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"This town is being terrorized by the Stillwater Gang, and I aim to do something about it."
"You aim to? You going native on us, Haircut?
Ray Palmer and Mick Rory

"The Magnificent Eight" is the eleventh episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the eleventh episode overall. It aired on April 12, 2016. It aired early in Canada on April 12, 2016, and later aired in the United States on April 14, 2016.




Guest starring[]




In order to hide from the Time Masters' Hunters, Rip lands the Waverider in the outskirts of the town of Salvation, in 1877. The area is a time fragmentation, which provides the team with a temporary hideout, until they figure out their next move. Rip encourages the team to lay low, but everyone want to explore the Old West, and Rip eventually allows it. Gideon prepares them with Old West clothing and revolvers in case of trouble, though Rip discourages them to use them.

The team enters the town and head to a saloon. Kendra stumbles upon an elderly woman, who causes Kendra to have a flashback from her previous life. Sara and Mick sit at the bar, and Mick notices how Sara can handle her alcohol. Sara explains about how many guys attempted to get her drunk, but they all failed. Rory challenges Sara to a drinking contest (and eventually loses). Stein is playing poker with Snart sitting next to him. He manages to beat his opponents, but one them begins to get aggravated, which ends in shooting, when Snart shoots the guy before he could shoot Stein. A bar fight follows, which is stopped by Jonah Hex, who recognizes the team as time travelers. He also points out that the guy Snart shot was part of the Stillwater Gang, who has been terrorizing the town for a long time, and a retribution is coming.

The team takes Jonah to the Waverider, and it is revealed that Rip and Jonah are old acquaintances. Rip has been in Old West before, but he refuses to elaborate, which causes the team to ask Gideon themselves. Kendra is troubled about the woman she ran into and decides to find her. Sara chooses to go with her.

Ray and Jonah head to the town's sheriff's office, where the sheriff runs away and appoints Ray as the new sheriff. The next morning the Stillwater gang arrives. Their leader, Jeb Stillwater, attempts to gain his way with Ray, but Ray stands his ground. Jeb attempts to shoot Ray, but Snart, hiding in a building, shoots Jeb's gun out of his hand. Ray manages to get the gang to leave, but they promise to return.

Kendra and Sara are riding towards the woman's home. Martin is in the saloon and meets a woman named Sarah Neal, who is crying over his sick son. Martin goes with her to see him. The boy has tuberculosis, which immediately sparks Stein to cure him, since the disease is curable in the future.

The team returns to Waverider and Martin takes the cure for the boy and confronts Rip about his past. Rip admits he came here before and liked the Old West so much he opted to stay. He did, but he eventually returned to Time Masters. But right after he left, the town of Calvert, where he lived as sheriff, was torched, and Jonah, who was there too, blamed Rip for it. Rip is worried that Martin using a cure from 20th century here will have dire consequences for the timeline, but Martin opts to do it. Kendra and Sara reach the old woman's home, and confront her. The woman is revealed to be one of Chay-Ara's incarnations. She tells Kendra and Sara that many times in their previous lives they have loved others, but in the end the only one they can truly love is Carter and his incarnations, and no one else. For Kendra, this news is troubling, as she has started to fall in love with Ray, but now it seems it won't work, but Sara encourages her to hold on to Ray.

Martin takes the cure to Sarah, and her boy is cured. Martin tells her to destroy the remaining cure after the disease is gone.

Ray leads Jonah, Snart, Rory and Jax to the Stillwater camp and a firefight ensues. In the fight, the team manages capture Jeb, but the gang manages to capture Jax. Back at the Waverider, the team contemplates how to deal with the gang without sacrificing Jax. Jonah suggests making one-on-one stand at high noon. Ray volunteers for the showdown, but Rip steps in instead. At high noon, the gang arrives with Jax, and the showdown goes on. Rip wins and Jax is released, and the gang leaves town for good. But as the team celebrates, the Hunters' arrive. Seeing they are armed to the teeth, the team has no choice but to utilize their powers. The team beats the Hunters', but one of them tells Rory that the Time Masters has initiated the Omega Protocol, and that the Pilgrim has been sent after the team.

