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"I mean, fair question. Why does a time-traveling speedster need to rely on anyone? Thawne's hiding something. Wouldn't you like to know what it is?"
Malcolm Merlyn to Damien Darhk

"The Legion of Doom" is the tenth episode of the second season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the twenty-sixth episode overall. It aired on January 31, 2017.



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Preparation ran from October 26 until November 3, 2016. Shooting ran from November 4 until November 16, 2016.[1]


  • This is the first episode in the Arrowverse that an antagonist (Damien Darhk) provides the opening monologue, rather than the protagonist. It would later happen again with Eobard Thawne in "Doomworld".
    • This episode is told from the perspective of the Legion of Doom, with the title card being changed to the syndicate members' respective insignias to represent this.
  • This episode reveals why Eobard still exists despite the death of his ancestor since the end of Flashpoint, with it being explained that he was protected from being erased by the Speed Force and how time has not yet caught up to him.
  • Eobard and Damien's recruiting of Malcolm takes place right after the fourth season Arrow episode "Schism".
  • This episode marks the return of Hunter Zolomon, who last appeared in the second season The Flash episode "The Race of His Life".
    • This is Hunter's first onscreen appearance since his transformation by the Time Wraiths, dubbed by Savitar as the "Black Flash".[2] However, in this episode, he is unnamed.
  • The Legion is shown to not get along well, unless they take turns making snide remarks about someone; the amnesic Rip Hunter compares their dynamic to that depicted in the movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, with the main villain (Thawne) keeping his henchmen so occupied with their hatred of each other that they cannot stop his own plans.
  • Lily Stein's nature as an aberration is revealed to herself and the rest of the Legends. However, no action will be taken to erase her from the timeline.
  • When the Legends try to identify the speedster, pictures of several speedsters from The Flash, namely the Flash (Barry Allen), the Flash (Jay Garrick), Trajectory, the Rival, Kid Flash, and Jesse Quick can be seen.
  • Martin's flashback of Eddie Thawne killing himself is archive footage from the first season The Flash episode "Fast Enough".
  • The champagne Ray and Lily have is named after Marc Guggenheim.
  • The chest symbol on Hunter's suit has changed since he was last seen. In The Flash episode "The Race of His Life", it had a red lightning on a white background, but in this episode, the background is a dark gray.
    • The belt portion of the suit has also seems to have been changed since Hunter's previous appearance, as both sides of the belt are now decorated with silver lightning bolts.
  • Eobard's flashback mirrors Hunter's flashback of him as "Jay Garrick" chasing himself as Zoom from "Flash of Two Worlds".
  • Eobard mentions the events that occurred during "Flashpoint", where The Flash pulled him out of the timeline and held him captive for months.
  • Hunter's decomposed face has a slightly different appearance since he last appeared on The Flash, showing more bone and teeth beneath the rotted skin, as well as the rotted skin flapping when he roars.
    • Also, Hunter now walks more hunched over as he no longer has normal muscles on his bones to allow normal posture and the ability to walk straight.
    • If one listens carefully, Hunter appears to be saying "Flash" twice when he arrives at Lindgren Banking Securities, though it is heavily masked by his transformation so to be read as growls and roars.


  • In Damien's monologue, he says he was removed from the timeline by Eobard 31 years before his death in 2016. However, Damien first time-traveled in 1987,[3] which was 29 years before his demise in 2016.
  • When Malcolm and Damien lock themselves and Thawne in the bank vault, Thawne acts as if there's no way he can escape, but there's nothing stopping him from phasing his way out.
  • Martin should've realized the identity of the speedster much earlier, since he was present at the time when Eobard Thawne's real face was revealed in "Fast Enough", when he was being erased from existence.
    • It's possible Martin may have been unable to get a clear look at Eobard's true face or retain a clear memory of the experience due to the temporal distortions of the conflict.
  • The city shown as Zurich, is in fact the Swiss city of Basel.