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For the Season 1 episode, see "The Man in the Yellow Suit".
For the eponymous character, see Eobard Thawne.
"Even if I was this monster somehow, or in another life, don't hold my sins against her. I am begging you. Save her.
The Thawne I know has haunted my life since I was just a kid. He's killed people I care for. He deserves to rot. He could never put someone else's needs before his. I'm sorry. You're not the man I thought you were. You're someone better.
Eobard Thawne and The Flash

"The Man in the Yellow Tie" is the eighteenth episode of the eighth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-sixty-ninth episode overall. It aired on June 15, 2022.



After training Meena, Barry is shown the Biometric Lightning Oscillation Chamber (BLOC), which grants her speed. She introduces him to its co-inventor: Thawne, with his original face, though he doesn't remember his past or Barry. On Lian Yu, the imprisoned Thawne theorizes that the other is from another timeline. Barry tries to stop Meena from using the BLOC, but she connects to the Negative Speed Force and begins draining power junctions. The alternate Thawne states that he fell in love with Meena and had visions of the BLOC, but was unaware of the NSF. He and Team Flash find Meena in Keystone City, and he is able to disconnect Meena from the NSF. Later, Ray Palmer informs Team Flash that the Flashpoint Thawne was revived by the Time Wraiths[N 2] and Barry theorizes that he was revived again and brought to Meena. Meanwhile, Cecile's powers grow when she stops a bank robbery and mugging. Mark contacts Caitlin with a new plan to revive Frost. John Diggle approaches Thawne on Lian Yu for help in opening his box[N 3], but it disappears when Diggle chooses to remain with his family instead of accepting its power. Deon visits the imprisoned Thawne and tells him that it's time to "fulfill his destiny".

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  • The episode title is similar to that of the Season 1 episode, "The Man in the Yellow Suit".
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Matt Letscher (Eobard Thawne) on The Flash since "Flashpoint".
  • Ray Palmer mentions fighting off creatures from Morlaidh with his sword, a reference to the Sword of the Atom storyline in the DC comics.
    • This offscreen battle also partially references to his experience with an ion infused sword in "Camelot/3000".
  • In following with the season's catchphrase of "leveling up", Cecile and the Negative Speed Force display substantially upgraded abilities.
  • In describing Diggle's odysseys across the cosmos, Eobard references the Source Wall, the barrier of the multiverse in the comics. He also mentions Mandrakk, a cosmic entity from the comics also known as Dax Novu, the Dark Monitor.
  • When Diggle opens the cube, he sees flashes of space and hears voices. These voices are actually snippets of Diggle's dialogue pulled from other episodes in the Arrowverse.
    • The first says "No one can know my secret"; This is a line pulled from "Invasion", where Oliver wakes up in an alternate reality in which Diggle is the Green Arrow. This line is itself a reference to Oliver saying the same thing in the "Pilot" as well as in "Legacy".
    • The second line is "Don't come between those folks and their gold" which is pulled from the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Stressed Western". David Ramsey plays Bass Reeves, a Marshall in 1891, who encounters the Legends as they attempt to contain an alien threat.
    • The third line is "Sir, we are quite sure you will bring them back to justice" which comes from the third part of the Elseworlds crossover event "Elseworlds, Part 3". A version of Diggle says this to John Deegan who is masquerading as Superman in a warped reality created by the Book of Destiny.
    • The last coherent line is "This universe is far bigger than any of us could have dared imagine". This is a snippet pulled from Diggle's eulogy at Oliver's funeral in the Arrow Season 8 finale "Fadeout". In the episode, this line is played over the scene of Diggle originally finding the box.
    • Following these four lines, Diggle hears overlapping voices saying "Worlds await" just as he did in The Flash episode "P.O.W." These voices are inferred to be from the Guardians, the creators of the Green Lantern Corps in DC comics.
  • Due to the uncertainty of The Flash being renewed for a ninth season at the time the episode's script was written, Eric Wallace decided to conclude Diggle's story arc with the object in this episode, out of fear that if The Flash was not renewed, the storyline would not be finished.[1]
  • This episode contains flashback scenes from past episodes of The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and Batwoman.
  • This is the first eighteenth episode of a season of The Flash to not feature August Heart/Godspeed since Season 4's "Lose Yourself".


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