects the serum he adjusted and took, and infuses it into Nate. It works, and Nate's life is spared.

Lady apologizes to Ray. Surrendering the serum, his one possibility at genuine super powers, was quite damn gallant.

Commander Steel visits with Nate and they bond. Nate's variant of the canine labels return, which means they fixed history. Commander Steel calls Nate a saint.

Back at JSA base camp, Rex stores the Askaran Amulet. Unexpectedly the Reverse Flash shows. He is the explanation future Rex went to 2016, to get the Legends far from 1942. The Reverse Flash vibrates into Rex's chest and takes the ornament. Lady enters and discovers Rex on the floor. He figures out how to state "Time Traveler" to her before kicking the bucket in her arms. Amaya is crushed.


  • During the singing scene, Martin (as Max Lorenz) announced he was going to sing "The Sound of Music" from the musical of the same name. However he sang "Edelweiss" instead, which was featured in the musical.
  • Also during the singing scene, Martin addresses the orchestra, saying "Watch me for the changes and try to keep up". This is a verbatim quote (in quite the same situation) from a scene in the 1985 film Back to the Future.
  • When Reverse-Flash steals the amulet from its case, a pair of Wonder Woman's Bracelets of Submission is sitting next to it.
  • The motorbike that Nate and Henry were driving has the same license plate (WH13371) as the one Steve McQueen rode in the iconic scene of The Great Escape.
  • Nate tells his grandfather the latter died before he was born. In the comics, Commander Steel died in an issue of the Eclipso comic book series, a decade or so before Nate made his first appearance.
  • Ray says he's a big fan of FDR's New Deal. Brandon Routh is distantly related to Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR is Routh's sixth cousin five times removed).[1]


  • When the Legends are trying to infiltrate Folies-Bergére, they overhear Herr Krieger talk to another person. In the ensuing dialogue, he says "o'ten hundred tomorrow". The mistake is quite clear when that's written out in numbers (0 10:00); two-digit numbers aren't prefixed by a 0, even in military/24 hour time format.