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The Pentagon is a headquarters building owned and utilized by the United States government.


In 1986, the Legends infiltrated the Pentagon in order to steal important documents regarding Vandal Savage to track his location and stop him from taking over the world in the future. Leonard Snart lifted keycard which Sara Lance and Kendra Saunders, disguised up as soldiers, used to access the secret files while Mick Rory provided a distraction. However, the mission went south as Firestorm accidentally set of the alarms and Sara and Kendra were confronted by security. They were forced to fight them off and Kendra lost control of her powers and tried to kill the security personnel, but the team managed to retrieve her and busted their way out of the Pentagon. Afterward, Rip Hunter had Gideon erase all footage of their break-in.[1]

Prior to or in early 2020, the Pentagon collaborated with Luthor Corp and worked on a new and completely functional neural interface that regulates bio-linking and eliminates the feedback loop, but the Pentagon eventually dropped out from the project.[2]


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