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"I was rooting for you, Lena. But, I have to agree. Humanity can't be fixed. They need to be controlled. Leviathan may be our biggest threat, but they were right about one thing. Humanity needs a firm hand to guide it. To lead it. And not some arrogant alien. It needs to be human."
"You mean, a Luthor."
"Think of all that we could accomplish together, if we just take our rightful place as humanity's saviors."
"Saviors? Of course. You never change. This was always all about you, your megalomania. You... knew my plan wouldn't work, that it was doomed. You were counting on it."
"How dare you? I gave you the world. Everything. I supported you. I sabotaged nothing, touched nothing. I set aside my own goals for you. Because you needed to see your little project fail with your own eyes. To know the true depravity of humanity. To know that my way was the only way."
"You're a monster. But that doesn't mean I have to be one, too.
Lex and Lena Luthor

"The Missing Link" is the eighteenth episode of the fifth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-fifth episode overall. It aired on May 10, 2020.



Lex laughs at Brainy

Lex amused by Brainy's concern

Yesterday, when the sun was attacked, a blackout occurred at Stryker's and an inmate had a claustrophobic episode; it caused his brain to evolve and override Project Non Nocere. Slowly a domino effect occurred with the other inmates and a riot started. Meanwhile, Lex and Lena Luthor are in the prison with Steve Lomeli, trying to fix the project by adjusting the Q-waves the patient zero was receiving.

The Superfriends and M'gann M'orzz meet at the Tower to discuss their next move against Leviathan. The heroes realize that on Earth-Prime, the history of the organization is different and the places that were theirs are changed, so Alex Danvers decides that they should contact Pete Andrews whose knowledge of the obscure would help them.

Meanwhile, when Lex returned from the Fortress of Solitude, he stole something, much to the displeasure of Querl Dox; he presents it to Gamemnae who presents it to Rama Khan. He is delighted because it was his and was stolen long ago. The ancient ones decide that it is perfect to kill Supergirl.

Rama Khan goes to Portland and starts an earthquake; the Superfriends quickly converge on his location because Dreamer used her powers to find him, interrupting as she slept a closeness that was developing between J'onn J'onzz and M'gann. While the Martians stop the tremors, Supergirl and Dreamer battle the Jarhanpurian. Upon his defeat, the D.E.O. arrives; this starts an argument about jurisdiction between Brainy and Nia.

William Dey and Kelly Olsen are researching Margot Morrison to get more information on her; William has already discovered that someone used an image inducer to copy her likeness on her video. The two discover that she was working with Eve Teschmacher; Kelly remembers her from Earth-38 and feels that she is dangerous to Obsidian North and the plans of Andrea Rojas. However, when William and Kelly tell Andrea about their suspicions, they are quickly dismissed since Eve has no record of wrong-doing.

Rama Khan deflects heat vision

At D.E.O. National City headquarters, Dreamer has a bad feeling while Brainy interrogates Rama Khan, so she and Supergirl watch; noting this, Brainy begins to talk to him in his planet's language, so the observers won't understand. Brainy threatens Rama Khan that he will keep him imprisoned unless he gets access to his ship. Rama Khan laughs; he allowed himself to be captured so he could get inside the headquarters. Rama Khan quickly escapes and Supergirl and Dreamer battle him as Brainy evacuates the building.

Alex and Andrew find themselves chased by an assassin who was hired to stop their research into Leviathan. They barely escape and Alex feels exposed without the resources and firepower she once had. Kelly suggests that she takes on the mantle of Guardian, like her brother had.

The Martians get involved in the fight against Rama Khan and M'gann is nearly killed. He then continues his assault as he pulls all of the Kryptonite stored in the building to himself. Rama Khan, successful in his quest, destroys the building as a grand exit.

At the prison, Lena ultimately learns that her project is a failure because humanity will do whatever it takes to survive, even evolve and adapt in moments. As she experiments with her Q-wave generator, Lex plays with the prisoners who are trying to hurt them by teleporting with his Transmatter portal. After the inmates are secured, Lex tells Lena that he already did the calculations and knew that Non Nocere was a failure and that she should side with him in leading humanity. Lena is in disbelief, as even in a new world, Lex wants to rule and will never change. Lex then lists his sacrifices to bide his time as he worked on this failure.

After Lena leaves, Lex, spitefully, has the prison explode. When Brainy goes to his boss about the destruction of the D.E.O., Lex laughs; Brainy may be a twelfth-level intellect, but Lex knew the Coluan would try to get to the space ship on his own, just another move in the chess game. Lex tells Brainy that he himself got access to the ship through Rama Khan getting the kryptonite.

William follows Eve into an alley; she places a bag on his head and captures him.

Scared that he might have lost M'gann in battle, J'onn confesses his feelings and they begin a relationship.

Kara Danvers' apartment (Earth-Prime)

Lena apologizes to Kara

Humbly, Lena goes to Kara's apartment to make amends with her. Lena confesses that she was angry about not knowing the Secret identities of the Superfriends and wanted to prove that the world did not need Supergirl. Crying, Lena admits that in the process, she was slowly becoming the villain she claimed she wasn't and unknowingly working with Leviathan through Lex; Lena knows something horrible is on the horizon and wants to help stop it. An upset Kara stands silent throughout Lena's speech. When Lena apologizes, Kara gestures her former friend to take a seat, agreeing to listen.



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  • The Jarhanpurians remember Earth-38, despite not surviving the Crisis.
  • However despite also not surviving Grodd also still remembers the previous multiverse due to his mind. It is possible that the Jarhanpurians race, powers, longevity or something else allowed them to retain their memories.