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"You don't want peace with The Flash. You wanna kill him."
"You're damn right I do!"
Iris West-Allen and Red Death

"The Mask of the Red Death, Part 1" is the fourth episode of the ninth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-seventy-fifth episode overall. It aired on March 1, 2023.



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The episode opens with Mark building the Cosmic Treadmill for Red Death. Barry and Iris are sitting at home talking about their next move against the Red Death. At the West house, Joe and Cecile are talking about whether or not to leave town after putting their daughter to bed. Meanwhile back at S.T.A.R Labs, Chester is sitting at his computer messaging one of his followers about his situation with Allegra. He expresses that he’s practically giving up at this point and the follower says not to.

Barry then arrives and the two of them track down Red Death’s location. Barry arrives on the scene to try and convince Red Death to let him help them break free of the Negative Speed Force’s control, only to be taken off guard when Roy Bivolo makes a surprise return and whammies Flash with intense feelings of fear. Red Death then blacks out the city. Red Death and Bivolo kidnap Barry and take him back to their lair. With no other options available, Chester sends out an S.O.S to Pied Piper and the other Rogues. When they arrive, they try to track down Flash, but because he doesn’t have his speed, they are incapable of it; which Chester points out. and Hartley rudely states that he’s aware of that, with Allegra not showing any defense of Chester as she’s okay with the Rogues pushing him around in order to keep her distance from him.

Back at the Rogue’s lair, Barry and Red Death’s remote controlled armor talk about Red Death’s plan, while the real Red Death does the same with Iris. She tries to convince Iris to work with her, but fails. This causes Red Death to get aggressive and take Iris by force. Back at the lair, Mark and Barry get to talking about Mark’s recent decisions. He tells Barry not to waste his time trying to get through to him as he’s just a lost cause now. Barry doesn’t believe that and tries to talk some sense into Mark. When Red Death returns with iris, she forces Barry to activate the treadmill by electrocuting Iris. Barry starts to run which causes red lightning to flash in the sky. This also allows the Rogue Squad and Team Flash to track Barry and Iris down. Allegra and the Rogues then go to rescue them leaving Chester behind with Khione.

Back at the West residence, a bolt of red lightning strikes the window and blows glass at Joe and Cecile’s daughter. Cecile uses her telekinesis to save her daughter and then goes off to help the neighbors. Meanwhile, Barry is still running on the treadmill and is starting to run out of steam. Mark realizes what kind of a terrible mistake he’s made and betrays Red Death to save Barry and Iris. Red Death’s minions then show up and fight Mark. Barry wants to help Mark when Allegra and the boys show up. Goldface and The Hotness grab Barry and pull him back into the group, while Pied Piper grabs the teleportation bomb from Allegra and uses it to transport the group away. Before they return to S.T.A.R labs, Barry can see Owen Mercer stab Mark which mean he might have killed him.

Barry argues with the Rogues for leaving Mark behind; then Iris speaks up and tells everyone what Red Death was really planning all along. Allegra then walks into Chester’s workshop and finds him working at his computer. She apologizes for being a jerk recently and for not wanting to talk about their growing relationship. Watching Mark get killed by Mercer reminded Allegra that life is precious and time is valuable and she wasn’t afraid anymore. She wanted to talk to Chester about their relationship, but now the tables have turned and Chester is the one who has no interest in talking about it; as he is only interested in repairing their damaged equipment and finding a way to defeat Red Death.

Back at the West house, Joe and Cecile get to talking about how they should stay in Central City in order to set a good example for their daughter. Happy about this decision, they cuddle on the couch with Joe having a worrier look on his face. Finally, back at the Red Death’s lair, Red Death organizes a new plan with her Rogues to take out the Flash and his team and take his world as her own.



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  • The episode title is a play on Edgar Allan Poe's 1842 short story "The Masque of the Red Death".
  • Red Death notably has a few similarities to the Injustice Superman.
    • Abusing her powers to enforce her idea of peace.
    • Causing the heroes of her world to team up with their Rogues to fight back.
    • Believing she has the right to kidnap a doppelgänger of a loved one from another Earth to replace her deceased version.
  • A few of Red Death's lines were derived from Batman's iconic quotes in various media:
  • This is the first appearance of Jenna West since "A Girl Named Sue".
  • This episode features the return of Roy Bivolo, who had not been seen since "Rogue Air". He can now use his power to induce fear, just like how Scarecrow uses Fear Toxin.
  • Bivolo apparently learned about how Flash reacted to being whammied in Flash vs Arrow; so he didn't want to risk an enraged speedster aside from Red Death.


  • At 36:38 Barry verbally says the line; Khione is right, however, the subtitles mistakenly read; Caitlin is right.