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"'Cause if I knew who he really was, then he'd become a person, right? Maybe he's got a family. Friends. People that care about him. Someone with a life. That he couldn't be what I needed him to be. What this city needs him to be. It's the Arrow that matters. The man under the hood isn't important. Look at me. Can you imagine what it's like to be him? What he has to live with day in and day out, what that's gotta be like? Hey. The least I can do is sit here and do a little bit of time for him."
Quentin Lance explaining to Laurel why he doesn't want to know The Arrow's identity

"The Man Under the Hood" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of Arrow, and the forty-second episode overall. It aired on April 16, 2014. The episode is also notable for introducing the characters Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow before the debut of The Flash​.



Oliver and his team break into the Applied Sciences division of Queen Consolidated and destroy the lab so that Slade does not have access to it to mass-produce the Mirakuru. Laurel goes to visit Quentin to ask him about The Arrow and the woman in black, just as Sara walks in. Queen's lawyer tells Oliver and Moira they will be broke unless all three of the Queens sign the trust fund. Moira asks Oliver to convince Thea to sign the trust fund so that they can fight back.

In a flashback, Sara helps Oliver get back up on his feet. Anatoly threatens to torture Ivo, resulting in him stating that there is a cure for the Mirakuru.

Oliver looks for Thea and as Felicity and Dig look for Roy. They then enter the foundry to find out that Slade was waiting for them as a response of the bombing. Slade attacks the team at their hideout and after injuring Oliver and the rest of the team, steals the "Skeleton Key", so that he can access any lab to get the equipment he needs. Sara goes to the hospital with excuse of a "motorcycle accident" and Laurel comes to check on her. The doctor tells her about Sara's scars which she later sees on Sara's back, and starts to piece together that she might be the woman in black who rescued her. Laurel investigates Oliver being the Arrow, which leads her to discover that Sara is the Canary.

Oliver finds Thea at Verdant and fills her in on the plan to save their funds. However, Thea refuses to sign the trust fund with the reason she is not Robert's daughter, but Malcolm's. Oliver then learns that Slade took the skeleton key to break into another lab.

In S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco and Caitlin were cataloging the inventory when Slade broke in and killed the lone security man. Cisco and Caitlin run off and rushed into a secure area to get a tool from an old employee. They shoot at him and then rush off. However, Slade doesn't follow them, and steals a bio-transfuser before the team even shows up. The bio-transfuser would allow him to transfer his Mirakuru-infused blood to the convicts he freed.

Felicity has a brief chat with the staff and as well as talking about Barry, who is still in a coma. Felicity fills Dig on how she met Caitlin and Cisco, who then mention that Iris visits Barry. She claimed that had no idea who Iris was.

Once Oliver learns what was stolen, he has Felicity try to track Slade down. He then approaches Isabel and talks about how he knew about her and his father. However Isabel fills him in on how he was set to leave with her when Thea had gotten injured. She adds that Robert knew that Thea wasn't his. Oliver calls Thea in response and asks for 5 minutes.

On the Island, Ivo makes them promise him a quick death before telling them about the Mirakuru cure. He hands them a key for the safe on the freighter that was in his quarters. Sara then picks up a nearby gun and tearfully aims the gun at him.

Quentin is beaten up by a convict in jail due to him being a cop. Laurel calls Arrow to meet to fuel her investigation. However, before she could reveal anything, Sara calls her and tells her that it was about her father. She leaves and heads to the prison and finds out that he was beaten up.

Laurel asks to speak to her father alone and mentions knowing who the Arrow is. Her father tells her that the Arrow's identity is irrelevant to the symbol that he represents. She then stops her investigation. Laurel later blackmails her supervisor into releasing and reinstating her father.

Thea meets up with Oliver and he doesn't want to pick up the phone. However Felicity gives him no choice and when he turns around Thea is gone. Oliver tracks Slade and discovers that he has kidnapped Roy and is using him to transfuse the blood.

Before he could remove anything from Roy, Slade and Isabel stepped up. Isabel admits how Roy didn't put up a fight. Oliver shoots out the grid and begins the fight. Isabel takes to shooting towards him at first. Oliver shoots explosives at Slade, knocking him out. Oliver then sets Roy free, as Isabel gets up. Someone shoots at her and Oliver turns to see Dig. Slade gets up and Oliver takes that unconscious Roy out of there and to the Foundry.

On the Island, Sara doesn't shoot Ivo right away and Oliver stopped her from doing so. Ivo then admitted how the Mirakuru drove him mad. Oliver then shot him twice.

Later, Oliver reveals there is a cure for the Mirakuru, and Felicity goes to S.T.A.R. Labs to have an antidote created and mass-produced.

Oliver tells Thea that Robert had known and how he had chosen them and her. Thea however still walks out.

Laurel finds Oliver at Verdant and hugs him, claiming that it because he's important to her.

Later, Slade's army of Mirakuru warriors gather, and Slade uses his own blood to heal and empower Isabel as well.


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Preparation ran from February 12 until February 20, 2014. Shooting ran from February 21 until March 4, 2014.[1]