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"Our love story never ends, Barry. Not even with Crisis."
"Iris, it's inevitable."
"Maybe. But whether you vanish or or worse, I am gonna be there with you. I'm gonna be right there with you to the very end, okay? Because the only thing more inevitable than Crisis is us.
Iris West-Allen and Barry Allen

"The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2" is the eighth episode of the sixth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-twenty-second episode overall. It aired on December 3, 2019. It acts as the second half of a two-part episode. This episode is also the eighth in a subset of the sixth season episodes the writers dubbed as "Blood and Truth."



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After Dark Flash's attack, the team awakens to find out that Barry has been taken over by Ramsey. Cisco then activates Babel Protocol and engaged a force-field to protect Star Labs. Iris wonders why Barry chose to become a Blood Brother, and Frost realized that Barry was scared of dying.

Frost gets a police scanner ready to substitute for the disabled comms. Cisco then explains a plan to use a photon emitter to destroy Ramsey's sentient infection, which would cure the blood brothers. Cisco suggests that they blast Ramsey and Dark Flash, but Iris doesn't want to risk killing Barry. Frost's police scanner shows them a transmission of a distress call about a blood brother, signaling that Ramsey is attacking. They realize that Ramsey is planning to spread fear to spread his infection.

Cecile is at CCCM alone until Kamilla walks in. Suddenly, a person walks, unbeknownst to them that the person is infected with Ramsey Rosso's blood. They walk outside to check and Cecile realizes he's infected after remembering Joe's description of Mitch Romero. They realize that they need to escape.

Joe along with the CCPD attempt to reign in the chaos of the blood brothers without killing them when Ramsey meets him calling himself Bloodwork. He then signals Dark Flash, who brings a bystander to be infected. Joe tries to tell Barry that he can help fix him, but is answered with "It's humanity that needs fixing." Frost arrives via Extrapolator but is too late, as Ramsey had already infected the bystander. Frost, after telling Joe about Dark Flash, warns Ramsey that they would stop him. However Ramsey feels as if he's already won. He leaves the lives of Joe and Frost to his blood brothers.

Nash, who is still at the dig site interacts with the voice of who he believes to be Mar Novu. Novu attempts to negotiate, by saying if Nash shows allegiance, he will reveal himself. Nash refuses saying he doesn't "Barter with false gods." Novu persists, but Nash continues to refuse, and delivers a warning a warning that he was coming for him, only to be met with silence, which he believes to be faulty wiring. He gets a glowstick which reveals a Blood brother.

Kamilla attempts to use her phone, but has no service. She tries to convince Cecile to leave with her, but she hesitates due to her empath abilities showing her the fear around her which scares her. Kamilla explains that the blood brothers are required to be afraid for the infection to work. Cecile doesn't like it, but Kamilla realizes that her powers could lead them to safety.

Iris gets a signal from Barry asking her to meet him where she said yes to their engagement. Iris, believing it's truly him grabs an extrapolator, but Cisco, who doesn't believe it's him attempts to stop her knowing it's too dangerous. She wants to confirm it and goes to their home. She finds Barry with his back turned to her. She asks if it's him which he says yes to. However when he turns around and faces her, he confirms that he remains a blood brother. Ramsey then comes out, revealing that she's been tricked. From Star labs, Cisco engages the audio in Iris' extrapolator, confirming the trap. Ramsey offers his life blood to Iris but she refuses because it saves the body but not the soul. She tells Barry to come home to her, but Dark Flash grabs her and attempts to phase stab her but then aborts. Dark Flash tells Iris to trust her before running away.

Iris breaches back to the cortex and finds Cisco. He tells her that they should use the photon emitter, but Iris still doesn't trust it due to Cisco not testing it yet. Cisco reminds her that they've been preparing for this moment. Iris tells him that they were preparing for Barry's death, but Cisco tells her they've been preparing for a time without the flash, but Iris doesn't want to give him up. Cisco said they weren't giving up because Barry was already going to leave either way.

Meanwhile, Frost and Joe are still fighting the blood brothers in the city, until Joe is stabbed in the back by one. The blood brothers then surround Frost, which forces her to use her powers on all of them at once, knocking them out. Allegra then shows up and knocks out the last blood brother. They then escape into Star Labs via extrapolator.

Meanwhile, back in CCPM, Cecile and Kamilla use Cecile's powers in an attempt to escape, but are seen by a blood brother. They proceed to hide under a desk, but the blood brother finds the room they are hiding in. Cecile throws a stapler to distract him while they escape but he sees them. Kamilla hits him with a roller chair so they can escape, but they receive attention from other blood brothers. They fight them off until they reach the fire escape and barricade the door.

Ramsey had just finished infecting two more people, when Cisco arrives and shoots him with the photon emitter. He nearly succeeds in curing him, when Dark Flash attacks him, causing him to drop the emitter and break it. Ramsey grabs him and almost infects him but then stops saying he had another role to play. Ramsey then warns him that he was going to have his army at star labs. Cisco realizes he was after the Particle accelerator. Ramsey was going to use it as a vessel for his infection. Ramsey wants Cisco to act as a messenger. For some reason Ramsey said he knew he picked the right guy and told Iris through the extrapolator he was coming home.

They play back a footage from the camera, revealing that Barry had sabotaged the Particle accelerator. Allegra and Frost arrive via breach with an injured Joe in their arms. Frost allows Caitlin to take control, but due to a lack of equipment, Caitlin can't operate. She tells frost she can do it if she uses her powers, but Frost refuses due to fear. Caitlin tells her to "Let yourself feel the fear, count to three, and do it anyway, because that's what heroes do." Before they even reach three, Frost takes control and freezes Joe's wound.

