For the black ops unit of the SCPD nicknamed the "Justice League" by Alena Whitlock, see Team Arrow.
"We never catch him?"
"Supergirl, the Legends, even the League tried, but no one was successful."
Barry Allen and Nora West-Allen[src]

The League was a group of superheroes who existed in an erased future.


Erased future

In the future that Nora West-Allen hailed from, the League was one of the superhero groups that made an attempt at catching the mysterious Cicada but failed, along with the Legends, Supergirl, and Green Arrow.[1] However, due to Nora traveling back to 2018 and causing ripples throughout the timeline, leading to her erasure from existence.[2]


The Flash

Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • In the main DC comics continuity, The Justice League of America, simply known as the Justice League or the JLA, is the main team of superheroes. The Flash has been one of the founding members of this organization in its multiple iterations, along with Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and many others.
    • During Gideon's first meeting with Barry Allen, she mentions that he is a founding member of an organization, the name of which starts with "Justice", although the AI is interrupted before she can finish the sentence. While unconfirmed, it is likely the same organization as the one referenced by Nora.


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