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"I am not telling you to deny your reality. I'm only telling you to embrace your strength. They cannot make you feel hopeless. They cannot take your ability to love. And they cannot convince you that the truth is a lie. Not when you know it in your heart. Your power is yours, and no one can take that from you. So stay strong. Be strong. And live on to fight another day."
Orlando Davis

"The Last Gauntlet" is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-twenty-fifth episode overall. It aired on November 9, 2021.



The Superfriends are gathered around William's body, covered by a sheet. A recorded message from Lex confirms that he has Esme and says he will do her no harm (he is wearing a Truth Seeker to prove it). He notes the Superfriends have five of the seven Totems while he has only one: The Love Totem located inside Esme. He tells them to hand over the five and the missing Destiny Totem at 12pm the next day in exchange for Esme. As a safe handover point, he selects a bridge where Fort Rozz crashed, where powers can't be used.

J'onn starts issuing instructions for Brainiac to search for the Totem with technology, Lena to search for a spell and Nia to try and dream its location: Nia points out that didn't work before but Brainy can create a gauntlet for her with the Dream Totem. Alex suggests using Lena's magic to create a fake totem for the exchange but Brainy points out it won't work in the exchange area and Kelly notes Lex would see through it. Supergirl promises to get Esme back.

14 Hours Until the Exchange

Lex and Nyxly bring Esme to their bunker. Philippe has laid out a meal but Nyxly sends him and Mitch away. She assures Esme she will be returned to her mums and tries to access the gauntlet for the Love Totem but it won't work. What's more, the Love Totem is starting to fade and will eventually find a new host. Lex offers to cut the totem out of her but Nyxly refuses to let him harm Esme. Meanwhile, Acrata arrives at the Tower hoping to save William but soon learns she's too late. She talks to Lena, saying she's a monster who caused William's death. Lena insists Andrea can still change.

10 Hours Until the Exchange

Supergirl and J'onn lament taking their eyes off the ball and resolve to do whatever it takes to stop Lex and Nyxly. Kelly finds a devastated Alex and tries to assure her that Esme only has the totem because of the love they have for her. Nyxly tries to win Esme's trust with a story about how her father punished her for drawing, but the Love Totem continues to fade. Lillian looks in on Lex and is shocked that he actually is in love with Nyxly, an alien. She demands he choose between them and Lex calmly replies that he chooses Nyxly.

Brainy completes the gauntlet for Nia. Nia worries that she'll see something terrible but Brainy says that at least then they're prepared for it, just as they're prepared for him returning to the future. Nia invites him to join her in the dream. Soon after, they report to the other Superfriends. Nia sensed Esme is safe but doesn't know where she is. They do, however, know where the Destiny Totem is: In the grounds of a cathedral in Prague, near a statue of the Three Fates.

2 Hours Until the Exchange

Supergirl arrives at the cathedral and passes the gauntlet, which gives her a vision of Lex and Nyxly causing destruction. Sentinel then appears and takes the totem from her, intending to give it to Lex in exchange for Esme. Supergirl tries to impress on her what she's seen: Lex and Nyxly too powerful for anyone to stop them. However, Sentinel is willing to risk the world to get Esme back and says she'll never forgive Supergirl if Esme dies because of her. She portals out.

Meanwhile, Lillian speaks with Nyxly and insists that Lex is incapable of love and is just using her to get to the Totems.

21 Minutes Until the Exchange

Lex tells Philippe to get Nyxly out of the way while he goes to Esme's room. Mitch overhears and he and Nyxly find Lex setting up the crystal ball in front of Esme. Lex approaches Esme with a knife and Nyxly gets between act of love which causes her to pass the gauntlet and receive the Love Totem. Lex insists this is what he planned but Nyxly is disgusted with him and insists they're over. Lillian later finds Lex alone and suspects he has a plan.

Supergirl fills her friends in on the fact Alex has taken the totems and she doesn't have the heart to stop her. J'onn and Brainy propose a plan: Redirecting a solar satellite to give Supergirl a super-charge from a solar flare. The only problem is it will take six months for the sun to regenerate. Lena protests that it would devastate the world but Supergirl thinks it's necessary. Lena and Dreamer go to join Alex and Kelly.

Sentinel, Guardian, Lena and Dreamer wait on the bridge as Nyxly arrives with Esme. Nyxly lets Esme go and Sentinel places the box on the ground. The totems burst out of it and combine with Nyxly's Totem to form the complete AllStone. Lex and Lillian then appear and trigger explosives, blowing up the bridge.

Martian Manhunter physically redirects the satellite, which Brainy is controlling by remote control. The energy charges into Supergirl: It will take four minutes before they can trigger the solar flare. The sun starts to darken. Secretary Brown confronts Brainy with a group of soldiers, who he evades. Supergirl hears Brown ordering reinforcements, Al's confusion at her actions and a girl begging her to stop and tells J'onn and Brainy to shut it down. The sun returns to normal. Surrounded by frightened people, Supergirl apologises.

Everyone recovers from the explosion and a multi-sided fight breaks out with the AllStone changing hands several times and Supergirl, Brainy and Martian Manhunter arriving to join in. Esme throws the AllStone to the ground, breaking it in three. Supergirl, Nyxly and Lex all grab a shard. Lex and Nyxly blast Supergirl, then turn on each other. Lena's intervention causes Nyxly to gain the upper hand. Lillian takes a blast intended for Lex and is badly injured. Lex and Nyxly both adopt beastlike countenances and portal out.

At the Tower, Supergirl and Alex report Lillian is stable and Lena is trying to find a spell to heal her. J'onn, Kelly, Brainy and Nia join them in viewing a news report: Lex and Nyxly's fight is not only causing them to portal across the city but to drain the qualities the Totems represent from people around them. They suggest using Supergirl's third of the AllStone against them but Supergirl thinks more power isn't the answer and flies off to think. She sees Orlando making a speech encouraging people not to give up, which causes them to shake off the AllStone's influence. Supergirl says she knows what they need to do.



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