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For the titular character, see Malcolm Merlyn.
"I apologize for involving you in this. My quarrel is with your father."
"My father's been dead for years, you crazy psycho bitch."
"Not Robert Queen. Your true father—Al Sa-Her. 'The Magician.' Known to the uninitiated as Malcolm Merlyn.
Nyssa al Ghul and Thea Queen

"The Magician" is the fourth episode of the third season of Arrow, and the fiftieth episode overall. It aired on October 29, 2014.



Moments after Nyssa arrives asking about Sara, she admits that Sara had come due to the League of Assassins and Oliver begins to tell her about Sara but she is able to guess for herself the truth. Oliver apologizes and Nyssa asks if it was an arrow. Nyssa then asks where is Sara's body and upon learning about the location, Nyssa leaves.

Oliver heads out to meet Thea, but he is a bit late. Thea tells him that she is going to bring back the Foundry from Queen Consolidated. Oliver asks if she is seeing someone and asks why she is different. She hedges however.

In the flashbacks, Oliver is following a target who was claimed to be a terrorist. He doesn't like that being Waller's hired gun.

Laurel is standing in front of her sister's grave when Nyssa walks up. Laurel greets her in surprise as Nyssa walks forward and begins speaking to the grave. Laurel tells her that Sara died with Arrows in her chest and then blames Nyssa and her father for Sara. Nyssa tells her how she had found Sara and loved her. Nyssa then tells her that the jacket was a gift for Sara and how she isn't fit to wear it. Roy is following Nyssa and she stops at an abandoned home. Roy texts Oliver the address. He shows up and learns that the place Nyssa is at was Sara's safe house. Oliver spots a can and comments how it was Sara's favorites. Oliver then learns that Sara was chasing after rumors of Malcolm being alive.

Heading to the foundry, Nyssa talks to Roy, Oliver, and Diggle. Nyssa reveals that Moira had informed the League that Malcolm was alive. Sara found Merlyn and had a blank piece of paper in her boot. Nyssa then asks for an open flame and reveals the paper was written in "ghost ink". The note reveals Sara consulted her father for help regarding a person named "Jansen".

Laurel approaches her father at work and begins to talk about Sara. However, she doesn't tell him that Sara is dead, but gets the information. Nyssa followed and so they both get the information.

That night, Oliver, Roy, Dig, and Nyssa head to the location: a monastery established by Ken Zhi Jansen, a Buddhist monk whom Malcolm helped prevent from being deported to China. Nyssa splits from the team immediately whilst everyone else splits up separately. Nyssa found someone she thought was Jenson but it was in fact Malcolm as Jenson was dead. Malcolm sets a gas bomb and rushes off. Oliver shoots an arrow at him but he just smirks and rushes off.

Oliver returns to the foundry and tells Laurel what happened. Laurel wants Oliver to kill Merlyn but he refuses. Nyssa goes off after Laurel. Oliver then sends Roy to go watch Thea. Oliver then leaves to look at the streets as Diggle uses the program Felicity wrote.

In flashbacks, Oliver remembers how he killed a man in Hong Kong. He also removes a USB from the man.

Nyssa tells Laurel that she understands and loved Sara too. Laurel tells Nyssa that she needs to get Merlyn no matter what.

Roy approaches Thea upstairs, who was hard at work. He offers to help her out as friends and former co-workers.

Diggle sends Oliver to where Merlyn is supposedly hiding. However the place is empty as Malcolm figured out his trick. He asks him to meet him elsewhere in public without their masks, alone.

Oliver heads there and looks around. He doesn't spot Malcolm right away. Malcolm walks up and tells Oliver that Ra's al Ghul planted a bounty on his head. He said that he came back because of Thea, who he had protected during The Siege. He claims to have kept his distance from Thea since then. Malcolm then swears on Thea's life that he is not Sara's killer before walking away.

Oliver meets up with Thea and asks her if she is okay. She is confused and he tells her that he learned what Moira must've been talking about. Thea lies about who saved her the night of The Siege and he tells her that Malcolm is alive. He asks if she's okay.

Nyssa heads to the foundry and learns that Malcolm swore on his daughter's life. He then admits that Thea is Malcolm's daughter, angering Nyssa. She rushed off to go kill Malcolm.

Years ago, Oliver returns and found out that it was just him and his handler. He didn't like that he had to kill that day.

Oliver then notices the son playing on the computer and asks to use it. He asks to use it, and instead of trying his family, checks what he got from the dead person.

Thea and Roy leave the club when Nyssa shows up and tranqs Roy. Nyssa then says that she is there for Thea, not him.

Malcolm is in his apartment when he wonders if Thea is there. He then notices purple smoke from a distance. He then rushes off.

Oliver learns via Diggle and Laurel about how to find Thea and Malcolm.

Malcolm Merlyn The Magician in front of the Arrow and Nyssa

Malcolm Merlyn after fighting The Arrow and Nyssa.

Thea threatens Nyssa. The Arrow cuts Thea free and they begin to fight as Thea rushes off. Malcolm then shows up and shoots at them so as to clear up the matter. But Nyssa doesn't care and ends up getting caught. Malcolm tells Nyssa that he thought it was her father who killed Sara as Oliver won't shoot. Malcolm then begins to walk away but Oliver aims at him. He then decides to not kill him.

Returning to the foundry, Nyssa punchs Oliver as Oliver tells them that Malcolm didn't kill Sara. Oliver then tells Nyssa that the League can't go after Malcolm while he is in Starling. Nyssa walks away pissed off. Felicity then returns from Central City.

In Hong Kong, Oliver tells Amanda that he saved the airline. Oliver then admits that he knew Fryers worked for Amanda. Amanda is pissed and Oliver's threatens to release the files if she goes after the man's family. Oliver then learns that he had saved a woman two years before and wanted to know why.

Laurel is working out at the gym when Nyssa approaches her. Laurel tells her that it kills her that he's still out there. Nyssa tells her that Laurel is now strong, something she wouldn't have said in the cemetery.

Quentin tries calling Sara and gets her voicemail. He tells the voicemail that he was worried about her and loved her.

Oliver approaches Thea at the club and found her cleaning. Oliver tells her that he would always check on her. Roy walks up and Oliver leaves. Thea then says that cleaning was kinda zen. He then apologizes for not stopping the woman. Thea complements his moves and she gives him the job of assistant manager, with the job being purely platonic. Thea then walks away to take a call. It was Malcolm calling to check on her.

Nyssa returns to the League headquarters in Nanda Parbat and tells her father Ra's al Ghul that Malcolm is alive. She admits that Sara is dead and it appears to be Malcolm's work. Ra's then tells Nyssa that due to Oliver's protection, he is now at war with the League.


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Preparation ran from August 1 until August 12, 2014. Filming ran from August 13 until August 22, 2014.[1]