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The Legion of Super-Heroes, simply known as the Legion, are a group of superheroes operating in the 30th century.


The Legion members Mon-El, Brainy and Imra Ardeen traveled to 2018 to defeat the Worldkillers. After winning, Mon-El and Imra returned to the 31st century, except for Brainy, who preferred to stay and become a member of D.E.O..[1] So, Winn Schott joined the Legion to fight against Querl Dox's distant relative.

In 2020, Winn returned to defeat his evil doppelgänger that was going through him, after winning, he returned to the 31st century with a new codename: Toyman.[2]

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  • Before joining the Legion, a codename/callsign must be chosen. Though this can be changed at the Legionarre's discretion once they are a member.

Behind the Scenes

  • It's unknown what Mon-El's call sign is, but it is likely Valor as his superhero suit is based off the character and it is tje trait he learned to embody.



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