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The Leviathan was a weapon of Vandal Savage's army, a gigantic humanoid robot capable of destroying entire settlements. Its creation was the clue acquired by Rip Hunter's team to prove that Vandal Savage was able to travel through time, and, thus, was a danger to the whole timeline.


The Leviathan was created with the use of technology at least a century ahead of 2166. Vandal Savage has acquired said technology through the use of time travel, which he managed to achieve either through the help from Time Masters, or, as he claimed, by following the example set by his nemesis, Rip Hunter.[1]

The Leviathan was shaped as humanoid robot, with a symbol of an atom on its head. Its vital parts, seen through the see-through armor of the robot, were connected to each other with long, glowing green tubes that resembled blood vessels. The Leviathan was armed with projectile weaponry and had limited flight capability. The robot's "vitals" were constantly streamed to the command center of Savage's army, from where it received orders to hunt down the enemies of Vandal Savage.[2]


At least one hundred years after 2166, the Leviathan was constructed and Vandal Savage obtained using time travel and brought it back to 2166 to rule the world. It was used in deadly attacks against the settlements of anti-Savage resistance, stomping them to the ground, leaving nothing but what appeared to be giant craters in shape of footprints.[2]

The Atom destroys the Leviathan

The Atom destroys the Leviathan.

The Leviathan was sent to destroy the Waverider after Rip Hunter's team made their appearance known to Vandal Savage in 2166. It appeared before the unsuspecting team after Martin Stein and Ray Palmer evacuated the refugees affiliated with the Resistance to the time-traveling ship. The Leviathan proceeded to grab the Waverider, seemingly unfazed by the smaller vehicle's defensive fire, and damaged it by throwing it through the air. To stop the Leviathan, Ray Palmer and Jefferson Jackson modified the A.T.O.M. Exosuit, turning Ray into a gigantic version of the Atom. In a deadly battle, Ray was able to defeat the Leviathan using his enlarged exosuit to cut his head, disabling its robotic body.[2]

Weapon specifications[]

  • Condensed light blasts: The Leviathan was able to use "hard light" projectiles, similar to the A.T.O.M. robots.[2]
  • Flight: The Leviathan had limited flight capability.[2]
  • Physical fighting: As a military robot, the Leviathan used its massive body for physical fighting, able to destroy whole villages with a step and combat targets of a similar size.[2]


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Behind the scenes[]

  • There is a number of characters, including an organization, named "Leviathan" in the DC Comics, but none of them resemble the robot seen in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The generic Biblical concept from which it derives, of an unimaginably huge sea monster, possibly of a nature similar to the Kraken, does largely fit, except for the aquatic element. Oftentimes the word "Leviathan" is simply used as a name for incredibly large monsters or enemies in popular stories due to it being almost synonymous with monsters of titanic proportions.