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"Here's the deal. Taking away a meta-human's powers isn't the same thing as taking away a gun from a criminal. Erasing our powers is erasing our identity. It's saying, 'Hey, you were made bad, change that.' But shouldn't justice be about changing the way a person acts, not the way they were born? I get it. You fear us because we're different. You'd feel safer if we were the same. But different can't be cured. It's here to stay. We're here to stay."
Frost's statement to the court on meta-humans

"The People v. Killer Frost" is the eighth episode of the seventh season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-forty-first episode overall. It aired on May 4, 2021.



At STAR, Team Flash discussions about Frost's forthcoming condemning. She's confronting genuine time, yet her heroics in the course of recent years could alleviate things. Ice is set up to pay for her wrongdoings. They get a caution that the Strength Force is nearby. Barry and Speed Force Nora take off. Notwithstanding, they don't discover Fuerza. All things considered, they track down a charitable set up, Keystone Cares.

In Keystone, Barry and Speed Force Nora can't discover Fuerza. Speed Force Nora thinks the Forces are on the whole hazardous. Iris clashes. They at last get another hit for the Strength Force and wind up gathering meeting Alexa Rivera, an apparently typical human who runs Keystone Cares. Alexa reveals to Barry that she used to be a someone who is addicted, yet she's turned her life around. She additionally says she's not a metahuman. Speed Force Nora meddles however, and Alexa won't have anything to do with them.

In court, Cecile presents her defense for Frost, however the State needs to have Frost's forces eradicated rather than jail. The State needs to court to arrange Frost to take the metahuman cure. Kramer's contention is that since criminals can't have weapons, Frost can't have her forces which are her weapons. The arraignment is likewise not looking for prison time any longer. The issue with Frost taking the cure is that since she's made uniquely in contrast to most metahumans, the fix may really murder her. Joe is dubious of Kramer.

Cisco, Caitlin, and Allegra begin to arrange for how to save Frost. They go to the police headquarters and keeping in mind that Caitlin occupies, Cisco circles the cameras and Allegra attempts to break into the Armory to kill the cure, yet Kramer appears. Allegra claims she's there for a meeting. Her feign works. Caitlin finishes the mission.

Back in court, Joe affirms for Frost's sake. The adjudicator claims she is prepared to give her decision, however the State attempts to guarantee Frost obliterated the fix. Caitlin takes ownership of what she did, however the State keeps guaranteeing it was Frost and now the State needs to utilize a rendition of the fix reproduced by ARGUS. Cecile says they just lost their case.

Frost converses with Caitlin alone. Their mother reaches out to Caitlin and tells her that the fix will not really murder Frost which Caitlin believes is extraordinary, however Frost would not like to lose her forces or what her identity is. Caitlin is alarmed by living without Frost, yet Frost says on the off chance that she accepts the solution Caitlin will lose her.

At the police headquarters, Frost and Kramer meet. Frost needs to know why Kramer detests her. Kramer, it ends up, abhors metahumans who she says "imagines" to be saints. She lost her whole company to a metahuman who deceived them. Kramer needs to constrain Frost to take the cure to start a trend so she can compel any metahuman blamed for a wrongdoing to accept it also. Frost later understands the consequences this will have for all metahumans.

The Flash goes to see Alexa, yet she definitely knows why she should be tried. She as of now presumes that she's Fuerza and it's awful for her. The Flash persuades her to accompany him and discover without a doubt about herself.

Under the steady gaze of the court delivers its sentence, Frost talks. She says that removing powers isn't equivalent to taking a weapon, it's maxim somebody is conceived terrible and that diverse can't be relieved. Equity ought to be founded on change, not on how somebody was conceived. Ice then, at that point tells the appointed authority that she is presenting a solicitation to be condemned to life in jail without any chance to appeal. Kramer objects, however Cecile cites the State's unique aim. The appointed authority chooses not to start the trend of the utilization of the fix and sentences Frost to life in jail without any chance to appeal and Kramer is clearly furious.

Kramer goes to see Joe before she leaves and discloses to him that she regards him. Joe says the inclination is shared, regardless of whether he in some cases detests her techniques. He likewise mentions to her to consistently ensure she's checking what side of the line she's on.

Frost is removed in binds. Caitlin returns home to a loft without Frost.

At STAR, they run the test on Alexa however despite the fact that it's not intended to trigger her, the test starts to. Alexa is Fuerza and she's scared, yet Speed Force Nora assaults her. She then, at that point turns on Iris also, considering Iris to be a danger holding Barry back from doing what she needs him to. She then, at that point accepts the force from Barry as he goes to save Iris and utilizations it to kill Alexa and discloses to him it's an ideal opportunity to pick a side.



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  • A Post-Crisis change appears to be that S.T.A.R. Labs no longer is the sole creator of the meta-human cure; given they would not provide the cure for the CCPD to use (as weaponizing it was the whole argument when they created it in the first place).
  • Matthew Norvock is in attendance of Frost's trial, showing he is still a loyal friend to her.
  • Cisco and Allegra actually serve as proxies for the audience, voicing anger towards the treatment Frost is receiving despite the fact she is now a hero.
  • It's brought up that CC Jitters recognized Frost as a hero, as they named a drink after her.
  • Despite the hatred Frost has for Kramer, she doesn't even suggest a "cut the break line (of her car)" I.e. kill her solution; showing how much she's grown.
  • The reason Caitlin had her mother test the cure on a sample of Frost's DNA is because she feared that it was only Frost's healing powers allowing her to exist as a separate entity; if this was true, giving Frost the cure would effectively be murder (which also would have made Kramer look bad).
  • Frost makes a speech about meta racism to defend keeping her powers, unintentionally echoing the speech Grodd gave Barry back in "Grodd Friended Me". Grodd had stated "You take a gun from a man, he's still a man. You took Grodd's mind, his greatest gift."; Frost likewise defends that her powers are part of who she is and taking them away would be declaring she was only on trial for them and not her choices.
  • The Strength Force is confirmed to be blue; meaning the Sage Force is red.


  • Frost isn't a dark matter-based meta, so the meta-human cure should not work on her; thus Carla Tannhauser was incorrect when she informed Caitlin about the preliminary results of testing it in Frost's DNA.
    • It's possible that, due to Crisis, the cure now suppresses the meta-gene itself instead of dark matter, which would make sense with Caitlin commenting that Frost is "uniquely born from meta DNA."
  • The prosecutor says only Killer Frost could have had motive to destroy the meta cure; it seems she forgot about the hundreds of meta criminals in Central City who probably wouldn't be too keen on the possibility of having their powers taken away.
    • Seems odd there would still be any past the Cicada II attack; S.T.A.R. Labs should have reclaimed any leftover vials.
  • It is mentioned that four years have passed since Frost committed a crime, which would put the show in 2021 now, as Frost attacked Tracy Brand near the end of Season 3, which took place in 2017. However, in "Timeless", it was revealed that only 17 days have passed since "Mother", meaning the show still takes place in 2020.