Rip says farewell to Jonah and he leaves the town. Martin says his farewells to Sarah and the boy tells his name is H.G. Wells. The team returns to the Waverider, and Rory explains what the Omega Protocol is. It's the most drastic order they can call upon, and that Pilgrim is the deadliest assassin ever known. Rip says she is cunning and ruthless to the core, and Rory claims she won't be coming after them directly. Instead, she is going to target the team, while they were still children. In Central City in 1980, Pilgrim can be seen killing Rory as a child.


"So, we're hiding out in the Old West from the bad guys?"
—Ray questions Rip's choice of hiding places
"You can hold your liquor."
"You surprised Mick? I've been on plenty of dates with men hoping to get me drunk and they'd get lucky. Somehow,
they always ended up the ones under the table."
"You haven't drunk with me yet."
"Is that a challenge Mick?"
"Barkeep! Line 'em up!
—Mick and Sara have a competition to see who passes out drunk first
"You know we got stuff on the ship to fix that."
"Fix what?"
—Ray decides not to mention Hex's scar




Preparation ran from January 13 until January 21, 2016. Shooting ran from January 22 until February 3, 2016.[1]


  • The intro scene of this episode is very similar to a scene in the Justice League animated series episode "The Once and Future Thing" as both feature an old west version of the show's theme song. Coincidentally, both episodes also feature Jonah Hex.
  • It is revealed that Rip needs to travel 200 years into the past before he can feel any side-effects from time travel while Mick no longer suffers from side-effects, due to his time as Chronos.
  • Snart experiences lyngustic displasia - speaking words in the wrong order - after time travel.
  • During the bar fight, the Wilhelm Scream can be heard.
  • Rip revealed that he once dealt with the same problem Sara had in "Left Behind"; he grew so accustomed to a foreign time period that he almost forgot who he truly was.
  • The city of Salvation has a history with Jonah Hex in the comics.
  • The title of this episode is a reference to the 1960 Western film The Magnificent Seven.
  • Ray Palmer uses the alias "John Wayne", a famous Western actor.
  • The store "Kubert's Barbershop" is referencing the famous Kubert family of comic book artists.
  • Another sign in Salvation reads "KLEMMER & SONS Mercantile and Provisions". Phil Klemmer is one of the executive producers of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Rip mentions Quentin Turnbull, who in the comics was Jonah Hex's archenemy, destroying the city of Calvert.
  • Kendra meets her Old West counterpart, who mentions that Carter Hall's 19th century reincarnation counterpart was her husband, Hannibal Hawkes. In the comics, these characters were Cinnamon and Nighthawk.
  • Martin saves H.G. Wells, a writer who become famous for writing many sci-fi novels and went on to be considered "the father of science fiction".
    • Thus, had Martin listened to Rip and not saved the boy's life, the entire future of the human race could have been radically altered without Wells' book.
  • In the DC and Wildstorm comics, Pilgrim is a member of the Wildstorm team Wetworks.
  • Albano Canyon is named after John Albano, one of the creators of Jonah Hex.
  • Rip uses the phrase, "What's past is prologue". He is quoting Prospero from the play The Tempest written by William Shakespeare.


  • The Colt Single Action Army carried by Sara wasn't produced until 1873.
  • Rip tells Stillwater that he will be shooting for "Sheriff Palmer" and the town understands, despite knowing Ray as "John Wayne".
  • Calvert, which had been razed in 1868, was said to be in Oklahoma. At that time, neither the state or name Oklahoma existed; it would have been Indian Territory.
  • Right before the shoot-out, Rip throws his duster back and puts his left hand behind his back (presumably to keep it out of the way of his gun). However, the shots from behind Rip show his left hand in front of his body and the duster hanging free, obstructing his draw.
  • In 1871, there were no plastics. If the team was really trying to fit in with the locals when first arriving, Professor Stein should have traded his plastic frame glasses for wire frames.
  • When speaking to Ray, Stein once accidentally refers to him as "Brandon" after Ray's actor, Brandon Routh.
  • Ray says that the six shooters in the Old West at this time were actually 5 shooters because they had hammer blocks. This is incorrect. The revolvers at this time did not have hammer blocks to prevent the hammer from hitting and firing a bullet accidentally if a gun was dropped. The guns did hold 6 bullets but the chamber under the hammer was usually left empty to avoid accidental discharge so most guns were loaded only with 5 bullets.