The Legion's cruiser has the ability of interplanetary travel as well as time travel.


At some point, the Legion obtained their cruiser. They used their cruiser to travel to the past.


The legion cruiser has an unknown number of compartments in which only a handfull have been mentioned and seen.The ship is equipped with a medical bay that can perform an astonishing variety of medicinal and surgical procedures from the future which haven't been shown yet in this time. The Legion Cruiser is also large enough to house an undisclosed but large number of people aside from its crew in the event of an emergency. A holographic instruction manual for the ship's engines, machinery, and computer operating systems can also be found aboard. The vehicle is capable of protecting its crew from the g-forces that would otherwise wreak havoc on their bodies. Aside from traveling through time with help from a time rip, The Legion Cruiser can travel through space, creating Laser beams that can Attack other ships or objects, like when battling Reign and the worldkillers. Additionally, the Legion Cruiser is capable of communicating with other Ships.

Compartments in the Legion Cruiser

  • Bridge: The bridge is where the ship is piloted from, usually from the Captain's chair. Located in the middle of the ship, the bridge has viewports that allow the crew to see the outside. The bridge has multiple passenger chairs to fit additional crew members.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom has several windows, each including a screen of aquatic scenery, the room is in a circular shape. Winn used this as him and Guardian had a mission to see if Lena had any kryptonite left.
  • Medical bay: The medical bay is where the crew and any passengers go to receive medical treatments for injuries or illnesses. The med bay has a futuristic design. It is equipped with various sedatives and futuristic medicines that Braniac 5 often administers to mend injuries. It is also capable of keeping passengers in cryo-sleep for extended periods of time. Braniac used this function to keep the remaining legion members in stasis until the threat to their lives were handled with. There are two white beds, and cryo tubes with electronic displays system, and extremely advanced future medical technology. Braniac monitors patient vital signs using his powers.
  • Engine room: The engine room is where the Legion Cruiser engines are kept.

Known occupants


Former crew

  • Querl Dox/Braniac 5 (tech support, computer programer, and hacker; transferred to the Superfriends while Brainiac is dealt with)

Former passengers



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