The Legion's cruiser has the ability of interplanetary travel as well as time travel.


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At some point, the Legion obtained their cruiser. While on a mission, they inadvertently traveled 12,000 years into the past via wormhole. The cruiser ended up crash landing on Earth in the bay where National City would reside and the Legionnaires decided to go into cryostasis until they could awake in the 31st century.[1]

By 2017, the cruiser reactivated due to a torpedo strike from Bloodsport's submarine, resulting in Mon-El waking up.[2] Subsequently, the cruiser's defenses automatically targeting a submarine surveying the damage from Bloodsport's attack, though the craft managed to make it to safety, drawing the attention of the D.E.O. Kara Danvers, J'onn J'onzz, and Winn Schott phased right into the cruiser directly above its crash sight and discovered Mon-El. Mon-El and Winn later return with a device from the D.E.O. to reboot the ship's systems, during which Kara caught them. Subsequently, Imra Ardeen's pod began to malfunction, forcing Kara to break her out.[3]

Following Supergirl's first fight with Reign, she was taken to the cruiser to recuperate. Brainiac 5 was awakened to communicate with a comatose Kara. Brainy later piloted the cruiser in the Legion's first engagement with Reign at Albatross Bay.[4]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

In the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Querl Dox gave his keys to J'onn J'onzz to help evacuate the citizens of Earth-38 before the universe was destroyed by antimatter.[5]


The Legion cruiser has an unknown number of compartments in which only a handful have been mentioned and seen. The ship is equipped with a medical bay that can perform an astonishing variety of medicinal and surgical procedures from the future which haven't been shown yet in this time however it was both mentioned and seen when reign punched supergirl into a coma that the water the cryo-chambers can be filled with has incredible healing properties which were used on kara. The Legion cruiser is also large enough to house an undisclosed but large number of people aside from its crew in the event of an emergency as seen in the evacuation of Earth-38. holographic instruction manual for the ship's engines, machinery, and computer operating systems is on board which Mon-el misplaced. the vehicle is capable of protecting its crew from the g-forces that would wreak havoc on passengers. Aside from traveling through time utilizing a temporal disruption found in space, the Legion cruiser main function is interplanetary travel by using a light drive or its standard anti-gravity thrusters powered by moran batteries The cruiser also has a defense system armed with tri-cannons that can fire ion blast, a continuous ion beam and can shoot ionic torpedos like when battling Reign. Additionally, the cruiser has a communications system that can contact other Ships or comms. The Legion cruiser is also comprised of a highly durable metal not on the periodic table.


  • Bridge: The bridge is where the ship is piloted. usually from the Captain's chair with what appears to be a q-wave command interface. Located in the middle of the ship, The bridge has viewports that allow the crew to see the outside. The bridge has multiple passenger chairs to fit additional passengers there is a command/pilot square area up the stairs with some kind of drop-down door separating it from the rest of the bridge, 3 plant pods with self-contained hydration systems, multiple command consoles and monitors in interlac which are attached to the walls and floor, there is a transporter pad on the right corner, table with chairs in the front of the bridge there are 4 entrances to the bridge, 2 stations with a holographic projector, and many storage compartments built in the walls.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom has several windows, each including a screen of aquatic scenery, the room is in a circular shape. Winn used this as him and Guardian had a mission to see if Lena had any Kryptonite left. However, it was not followed through by Guardian due to his trust in Lena.
  • Medical bay: The medical bay is where the crew and any passengers go to receive medical treatments for injuries or illnesses. The med bay has a futuristic design. It is equipped with various sedatives and futuristic medicines that Brainiac 5 often administers to mend injuries. cryogenic chambers are capable of keeping passengers in cryo-sleep for extended periods of time using some kind of suspension gel made out of white dwarf glass capable of resisting Daxamite strength. Brainiac used this function to keep the remaining Legion members in stasis until the threat to their lives was handled with. There are two white beds, and cryo chambers with electronic displays system, patient scanner as mentioned by brainiac 5 and extremely advanced future medical technology. Brainiac monitors patient vital signs using his powers as well as interface with a crown device to enter the subconscious as seen on kara and James.
  • Engine room: The engine room is where the Legion cruiser engines are kept, One of which has been confirmed by Mon-el as a Light Drive.
  • Airlock: The airlock is a square-shaped room with markings and metal handles on the walls and four rectangular poles in the corners also with metal handles, There are two panels on both sides of the entrance that seems to correspond with a motion-activated interface. The function of this room is to allow ingress or egress into another vessel or space station via the docking port that securely locks on to it, which was jammed by a solar flare in "Fort Rozz".

Known occupants


Former crew

  • Querl Dox/Braniac 5 (tech support, computer programer, and hacker; transferred to the Superfriends while Brainiac is dealt with)


Former passengers



DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 5




  • The Legion cruiser has five power sources.
  • The cruiser uses a moran battery that generates anti-gravitational fields which is how the ship flies but if the circuits are without power for long enough (for example when the Legion ship was underwater for 12,000 years) they degrade but another moran battery could be used to regenerate the fuel cells on it. Essentially the future spaceship version of a jumpstart.
  • Mon-El has mentioned that the Legion cruiser uses a light drive.

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics R. J. Brande's company created the Legion cruiser and later replaced it with a battlecruiser when it was destroyed by Imperiex.


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