The Legion's cruiser has the ability of interplanetary travel as well as time travel through the use of a temporal disruption.


At some point, the Legion obtained their cruiser. They used their cruiser to travel to the past; however, with Querl Dox piloting, it missed its destination and stranded the Legion in the distant past.

In 2020, Querl Dox and Nia Nal used the cruiser to travel to May 26, 2009 to get the materials needed to release 2020 Kara from the Phantom Zone, but, upon exiting in that time, 2009 Kara heard the ship crash-land. 2009 Kara helped Brainy and Nia to hide the ship until they could repair it.[1]

Known occupants


Former crew

  • Querl Dox/Braniac 5 (tech support, computer programer, and hacker; transferred to the Superfriends while his distant relative is dealt with)


Former passengers



Season 5

Season 6




  • The Legion jet is capable of changing size, appearing to be a toy jet when it intercepts the bullet meant for Chester Dunholtz before expanding into a full-size vehicle.
  • The Legion jet requires a DNA sample to enter it and access its computer. Brainiac-5 informs Lex Luthor of this and how he can override it with a sample of Winn Schott's DNA placed on a panel in the right quadrant of the ship's control panel.
  • The memory cube on the Legion ship is powered through a telepathic interface. Lex realizes it must run on Q-waves and steals it for Lena.


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