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For the titular group, see Longbow Hunters.
"I was wrong before. You may now be working here at A.R.G.U.S., but you're still honoring Oliver's mission."
"I appreciate your saying that."
"But I still can't rest until that I know that my family is safe. Which means I need to work with someone whose focus is bringing down Diaz. And that someone is not you.
Felicity Smoak and John Diggle

"The Longbow Hunters" is the second episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-fortieth episode overall. It aired on October 22, 2018.



"The Longbow Hunters" starts with Oliver in isolation. A watchman comes to evacuate Oliver and return him to general holding and it's uncovered that Oliver just went through two days in single.

Felicity comes back to Star City and Team Arrow gets together for supper. Felicity tells the group that she's revealed Diaz utilizing refreshed innovation and they understand he has "new companions". She illuminates them she's concocted calculations to follow the entirety of Diaz's known partners.

The Longbow Hunters sever into a site ARGUS office and take a super-powered battery. Curtis and Felicity start investigating the break-in.

Diggle's drawn closer by one of ARGUS' higher ups and it places additional weight upon him to recuperate the stolen tech.

Felicity and Curtis connect with Diggle requesting to assist with the Longbow Hunters case, but he won't let them help.

Dinah connects with Laurel, upset that the latter has been getting rid of her witness information. Dinah uncovers to Laurel that the Longbow Hunters have shown up around. After Laurel denies the security watch, an obstinate Dinah accepts the job of Laurel's own guardian.

Oliver approaches Brick and Sampson about the location of Ricardo Diaz, but the pair will not release any data. Brick discloses to Oliver that he makes some hard memories confiding in the previous city hall leader and demands that Oliver "take care of" of the gatekeeper that has been giving them inconveniences.

Felicity and Curtis hack into the ARGUS database and reveal some knowledge about the Longbow Hunters. They ultimately get an expected site about the group's central command and go to research. After showing up at the distribution center, they discover the Hunters aren't home and choose to enter the structure for a more intensive look. They understand they've been followed and in a little while, they catch ARGUS operators who've chosen to assault a similar area.

A resentful Diggle uncovers that the stolen thing isn't only a battery — it's likewise fit for being changed over into a weapon that can level the city.

Oliver and Stanley cause a smaller than usual mob with the goal that they can gain admittance to uncover more data on Peter Yorke, the gatekeeper Oliver needs to take out.

Dinah finds that Laurel has gotten away from her watch and embarks to discover her.

Felicity shows up at ARGUS to discover her PC has been rendered futile. In the wake of going up against Diggle about it, the two contend about not having the option to carry on with their past actions anymore.

Oliver's halted in the yard by Brick and friends and Oliver educates the team that Yorke is spotless. Turner gives Oliver a shiv and requests him to slaughter Yorke.

Later on, Yorke's cleaning Oliver's cell and he advises the watchman that individuals need him dead. Rather than tolerating Oliver's notice, Yorke promptly excuses it, making a joke of Oliver's life as a vigilante.

After Felicity quiets down, Diggle defies her and concedes why he would not put on the Green Arrow hood. He watched it destroy Oliver and Felicity and didn't need the equivalent to happen to him and Lyla. Diggle agrees to let Felicity join the group on the off chance that she can do stuff his way.

Dinah in the end discovers Laurel in the parking area of an old church. Laurel clarifies that it's a venture that Diaz needed to redesign and she accepts he's been remaining there. Dinah neglects to persuade Laurel to call the specialists and rather jumps in the structure herself.

An ARGUS group joins on a train they accept is conveying Diaz's stolen device as Felicity goes about as an overwatch back at ARGUS HQ.

Dinah follows Laurel into the structure.

Diggle and his group are in a flash assaulted by one of the Longbow Hunters when they board the train.

One more of the Longbow Hunters starts battling with Laurel while the third goes to the guide of her associate on the train. She utilizes gas to take out the ARGUS specialists and Diggle sees Diaz in the train vehicle in front of them.

Diggle's ready to follow Diaz down and the two battle but Diggle orders Felicity to untie the last vehicle of the train so ARGUS can carry off the taken innovation. A reluctant Felicity unties the vehicle sooner rather than later, permitting Diaz and the Hunters to get away.

Felicity, upset that Diggle permitted Diaz to get away, leaves ARGUS.

Laurel goes into Dinah's office the following day to express gratitude toward her for the help. Laurel agrees to receive witness protection from the police. Laurel has an abrupt change of heart and apologizes to Dinah for murdering Vincent.

During lunch, Oliver starts a conversation with Officer Yorke. Oliver then uses the shiv to wound himself, forming a barrier around Yorke, and unassociated officials come to pull Yorke away.

The scene closes with Felicity approaching FBI Agent Watson for help finding Diaz.

In the flashforwards, William and Roy gather around a fire. William reveals that the hozen Oliver gifted him contained GPS directions to Lian Yu. Roy warns him to toss it in the sea and never think back. He and William later dig up Oliver's hidden stash and his bow which leads them back to Star City.


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Preparation ran from July 9 until July 17, 2018. Shooting ran from July 18 until July 31, 2018.[1]