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"In the future, I just live in the open. All Legionnaires do. There's no secret identities, no disguises. 24/7, I'm just me, Mon-El, from the Legion of Super-Heroes. And it's still exhausting."

The Legion of Super-Heroes[1], simply known as the Legion, is a group of superheroes from the 31st century, founded and led by Mon-El, inspired by the actions of Supergirl in the 21st century.


Founding and early days of the Legion of Super-Heroes

"The governments were overwhelmed by violence. By chaos. Mon-El organized us and we banded together to help Earth's leaders keep the peace, at home and in the stars."
Imra Ardeen[src]

The need for the Legion of Super-Heroes was first discovered when Mon-El, the former prince of Daxam and a hero from Earth was forced to leave his adopted home for his own protection due to the atmosphere in the air being intoxicated with lead, making it inhospitable for him. During his travels across space, Mon-El ended up traveling through a time portal that led him a thousand years into Earth's future. It was there that was given a cure to his lead poisoning from L-Corp, which allowed him to return to living on Earth, albeit one was everyone he's ever known is now dead. During his first year in the future, Mon-El spent most of his time trying to find a way to return to the present and to his love, Kara Zor-El, now known as the legendary hero Supergirl. However, Mon-El quickly learned that the status of the future would require his attention more than the past would.

Massive losses in information over the course of history, along with the extermination of many from the disease known as Blight led to the world becoming near to the risk of collapse. The governments of the world n the thirty-first century were overwhelmed by conflict. Mon-El, stranded in this time period, wanted to make a difference, so he formed the Legion, an organization of heroes from across the universe united to protect all known worlds. Using the superheroism of the 21st century's Supergirl as an ideal to follow, the Legion's goals were to keep the peace on Earth and in the stars. Some of the earliest additions were Imra Ardeen and Querl Dox, both inspired by the story and legend of Supergirl.[2] Nura Nal, a being of Naltorian descent and descendant of Nia Nal, the 21st-century hero known as Dreamer, also joined.

The Legion battled against many alien hybrids that were created from labs to be combat efficient. At one point, Zod had been resurrected and the Legion had to track down some deposits of Kryptonite on Earth to use in the battle against him. On another occasion, the Legion seemed to had some sort of interaction with Superman, as it appears Clark has a Legion ring of his own, keeping it on display in the Fortress of Solitude.[3]

Stranded in the past

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While on a mission, the Legion hit a wormhole and were transported 12,000 years into the past. They decided to put themselves into cryo-sleep until they re-awoke in the 31st century, but awoke earlier than anticipated, in the 21st-century, when a torpedo hit their ship in 2017.[2]

Returning to the future

After helping the superfriends to defeat the Worldkillers, the Legion went back to the 31st-century from the 21st-century.

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  • Mon-El made an offhand comment that suggest the modern day for the Legion is 3018., suggesting 3011 is when Mon-El arrived in the future.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, all incarnations of the Legion of Super-Heroes were founded by Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, and Cosmic Boy.
  • Two of the remaining Six Legionaries are likely Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy, as they are usually one of the three founding members of the Legion along with Saturn Girl and occasionally Brainiac 5. Mon-El has never been a founding member in any other media.
  • It is possible that Phantom Girl, Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl are also part of the Legion since after the founding members they are the next main members. 
  • Mon-El mentions a friend from the 31st century named Alya. This is probably a reference to Lightning Lass (sometimes also known as Light Lass), a fellow member of the Legion.
  • Brainy has referenced Nura Nal, who in the DC comics, is known as the Legion member Dream Girl. Nia Nal is stated to be an ancestor of Nura's and possesses the same powers as Dream Girl. It has yet to be confirmed whether the Arrowverse version of Nura Nal is a member of the Legion or is considered a superhero.
  • Mon-El and Saturn Girl are married, while in the DC comics, Imra eventually marries Lightning Lad.
  • Nora West-Allen has referred to a hero named Lightning Lad, and Gideon said that she was the fifth recruit of "The Legion of" before Barry cut her off.[5] This could refer to the fact that XS and Lightning Lad were both members of the Legion in the DC comics.