Nash was fighting the blood brother in the sewers, but it is seemingly unstoppable until Nash uses sonic waves to keep it at bay and it runs away. It soon runs out of power, leaving Nash defenseless to the many blood brothers coming his way.

Iris and Cisco come to the conclusion they should've come up with a plan together. Iris reminds him that Barry chose him to lead the team. Cisco remembers that Barry told him he knew he picked the right guy when he spared him and told iris he was coming home. They realized that Barry was still alive inside Dark Flash. They get an alert from outside the barrier and find out it's Ramsey and Dark Flash. They figure out Barry's plan and drop the barrier after Barry tells them to "Let the Light in". Ramsey leads his army inside and spread them around Star Labs.

Cisco tells Allegra Barry's plan to use the particle accelerator to spread the antidote with her powers.

Ramsey uses Dark Flash to activate the intercom so he could speak to Team Flash. He tells them that instead of giving them his gift of life, he was going to take it from them with his army, and use Dark Flash's knowledge to find them as they run. Ramsey and Dark Flash go to the pipeline and administer the blood. Ramsey orders Dark Flash to bring him Iris and Cisco, which he abides, speeding them both in with Iris in a chokehold, so they could know the scope of their failure. Iris tells Barry she trusts him which urges him to resist Ramsey's control, which Ramsey notices. Ramsey pulls him telepathically and tells him it's pointless to fight his will which restores his control but gives Iris the time she needs to blast them both with Harry's gun.

Allegra and Frost after fighting the blood brothers, arrived at the pipeline. Allegra then fires a strong UV blast at the accelerator, nullifying the blood and causing a city-wide wave which cured everyone but Ramsey himself. Iris goes to the collapsed Barry to see if he's cured. He opens his eyes revealing black, but they return to his normal color which relieves the team. Frost realizes that Ramsey's gone and Barry proceeds to chase after him.

Ramsey attempts to restart his infection by starting with a police officer but is stopped by Barry. Barry tells him he's not gonna let him hurt anybody else, but Ramsey defends, saying he's trying to save them claiming to be the hero. He then transforms himself into a large red creature and attacks the Flash. Bloodwork is then knocked out by Barry's attacks. Barry asks Cisco through comes where they could hold Ramsey and Iris figures out that the M.A.C. could hold black hole energy, meaning that his bloodwork powers should be more than sustainable. Before they could act on their plan, Bloodwork awakens and pushes Flash aside and uses his blood to keep him at bay, attaching him to a car he damaged. He nearly kills him before being distracted by what appears to be his deceased mother. Barry tells him that he brought her here through Ramsey's mind so that he could feel the doubt he felt. Ramsey tells him he has no doubt but Rachel tells him she wanted to save him from himself. Barry takes the opportunity to grab him and speed him into the M.A.C. much to his dismay. He attempts to escape but fails. He warns Barry that he would escape one day and they would all accept his cure. They had won and they knew they needed to prepare for their next cure.

Lyla had told them that she took him to Argus, however his infection was permanent. Barry felt bad that he couldn't stop him as Dark Flash, and could only stop Ramsey from killing them, and congratulated them for saving him, but Allegra thanks frost.

Frost is at the Med-bay thanking Caitlin for believing in her. Caitlin said she was proud of her and couldn't wait for what she'd do next. Frost said she should take over for the night to be with Barry and the others before the coming crisis on infinite earths.

Team Flash gathered in the lounge. Barry offered Joe his watch in return for Joe when he gave him his. Cecile quotes H.r. saying "Barry Allen's super power isn't speed it's hope. It's hope and that kid has an endless reservoir of it." Cecile didn't know how right he was until she got to know him. Caitlin told him that when they first met she had lost all hope, and she gave it back to him and saved her life. Cisco remembers the old days when it was just team flash against Meta-humans. Iris disagrees remembering when Barry was in the Speed Force, and Cisco would Vibe her to their first kiss. Barry asked why and Iris said she liked the happy thoughts, and that their first kiss was the best memory for that. She told him that their love story will never end even with Crisis and she will be there with him until the very end. Barry told the team that no matter what happens next, it won't change their feelings. Suddenly midnight rises, and red skies appear, signaling that the crisis has begun.

In the sewers of Central City, Harrison Nash Wells says that he's traveled across the multiverse to kill the Monitor. Now the Monitor has saved his life and tells Nash to submit and begins his life anew. The runes glow and Nash touches them in sequence. The panel opens and a burst of light shoots out, bathing Nash in its radiance. He disappears, screaming.



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  • The final scene with Nash Wells is also used in Supergirl, Batwoman and Arrow in their final episodes before Crisis. Only in this episode is that scene’s context given.
  • Cisco Ramon had Babel Protocols built just in case the Flash ever went "dark" at S.T.A.R. Labs. This is a reference to JLA: Tower of Babel, where Batman similarly made contingency plans if the Justice League ever went rogue.
  • Barry’s infected form is based on his Negative Flash form from the comics, although Cisco refers to him as "Dark Flash." Previously, this nickname was given to Eobard Thawne in his Reichsmen outfit in concept art for Crisis on Earth-X. In the comics, this name refers to Walter West, a doppelgänger of Wally’s that used his speed to become a brutal vigilante.
  • This is the last episode of The Flash to use the title card introduced in Season 4.
  • The H.R. Wells quote Cecile mentions was something he said to Joe West in "Killer Frost".


  • In the wide shot of Ramsey talking to Iris (via Barry's body), Barry's lips are clearly not moving.