"The One With The Nineties" is the sixth episode of the seventh season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-thirty-ninth and most recent episode overall. It aired on April 6, 2021.



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Cisco and Chester begin creating a device to track down Fuerza and Psych. When setting one up near Chester’s hometown, they end up being trapped inside the 1990’s; specifically the day before Chester’s dad Quincy died in a car crash.

Chester convinces Quincy to give them a device that would help track down the force that is putting them in a time loop. Cisco and Chester eventually locate Deon Owens, a High School quarterback who wants to prevent a future injury that would eventually ruin his football career. Chester convinces him to let go of his past and that the future remains unwritten. However, instead of stopping him, this allows Deon to see that he can change everyone’s future before vanishing, ending the time loop, and returning Cisco and Chester back to their respective time periods.

Deon’s time loop starts to affect the present causing multiple factors from alternate time periods to close in on to the present day. Eventually, they defeat Deon. Cisco locates the other Forces and coins them “Strength”, “Sage”, and “Still”. Barry allows the Speed Force, in the form of his mother Nora, to stay after it had bonded with Iris.

Chester begins his father’s old project while Joe informs Frost to stay low as the CCPD is after her but refuses.



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  • The episode title is a reference to the episode title format used in the American sitcom Friends.
  • In Masonville, there is a billboard of "Murray Motors", which may be a reference to the actor Bill Murray from the 1993 time-loop movie Groundhog Day.
    • Coincidentally, this episode also featured characters going through a time loop.
  • Chester asks how can he and Cisco return to the present without a "Delorean or a hot tub," referencing the movies Back to the Future and Hot Tub Time Machine.
  • When Chester faces his father, he uses the fake name "John Boyega" which is a reference to the actor of the same name.
  • Hints of the Reverse-Flash leitmotif can be heard when Iris and the Speed Force talk about the night Barry's mother was murdered.
  • Cisco brings up Turtle 2.0 and references how the original Turtle was his elusive "white whale" search; he jokes that getting sent into 1998 is a form of revenge against him.
  • When Cisco's memory is temporarily reset to what it was in 1998 by a time loop, he says he's 7; Chester states Cisco is currently 30, meaning Cisco's birthday is in the latter half of the year (as its currently mid-2020 in-universe) and that Cisco was born 1991.
  • Frost picks up knitting as a hobby and learns Kramer is after her.
  • Frost mentions Norvock brought her stuff out of storage for her, revealing their friendship is still intact Post-Crisis.
  • The damage the Still Force is causing in 2020 is similar to the anachronisms the Legends caused in "Aruba" and subsequently dealt with from "Aruba-Con" to "The Virgin Gary".
  • When Cisco realizes he and Chester are stuck in Masonville in the past, trapped within the city by an invisible barrier, he says they've been "Under the Domed"; referencing the Stephen King novel Under the Dome, and the TV series of the same name; which is based on the book.
  • When Cisco gets his memory back, he says that Parker was going all "Get Out" on him & Chester. This is a reference to the 2017 film, 'Get Out', when Andre warned Chris to leave the Armitage household.
  • Each member of Team Flash has their clothing changed to a different era as the Still Force time bubble gets more chaotic.
  • A poster for Fallen could be seen when Cisco and Chester walk by the Blockbuster video store. The film stars Cress Williams, who portrays Black Lightning in the Arrowverse.


  • Cisco states that the Still Force works like Turtle 2.0's powers. However, the Still Force works in reverse, as Turtle 2.0 could accelerate or steal time from targets to age them to death.


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