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"There is a prophecy. The man who doesn't perish at the blade of Ra'a al Ghul will become Ra's al Ghul. Ra's al Ghul doesn't offer, he orders."
Malcolm informs Oliver why Ra's wants him to be his heir.

"The Offer" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of Arrow, and the sixty-second episode overall. It aired on March 18, 2015.



Oliver is brought to his knees beneath Ra's, he begs him to spare John Diggle's life. Ra's compliments him before informing him he has no intention of killing him but asking him to take his place. Ra's tells Oliver that Ra's Al Ghul is a title that is passed on to those who survive a duel with him.

Meanwhile Nyssa refuses to believe Thea killed Sara. A frustrated Thea explains how she killed Sara while being drugged. Nyssa said that the murder will be revenged with the death of Malcolm. Laurel and Roy come in and attack Nyssa as they believe she has escaped. Nyssa knocks them both down but is shot with an anesthetic and passes out.

Ra's shows Oliver his League training and shows him the history behind the League. Ra's eventually shows him how he survives for so long, a pool that heals all injury and expands a person's lifespan. Diggle and Malcolm are brought in and leave after Oliver declines his offer.

Oliver brings Malcolm back to his loft to be healed which immediately angers Thea. Oliver apologies and then leaves.

Back at Verdant Diggle begins to question why Ra's truly released Oliver. When he walks into the Arrowcave the team are immediately annoyed that he freed Malcolm. Oliver then lets Nyssa go who also questions why he was released. After Nyssa Leaves Oliver Insists that He, Roy and Laurel go out in the field,

A crew kills two security guards before they try and steal several crates of diamonds revealing that the leader of the crew has his lips sewn together. Arrow, Arsenal and Black Canary show up and engage them. Laurel saves Roy from being shot right after Oliver save Laurel from being run over.

The Next day Felicity and Ray are working on his A.T.O.M suit while flirting. Oliver awkwardly walks in and asks to speak to Felicity, she is able to identify the thief as Micheal Amar aka Murmur.

Back at the Arrowcave Roy tells Oliver that the diamonds that Murmur stole were useless so Roy leaves to find out what he wants with them leaving Oliver and Diggle alone. Oliver than tells Diggle about Ra's' offer and begins to question himself and considers accepting.

Nyssa returns to Nanda Parbat to ask Ra's why Oliver was released. She is disgusted to learn that he asked Oliver to be his heir and leaves.

Roy learns that the diamonds can be turned into bullets that can go through body armor. At the police precinct Laurel begs Quentin to forgive her before Murmur Attacks.

Nyssa, Oliver, Roy, Laurel and Quentin take out Murmurs crew and arrest him before leaving. Nyssa and Laurel bond over their problems with their fathers. Thea and Roy get back together. Oliver meets Maseo to officially decline the offer.

Ra's, dressed as the Arrow, kills the rest of Murmur's crew and tells the survivors to tell everyone.


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Preparation ran from January 7 until January 16, 2015. Filming ran from January 16 until January 27, 2015.[1]


  • This is the first episode to show the Lazarus Pit in action.
  • The painting on the wall during the dinner scene in Nanda Parbat is the missing part of the Ghent Altarpiece. It was stolen in the early 20th Century and never retrieved.
  • This is the first time Ra's al Ghul is seen using a bow and arrows.


  • Shortly before the events of this episode, Malcolm was seen being tortured by having the soles of his feet burnt, but he is standing upright at the beginning of this episode.